Want to strengthen your narrative and connect with your audience in a more lasting way? Get visual! According to Brain Rules, pictures beat text and what is heard. A person remembers only 10% of the heard piece of the information three days later but retains 65% if the same information is supplemented with images. 75% of marketers drive better ROI with visual content. Learn what visual marketing is and why more than 70% of companies invest in visual marketing strategies. 

What Is Visual Marketing and How Can It Help? 

Visual marketing is a technique to use images, videos, and other multimedia content to present information to your target audience, which would otherwise be harder to decipher via text. Following are some key benefits of visual marketing:

  • It enhances readability as the human brain can process visual data in 13 milliseconds which is far quicker than reading text. 
  • It multiplies online engagement. For example, social media posts with visuals get over twice people's engagement than the ones without.
  • It strengthens your brand as more than 60% of people are more inclined to purchase a product that has an image in search results.
  • Increases brand awareness and boosts traffic. 
  • Delivers stronger marketing performance.

What Are the Types of Visual Marketing Content?  

Learn about the different options that ensure high volumes of traffic. The most common visual marketing content types are as follows:


They are critical to web design and are browser-friendly. The visual marketing strategy encourages users to find newer ways to use images and create captivating content. Facebook posts with images gain 2.3 times more engagement than the posts which lack images. 


It is good to keep your visitors motivated with inspiring quotes. They are very effective forms of visual content and are flexible for every niche. It is important to choose creative backgrounds to enhance the visual beauty of quotations.


Images containing humor that reference daily life, culture, and other topics help brands reach newer heights of exposure if curated wisely. It is essential to keep an eye on social media trends to create memes that could go viral and bring traffic.



Isn't it far better to watch an experiment than read its theory? Videos ensure thorough communication of ideas with the least scope for misconceptions. They explain the most complex subjects, display products, and explain plans to your audience. Videos are highly versatile and suitable for any niche. Currently, live streaming videos are gaining popularity, and data shows that Facebook live sessions generate ten times more engagement than regular videos. 



According to Hubspot, Infographics are the fourth most popular type of visual marketing content. Infographics are a combination of text and visual elements to deliver information in a better way. It aims at intuitiveness through content visualization. The information is easy to understand and can be shared via social media. The infographic below explains the application process and makes it easier to understand and remember.  


Application process for getting an infographic 


A couple of slides make it far easier to get your message across. Users can embed slide presentations to convey a lot of information quicker while retaining brand identity.


They are popular reactions nowadays in social media comment sections. A GIF is a type of image encoded in a graphics interchange format (GIF). They usually inject humor and attract the attention of the visitors. 


A famous GIF of Minions

10 Visual Marketing Strategies that Can Help You Grow 

Merely sprinkling some images next to text content won't serve the purpose. It is crucial to learn a good visual marketing strategy to benefit from visuals truly.

1. Maintain Consistency

It is crucial to have influential content across all marketing channels, including Instagram, YouTube, and the website, to excel as a brand. The text content on a platform must sync with the influential visual content across social media profiles. The visitors want to see such content that drives them to your page.

2. The Visual Must Align With Textual

All pieces in visual marketing need to align with other content on the website. One has to strike a healthy balance between the visual marketing strategy and their resources. Visuals are great options to attract an audience, but the visitors may require in-depth descriptions.  

3. Extend Support

Outperform competitors by extending support and delivering helpful information. Visual marketing strategy is all about creating content that the audience finds relatable, helpful, informative, and relevant to maximize benefits to your brand.

4. Align With the Brand Identity

The best visual marketing strategy is to utilize various types of content to convey your message while talking about brand values as you always had. Leverage the power of visuals to enhance content pieces while retaining how your brand talks, its designs, colors, and shapes. It is important to add your touch to maintain your identity in the crowd of competitors. 

5. Reuse and Repost 

Creating an editorial schedule with reposts is an effective visual marketing strategy as it increases the chances of your message being seen by people who missed it when originally posted. Another important use of your visual content is to come up with remixes. For instance, you can turn an infographic into a video and vice versa. 

6. Avoid Generic Content

A generic image might devalue your visual marketing strategy as people are used to seeing similar stock images everywhere. Planning your visual marketing with innovative ideas can help you reach newer heights. For instance, instead of a regular image, why not opt for an animated short video or a GIF to capture others' attention.

7. Transform to Fit

Flexibility coupled with innovation is a must to stay ahead in visual marketing. It is crucial to adapt your visuals to each platform you publish them on. For instance, the infographic published on a website can be transformed into an Instagram carousel post by splitting it into multiple parts. 

8. Promote Sharing 

Would you like your content to gain from visual marketing's viral potential? Promote sharing and make it easy for others. For instance, adding a CTA button for sharing can encourage people to share your visuals. However, avoid being overbearing.

9. Employ UGC Marketing

User-Generated Content (UGC) marketing is among the most vital elements of visual marketing strategy for brand promotion. UGC serves as your earned media. It includes images, social media posts, testimonials, videos, comments, and others. As the users create them, they are trustworthy forms of brand marketing. 

10. Let the Customers Do the Praise

Make customers the center of your brand journey and let their voices convey your success story. Use visuals to highlight your real customers' experiences with your products. This visual marketing strategy strongly adds to your credibility.

Conclusively, visual marketing opens doors to innovative ways of reaching out to the audience and achieving your desired positive results. Use the right visual marketing strategy, reach out to the masses, and spread your word.


1. How do you develop a visual marketing strategy?

You must keep the following points in mind while formulating a visual marketing strategy:

  • It is vital to identify your goal.
  • Formulate specific strategies for every channel/ platform.
  • Be helpful and create mobile-friendly content. 
  • Stay rooted to your roots and maintain your brand identity.
  • Understand what post production entails.

2. How do I make my visuals stronger?

The following practices can make your visuals stronger:

  • A clear subject and a single focal point in your image
  • Use of natural light rather than filters
  • Ensuring enough contras
  • Selecting complementary shades
  • Avoiding extremes and over-editing
  • Keeping it all simple and easy to comprehend

3. What are the best visual marketing tools?

Some of the best visual marketing tools to lure in traffic are:

  • Bannersnack
  • Canva 
  • Venngage
  • Lumen5 
  • Placeit
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