We live in a digital world, and that means we are part of a digital economy. Consequently, businesses need digital marketing to remain afloat and competitive. Everyone’s going mobile, increasing numbers of transactions and data are finding their way to the cloud, and data is king. Digital marketing reaches people and organizations where they are, and that’s online.

You can be the most outstanding marketing expert globally, but if your skill set has gaps in it, specifically in the digital domain, you will be left behind. Additionally, today’s IT-minded businesses won’t give marketing experts a second glance if the latter has no experience or knowledge of the digital world.

That's why it's essential to possess a solid grasp of digital marketing fundamentals.

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The Benefits of Upskilling

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, upskilling is defined as "to provide (someone, such as an employee) with more advanced skills through additional education and training." When you upskill, you supplement your current knowledge and training with new skills that will help you in future endeavors, such as advancing within your organization or even an outright career change.

Take, for example, the case of Sushant Tripathi, who currently works as a Risk Analyst with KPMG. Sushant had completed his schooling in South Korea and graduated from KIIT, Oshida, with a B.Tech in Electronics and Computer Science Engineering.

During his final year at KIIT, while involved in an internship at HighRadius Technologies, Sushant decided to upskill, filling in some of the knowledge gaps in his skill set. Although he had a good grasp of the theoretical aspects of what he was learning in college, Sushant felt the need for more practical exposure to help him better understand what he was being taught.

So, Sushant was already planning for his future, and now he needed the best means to help him achieve these goals. This is where Simplilearn enters the picture.

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Acknowledging the need for more training is the first crucial step in ensuring that a prospective professional gets the best career. However, the next step is even more challenging: selecting an educational resource that can impart those valuable skills with minimal impact on your current schedule and obligations.

Sushant did his due diligence and shopped around various educational platforms and resources. While YouTube has videos on virtually every subject under the sun, Sushant found them disorganized and difficult to work with. So he shopped around other learning resources that specialized in digital marketing but didn’t find anything that offered both expert teachers and a fixed schedule with built-in flexibility. After all, Sushant was still attending college and working an internship!

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Fortunately, Sushant found Simplilearn, which offered him the needed flexibility and structure to help him incorporate his learning into an already loaded schedule while providing him with a roster of qualified expert teachers who would give him the exact skills he needed. As a result, Sushant enrolled in Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s program.

Sushant especially appreciated Simplilearn’s learning approach. Thanks to the course’s live sessions and projects, Sushant got the practical exposure that is only available through hands-on involvement, supplementing the theoretical aspects of his education. What’s more, Simplilearn offered him a proper schedule, a very organized approach that made it easy to fit this vital training into his hectic life.

Since Sushant was working through his fourth and final year of undergraduate studies and his internship, he chose weekend classes to lessen the impact on his time commitments. When he was a fresher, Sushan had no idea how to work in the digital marketing field and what it entailed, but by the time he graduated, he was ready to take on the challenges of the working world. Moreover, by using Simplilearn, Sushan had set himself apart from the rest of the graduates by enhancing his skillset.

Sushant benefited from the Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s program, which teaches students how to:

  • Foster an in-depth understanding of top-of-mind digital marketing operations like  paid marketing, inbound marketing, web analytics, and social media marketing.
  • Gain competency in creating, overseeing, and implementing integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Take charge of digital marketing teams and digital marketing initiatives for your organization.
  • Understand how digital marketing disciplines all work together and how to optimize your use of each one.

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Expertise in Demand

Thanks to Sushan’s studying with Simplilearn he was shortlisted for his KPMG interview. KPMG looks for the requisite basic skills for a position and additional factors such as certification and knowledge of specific tools. These two factors helped distinguish Sushan from his competition.

Sushan believes that Simplilearn’s digital marketing certification course, which boosted his knowledge of Google Analytics and other analytical tools, helped him crack his interview at KPMG. In fact, the company sees him as a subject matter expert, which goes a long way toward establishing how valuable he is to the organization. It’s precisely that value that potentially leads to increased job security and better compensation.

Not only is Sushan considered an expert in digital marketing. He also writes content for his company and his LinkedIn account and has a good knowledge of keywords and hashtags that have helped him increase his reach and create his unique brand.

Think Ahead, Plan Ahead

Sushan knew the kind of career he wanted and recognized that he had a skill gap that needed to be filled. This added knowledge would make him a more well-rounded individual and set him apart from his fellow graduates, and increase his marketability in a job interview.

Sushan thought ahead, planned ahead, and put his plans into action, upskilling with Simplilearn and entering the working world with a superior skill set. Simplilearn can give you that same advantage, whether your career lies in cybersecurity, software development, artificial intelligence, or one of the many other great opportunities available today.

With a staff of respected, qualified experts and flexible remote learning resources, Simplilearn offers aspiring IT professionals the advantages they need to succeed in the digital world of the 21st century.

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