I’m willing to bet if you asked people who are working on their websites, most would admit the about us page is the most challenging. That’s because a) it’s difficult to talk about yourself and your business and, b) about us pages can be really boring.

The good news is, your about us page doesn’t have to be all yawns—in fact, there are plenty of ways you can make it engaging, memorable, and actionable, too.

Here are a few ideas you can use to make an about us page that’s not boring at all.

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Show, Don’t Just Tell

Of course, you need written content to tell website visitors what it is that makes you—or your business—different. Aside from that, though, an effective way to tell your story is by showing. For example:

  • Use video to introduce yourselves, as a testimonial, or show off your work
  • Incorporate images of your favorite projects, important places, or your people
  • Use audio to demonstrate your specialties, if it makes sense

Germinate Creative uses the about us page to give visitors a glimpse of where the magic happens, which immediately brings you into their world:


Be the Real You

Whether you’re creating a brand-new website or revamping an existing one, it’s important to recognize that not every visitor is going to be your ideal client, customer, or donor. In fact, it’s the job of your about us page to help them make that decision. Your about us page needs to reflect the real you—the real brand—so the visitors who are your perfect matches, know it.

The about us page for Well Done, a creative agency, is an example of this kind of transparency:


Leverage Social Proof

Brands that communicate their success through real data is what’s known as social proof, and it can include anything from testimonials to reviews, ratings, follower numbers, and influencer mentions. Social proof builds trust and legitimacy in your brand, so that visitors feel good about engaging with you. 

Kiwi Co., a subscription service for kids, does a nice job of using social proof on their about us page, including how many crates and countries they’ve shipped to (showing us their products are in demand):  


Make it Interactive

If you want to make sure your about us page isn’t boring, then turn on the interactive features. For example, you can create dynamic images that change when users roll over them or add a tool that users can drag across the screen to make designs, both of which include an element of surprise and delight. Interactivity keeps users on the page and keeps their interest, and that’s great news for about us pages.

Here’s a neat example from Couro Azul (you can drag the bar across the timeline on the bottom to learn about the company’s long history):


Communicate an Experience

About us pages are an opportunity to create an experience for users, even if they have never met your team or traveled to your place of business. Using various media and the appropriate copy, your website can turn a first-time visitor into a potential customer within a single page. Use your about us page to stir an emotion, tell a story, capture a feeling, and take the user on a little journey through your world.

The Chicago Athletic Association (a restored hotel that used to be—you guessed it, an athletic club some decades ago—plays to the city’s history and the iconic association with a video and highly descriptive text:


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