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12 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016 [Infographic]

Mohammad Farooq
Content marketing trends 2016 cover

2016 is going to bring drastic changes to the world of content marketing by revolutionizing how we consume or publish content. There is a variety of people getting introduced to internet, mostly through mobile phones. The audience is increasingly lacking attention span, which means there is a need to push for visual content and come up with new ways to curate content. Plus, “fringe” social platforms will soon become the new mainstream. This year, quality will take precedence over quantity, propelled mostly by user-helpful introductions like Google’s Knowledge Graph.

We are in for an exciting year as far as content goes. Here are 4 predictions with respect to Content Marketing 2016, curated from a long-list compiled by Content Marketing Institute:

“Emergence of TweetRank, an algorithm to rank tweets based on prominence, will be introduced. “ - Andy Crestodina, Strategic Director, Orbit Media Studios

“The advent of new live-casting technology in 2015 (Periscope, Blab and Meerkat) will lead to a huge upsurge in live broadcasting in 2016” -Michael Stelzner, CEO & Founder, Social Media Examiner

“Account Based Marketing (ABM) will become the new content marketing” – Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing, InsightSquared

“Google will publicly make available its native advertising solution to compete with content recommendation engines like Taboola, Outbrain, etc.” – Chad Pollitt, VP of Audience & Co-Founder, Relevance

Content marketing trends that will dominate 2016

content marketing trends 2016 infographic

This infographic shows content marketing trends and predictions that are going to dominate 2016.

Mohammad Farooq works as a Social Media Analyst with Simplilearn. When not doing anything related to Social media, he goes backpacking around India. He regularly blogs about Travel, Movies, Political Issues and a lot of other things on his blog “ReveringThoughts”.

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  • Mohammad Farooq May 6, 2016 12:16 pm

    @Bill and @Ruth Thank you for reading!

  • Bill May 6, 2016 02:59 am

    Great article Mohammed! I enjoyed the infographic and your choices for Trends in Content Marketing 2016. Thanks!

  • Chris Hudson January 25, 2016 12:24 am

    This is a trove of new ideas! Can you please let me know which platforms I should be looking at for the real-time (social) posts that will compete with news channels? The one I know of here in Denver is WayIn - do you know of others that are smaller in scope? Wayin: Social Media Intelligence and Visualizations wayin.com/ - this is used at football games and sporting events. This list is so good I think you could send these out as individual posts.

  • Mohammad Farooq January 14, 2016 02:18 pm

    @David Decreasing attention span has been an issue for long and not only visual but Interactive content is the way to go. Thanks for stopping by.

  • David Paul January 14, 2016 12:54 pm

    Thanks Farooq for sharing a informative article. I totally agree with your statement that, the audience is increasingly lacking attention span, which means there is a need to push for visual content and come up with new ways to curate content.

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