Transform Your Career Path with AI & Data Science

About the Webinar

As data science and Generative AI continue to reshape and drive business decisions worldwide, it’s important to always keep track of and understand these fields. Organizations are striving to employ tech-savvy professionals who are adept at leveraging generative AI's power to solve business challenges and drive growth. In short, as tech continues to evolve, the need for generative AI-ready data science professionals grows significantly.

Join our webinar as we look towards embracing that evolution to transform your career path with AI and data science. This session is ideal for professionals looking to step into the future of AI technology and master skills in data science. Attendees will embark on a journey to understand the essential skills and tools used in data science and applied AI and get an exclusive preview of the Applied AI & Data Science program offered by Brown University’s School of Professional Studies and Simplilearn.

Who is this Webinar For?

  • Professionals Seeking Growth: Those aiming to move into a tech-driven career, highlighting the skills needed for a seamless transition into gen AI-powered data science
  • Students and Recent Graduates: Get insights into the practical applications of data science and applied AI, serving as a foundation for future career development
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Taking a deep dive into the latest trends, including the impact of generative AI, for those passionate about technology
  • Career Changers: Individuals looking to enter a dynamic and rapidly advancing field, outlining the opportunities within gen AI-powered data science

Why Should You Attend

Here are reasons why you should secure your spot at this webinar:

  • Foundational Knowledge: Begin your journey in data science and applied AI, setting the stage for deeper exploration in these fields
  • Career Insights: Understand the landscape of career opportunities that data science and applied AI offer, guiding your next professional steps
  • Technological Overview: Get an introduction to generative AI and its significance in today's tech ecosystem
  • Inspiration for Innovation: Hear success stories in gen AI-powered data science, sparking ideas for your career trajectory
  • Awareness of Ethical Considerations: Briefly touch on the importance of ethics in AI, preparing you for responsible engagement in tech
  • Program Preview: Receive a sneak peek into the Applied AI & Data Science program offered by Brown University's School of Professional Studies and Simplilearn

Topics Covered

Here are the key areas that will be covered:

  • Learning Core Concepts: An introduction to the basic principles of artificial intelligence and data science
  • Impact of Gen AI: A look into how generative AI is changing technology and its applications across various sectors
  • Building a Career in AI and Data Science: Guidance on how to navigate the career landscape, highlighting the skills and roles in demand
  • Introduction to ML Models: A primer on the types of machine learning models, including both linear and non-linear models
  • Deep Learning Strategies: An overview of deep learning and its role in advancing AI capabilities
  • Real-World Applications: Brief examples of how AI and data science are applied in industries to solve real-world problems

Bonus: Brown Program Preview

You will also receive an exclusive preview of the Applied AI & Data Science program offered by Brown University’s School of Professional Studies and Simplilearn. Here's what you can expect from the preview:

  • Program Overview: A brief introduction to the structure and objectives of the program and how it prepares you for the challenges and opportunities
  • Curriculum Highlights: Insights into the comprehensive curriculum developed by Brown faculty, focusing on critical areas such as ML, deep learning, and the practical applications of generative AI
  • Learning Experience: Explore the learning experience offered by the program, including immersive lab exercises, and master classes with esteemed Brown faculty
  • Career Services: A look at the career support services provided to help learners navigate the job market effectively
  • Certificate of Completion: Information on the certificate awarded by the School of Professional Studies at Brown University upon completion of the program

Meet Your Host: Alyson Weiss

As your webinar host, Alyson Weiss stands out with her extensive experience and passion for digital innovation..

  • Versatile Experience: Over 15 years across digital transformation, program development, and marketing strategies
  • Digital Transformation Leader: Proven track record in enhancing digital education and engagement in prestigious organizations
  • Education Innovator: Spearheaded corporate education programs at Brown University, blending technology with learning
  • Marketing Expert: Skilled in digital content creation and social media campaigns, driving online visibility and engagement
  • Technology Advocate: Alyson's dedication to technology and education makes her an ideal mentor for those exploring AI and data science

This webinar is your gateway to a career that thrives today and will continue to be in high demand as we move into the digital age. Don’t wait; join the webinar now!

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