Did you check Facebook yet today? If not, you probably soon will. When 1.47 billion people use Facebook every day, there’s a good chance you’re one of them. And with that many active users, there’s also a good chance you’re marketing with Facebook—or at least thinking about it. But are you making the best use of this global social platform? Most marketers don’t. 

There are several ways to use the platform to promote your business, many of which you might not yet know about.

I have a Business Page – Isn’t that Facebook Marketing?

At the start of 2017, 65 million businesses had pages on Facebook. But simply having a business page isn’t enough to count as Facebook marketing, and 40 percent of Facebook users haven’t ever liked a business page. Fortunately, Facebook recognizes marketers need other ways to reach their audiences and build brand. After all, that’s how the social media giant makes money. For that reason, Facebook offers many ways to engage your potential and existing customers. Some are obvious, others are less so, and none require photos of kittens or puppies, although that technique is proven to work. 

If your knowledge of Facebook marketing is limited to business pages (and puppy pictures), 2019 is the year for you to learn more, do more and sell more via Facebook. To help you plan for maximum results from your marketing in the year ahead, we’ve compiled the following list of eight Facebook marketing methods you should be putting to use to reach this worldwide audience and increase your sales. 

One: Master Facebook advertising
Although we said above that 65 million businesses have pages on Facebook, only a fraction of those is going beyond a free page to get more from their Facebook marketing. If you’re doing pay-per-click (PPC) on Google already, you might wonder why you’d spend money to advertise on Facebook too. Are you doing search engine optimization (SEO) for free online marketing, in addition to your PPC ads? If so, then it’s the same principle with Facebook marketing. Your page might be free, but your ads can be targeted. And Facebook advertising can be extremely targeted, helping you to make the most of your advertising dollars. Facebook has invested a lot of time into making their advertising tool a powerful one. You can also refer to the Biteable handbook that is a full-fledged guide to Facebook Video Ads. It’s loaded with tested strategies, step-by-step instructions, and experimental data to help you master Facebook marketing.

Two: Sell directly through a Facebook shop
If you have a business page, you can also create a Facebook shop and sell directly from that page. When you set up a shop, a tab is added to your Facebook business page that takes people to your virtual storefront. With a shop, people can buy from you right away, removing the friction of going from a Facebook page to a website to browse or buy. In addition, you get insights from people’s behavior while looking at your shop that you can use to improve. 

Three: Use Facebook Live video
Online video is already enormously popular, with people spending more time watching videos online than television. As a result, video marketing is common. But as much as consumers like video content, it turns out they like live video even more. In fact, the live videos are different enough that Facebook considers them a different type of content. According to 2016 statistics, users will spend three times longer watching live video compared to not live. Marketers should at the very least be using video as part of their Facebook marketing, and live video for even better results. If you use Facebook Live, your videos are posted on your page afterwards, so your content doesn’t disappear. But consumers do seem to prefer the in-the-moment, live-streaming videos! 

Four: Use Facebook for remarketing
When someone looks at your product on a website or in an app but doesn’t buy, you can “remarket” that product to the user with Facebook through targeted ads. Marketers consider these consumers low-hanging fruit because they have already expressed an interest in something and are therefore more likely to buy. In fact, Facebook remarketing gets three times the results compared to regular advertising on Facebook. 

Five: Maximize your presence on mobile
People today are more likely to check Facebook via their mobile devices than a laptop or desktop computer, and your marketing must take that into account. Facebook is optimized for mobile already, so you don’t have to build a different, mobile-friendly page. But you do need to consider how people interact with their mobile devices. For example, consumers devour a lot of video via their smartphones, and it’s predicted that video will make up the majority of all Internet traffic by 2021. That probably means you should be using video to maximize your mobile Facebook marketing. Also note that 88 percent of Facebook’s advertising revenue came from mobile ads in 2017, also demonstrating consumer use of and preference for their mobile devices—and their willingness to click on ads while looking at the small screen. 

Six: Engage users for UGC 
User-generated content, or UGC, is nothing new in the world of Facebook, but are you tapping into its potential as a marketing tool? People believe what other people say about you in far greater numbers than they believe what you say about you, and that’s what makes UGC a powerful addition to your Facebook marketing. UGC can be as simple as posts on your page, but savvy marketers are finding ways to get UGC into their ads for dramatic results, as this article shows with examples of brands using images created by consumers. 

Seven: Pay attention to your analytics 
No matter the Facebook marketing method you decide to try, pay close attention to your analytics so you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t, and be able to adjust as necessary. Facebook makes analytics easy, whether you’re buying ads, doing live video, or remarketing. Take advantage of the reporting tools they offer and make it a habit to carefully track your marketing efforts and results. 

Eight: Get smarter by getting certified 
If the list above seems overwhelming, that’s no surprise. Once you start getting into all the different ways to use Facebook as a marketing tool, you quickly realize it’s a little more complicated than putting up a business page. Earning a certification can help to relieve some of that pressure, however. Simplilearn offers IMT Ghaziabad Digital Marketing Program to help you master the basics of promoting your business via the world’s most popular social media platform, and then move on to develop a sophisticated knowledge of Facebook as an advertising tool. 

Facebook’s popularity will only grow, with more users joining every single day. At the same time, the company’s attention to generating ad revenue will also grow, and they will continue to make marketing on the platform easy and effective as a result. For you as the marketer, that means plenty of ways for you to fire up your Facebook marketing in 2019—and what’s not to “like” about that? 

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