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Apache JMeter is open-source software that was developed by Stefano Mazzocchi. JMeter was developed and designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. On the other hand, JMeter can also be used to analyze and measure the performance of web applications, functional tests, and database server tests too. In the JMeter tutorial, you will learn all about JMeter, its use cases, how to download and start working with it, and so much more. Start learning the JMeter tutorial now!

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Applications of Jmeter

Apache JMeter was originally designed for testing web applications; it has since expanded to include different functionalities in the testing domain. Here are a few applications of JMeter that you will learn in this JMeter Tutorial.

1. Test Different Applications

JMeter can be used to test all kinds of applications - from web services and web applications to databases, shell scripts, etc.

2. Customizable

JMeter is an open-source testing tool that can be customized as per the specific requirements of the project.

3. Platform Independent

JMeter is fully Java-based. Hence it is platform-independent and can run on multiple platforms. It also allows database, API, and MQ testing with ease.


JMeter is super user-friendly and very easy to use. Anyone can start learning it even without extensive knowledge of programming. 

JMeter Tutorial: Table of Contents

1. How to Download and Install JMeter for Windows

The first step to getting started with JMeter is to install it on your system. In this JMeter tutorial, we provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how you can install it on your own. The only prerequisite is that you will require a Java Development Kit (JDK) installed on your system. This JMeter tutorial will also guide you through how to check whether you have JDK installed and if not, how you can install the same.

2. JMeter Load Testing

Every application has a maximum load capacity that it can handle. If the load goes beyond this capacity, the application will become slow or even crash. JMeter helps you perform load testing to determine a system's performance under real-life conditions. In this JMeter tutorial, you will learn all about what exactly is load testing, what tools you require to perform load testing, and how you can use JMeter for load testing.

3. JMeter Performance Testing

Performance testing is done to check the performance of an application under different scenarios and platforms. JMeter helps to carry out performance testing and identify and resolve any potential resistances to the software application. In this JMeter tutorial, you will learn all about performance testing and why it’s required, the different types of performance testing, performance testing metrics, and tools. There is also a demo in this JMeter tutorial explaining how to use JMeter for performance testing.

4. JMeter API Testing

API testing is done by the QA team to validate the application core on the server-side. However, this takes up a lot of time when done manually. One of the main reasons why JMeter is preferred for API testing is because it calls for smooth API and cross-platform testing. In this JMeter tutorial, you will learn about what API testing is and why you should choose JMeter for API testing. There is also a bonus demo in this JMeter tutorial explaining how to use JMeter for API testing.

What’s Next?

As you go through this JMeter tutorial, you would have understood all the basics of JMeter and its usage in load, performance, and API testing. If you have a keen interest in testing and want a more in-depth course, Simplilearn’s Automation Test Engineer Master’s Program offers you a comprehensive program with a curriculum that covers all the top and in-demand skills including JMeter, Selenium, GIT, Jenkins, and others. Get started with this course today for a promising career in the testing domain. 

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