Having a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification validates your ability to implement and troubleshoot both LAN and WAN networks. In addition, you will be recognized as a person who can collaborate with specialists on issues related to voice, wireless, advanced security, and video solutions. CCNP certification is suitable for those with at least one year of experience in networking. Individuals who obtain the certification are known to possess a precious skill set that is required in enterprise roles such as network engineer, systems engineer, support engineer, network technician, and more. You will need to get CCNA certified before attempting for CCNP certification.

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Here is a video that takes you through an introduction to CCNA Certification Training:

With that in mind, here are 11 reasons why CCNP Certification is the key to success in the Networking Industry:

1. Job availability is high

CCNP certification qualifies you for many different jobs such as IT manager; computers and information systems manager; network engineer; computer systems and network administrators; computer network architect or engineer projects, just to name a few.

2.  Salary potential is high

Getting a CCNP certification will qualify you for an array of employment opportunities and the chance to earn a higher salary. According to research conducted by Cisco, individuals that are CCNP certified are earning at the least ten percent more than those employed at the same position, but without the certification.

3. Skill recognition 

Obtaining CCNP certification is a way to have your advanced knowledge and skills in computer networking showcased. Being certified from a reputable organization like Cisco means that you will be recognized as a person that has received best training available in the industry.

4. You get an opportunity to keep up with the technology 

We are all surrounded by technology. The best way to keep your career growing is to keep up with the current technology, which is exactly what a CCNA certified professional does.

5. You make your resume mouthwatering

Your resume speaks volumes about your education, skills and work experience. Once you see a CCNP certification on the resume you can expect the potential employers to believe that you are the kind of person who will carry on with the organization and will be an asset to it. Having such certifications in your resume also demonstrates your interest in learning and education.

6. You build up self-confidence

A CCNP certification can work as a confidence and morale builder. As opposed to being afraid of applying for the job due to less education, you build up confidence in knowing that you have a top-notch certification of an industry that is constantly growing.

7. Excellent job growth

Apart from helping you to find a very good job in computer networking, earning a CCNP certification puts you on the top of the list when it is time for promotions and career advancements. In case you want to switch the company, this certification will help you obtain a better job without having to start from entry-level and working your way up gradually.

CCNP certifications make you eligible for positions that have high growth expected in the coming years. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that both computer and information systems managers and network architects can expect to see a growth of at least fifteen percent between the years 2012 and 2022.

8. You make yourself eligible for more advanced certifications

Many Cisco certifications work as stepping stones for more advanced certifications, or at least provide the additional training necessary for acquiring additional certifications. This is certainly the truth with the CCNP certification. Obtaining a CCNP Certification prepares you for further education.

9. Advanced Training is offered

While studying for your CCNP exam, you will be trained in various areas of computer networking, such as network design, configuration, installation and troubleshooting. The training and experience you gain through this certification will get you ready for various career opportunities. You will not only gain knowledge, but also hands-on training that will be invaluable in times to come.

10. You get a profound understanding of the computer networking industry

The very first thing a person with the CCNP certification gets is profound understanding of the computer networking industry. In addition, when preparing to pass the test for this certification, you spend a lot of time studying which makes you acutely mindful of the field you will be working in. After you have the certification, it means that you understand most of the requirements of your field as well as have lots of expertise too. It also shows that you have the technical skill to find solutions to wide ranging issues and the elegance to save the company from various malicious threats and viruses.

In addition, you get a private and exclusive entry to various resources and sensitive areas of an organization, which in itself is an opportunity to learn what it takes to build a secure network and a successful business. However, always remember that this access to the internal mechanisms of an organization is given to you for protecting the organization from several threats not harming it.

11. You get an opportunity to work in several nations of the world

Whether you have the experience of the field or not, CCNP certification will offer wonderful career opportunities to all CCNP aspirants out there, particularly in IT equipped and emerging countries such as Nigeria, India, Dubai, USA, Algeria, Angola, UK and Australia. Remember, few things in this commercial world are as valuable as certifications.

There are many personal benefits involved:
In addition to getting professional benefits, you will get some personal benefits too. You will be considered a credible personality that commands high salary with wide range of job opportunities available. Prepare yourself for job interview with our computer network interview questions.

In summary

According to International Information System Incorporation, for a marked improvement in an organization, hiring employees with security certification is necessary. Very few people get this certification every year. Therefore, those who have this certification are sure to make it big in this field. 

While earning a CCNP certification is a confirmation that you have the right training, expertise, knowledge and commitment that is required, keep up with the latest certifications and training to prove that you have the eligibility for every aspect of the job. In addition, for a network professional, it is important to understand the essence as well as the entire workmanship attached to the job he is given. 

Every company wants CCNP certified network experts to join their team, because these are the people that protect the company from all kinds of online threats. For a business, getting a CCNP certified security expert is certainly a game changing moment. Despite the fact that earning this certification is really difficult, if the candidate is hardworking and determined, nothing will come in between you and the success.

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