To be able to work as a proficient PC technician or to work in a datacenter as a desktop manager, updated and correct information is the foremost necessity for the job. With swift and consistent changes in trends and technologies, if appropriate continuing education in the form of short courses is not sought out every now and then, one’s abilities can become obsolete or outmoded. 

Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration courses are detailed, cover all aspects of the Citrix XenDesktop5 and are just what desktop managers need to stay in touch with the newer ways of desktop virtualization, management and centralization. The courses also focus on provision of services, instructions on how to use updated features such as the Citrix XenClient and take charge of virtual desktops. 

Components of Citrix XenDesktop 5:


  • The controller or data center (the main manager of the desktop environment) 
  • The online plug-in (enables effective connection between desktops and users) 
  • The data base (harboring the data that needs to be shared or stored) 
  • The Online Studio (aids in the setup of a perfect desktop environment) 
  • The Citrix XenApp (helps all applications run and be managed more efficiently) 
  • The Citrix XenServer (manages the entire infrastructure throughout the entire network) 
  • The desktop agent (maintains all that is happening in the desktop environment and deals with any problems that may occur) 


Who really uses Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration? 

So how does one know if taking up the course would be a smart thing to do? Or to be more precise, who really uses Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration? 

The target audience for these courses is one of the following; 

  1. An Information Technology (IT) professional 
  2. System or network administrator or consultant 
  3. System engineer 
  4. An analyst 
  5. A consultant 

Anyone from the above mentioned professions is bound to learn a lot from the Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration. These courses promise to provide accurate information that would be helpful for all who take them up. 

Students or technicians are expected to know the entire operating system of a computer complete with the understanding of servers and desktops, some basics of technology and the concept behind its virtualization. 
The course outline provided makes it quite obvious that who really uses Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration and the learning experience from then onwards focuses on the following aspects: 

  • The skill required for the installation and management of XenClient. 
  • Configuration of XenServer hosts and desktop delivery. 
  • Focus on the construction of a XenDesktop site. 
  • Special attention given to the creation of a desktop catalog that will allow the virtual management of several desktops simultaneously. 
  • Installation of provisioning services. 
  • Configuration of provisioning services. 
  • Concentration on XenDesktop features, such as which ones are to be permitted and which are to be blocked. 
  • Learning the usage and management of Flexcast. 
  • Copying images to virtual disks with convenience and ease. 
  • Making alterations in these copied images whenever the need arises. 
  • Analyze the framework and working of XenClient. 
  • Helping users and technicians cope with problems and issues regarding Desktop Director. 
  • Studying policies and management methods. 

The Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration is the best way to stay up to date with the problems faced by datacenter managers and technicians courtesy the ever changing trends in technology and the new advancements that are always being introduced. The course lessons are followed by exams and then a certification provided to delegates who manage to pass. The exam tests whether the student has managed to learn about the installation, configuration, virtualization, management and problems related to the Citrix XenDesktop 5. 

Features of the Citrix XenDesktop 5:

Citrix XenDesktop 5 promises some great features and user friendly applications. 

  • With the Citrix XenDesktop 5, you get an amazing user experience, which is unrelated to whatever device you may be using, whatever features it may possess and any applications it may have. 
  • Data may be transferred from one virtual desktop to another, with extreme ease and absolutely no complications. 
  • Users may, at any time, opt for the ‘Help’ option if any aspect of the program confuses them. 
  • The performance is flawless, whatever bandwidth or connection utilized. 
  • The option of LAN can always be utilized by users, specifically IT professionals, to help connect with other users and without any hassle. 
  • Citrix XenDesktop 5 helps you minimize your storage cost by as much as 90 per cent of the original cost. 
  • Others costs are also noticeable and quite significantly decreased. These include the costs related to the upkeep of the device, the power it consumes, hardware as well as software upkeep and the energy usage by the device as a whole. 
  • One of the best features Citrix XenDesktop 5 has to offer its users is again a cost effective one. When some desktop is not in use, it automatically goes in its sleep mode, saving a lot of power. 
  • Centralization of the data is very efficient and only authorized users at the central desktop are able to access it fully. 
  • A convenient system of profile management is present. This allows friendly usage, quick logging in and logging out whenever required and personalization of one’s desktop. 
  • A customized setting of desktops, more precisely called the XenDesktop environment, can be set according to what the requirements are, whether they are U shaped, L shaped or T shaped. Monitors of different types, resolutions and sizes can be utilized. The multi monitor support option is always available. 
  • USB devices of numerous sorts can be plugged in. These include flash drives, devices such as printers, scanners, microphones, web cams, smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, head sets and many more. Most devices are compatible with Citrix XenDesktop 5 and data can be transferred between desktops using any of these. 
  • Individual users can carry out their own tasks, even the shutting down and restarting of their desktops without any assistance from the central desktop. 

The Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration is for those who have the XenDesktop pre-installed and been using it previously. The changes that have occurred since the older versions and the newer tools, features and specifications available have been targeted. These changes may be minor, for instance alternate terminologies that are now being used, or major changes such as those in the actual concepts. Either way, these differences have to be addressed, studied and learnt to facilitate the functioning of a perfect desktop environment. 

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