Acceptance Test Driven Development ATDD is the extension of Test Driven Development TDD in agile. The ATDD includes typical tests that test the behavior of the system. ATDD needs to test the expected behavior of the system from the user’s point of view.

Steps followed by an agile team in ATDD agile:

  • Discusses requirements of a project
  • Develops a common understanding out of the requirements
  • Creates a set of acceptance tests
  • Involves business stakeholders to clarify points
  • Resolves questions and issues
  • Implements the requirement
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Advantages of Test Driven Development in agile: 

The Acceptance Test Driven Development ATDD moves in a typical cycle. This ATDD cycle comprises of 4 stages – Discuss, Distill, Develop and Demo.

Stages of an ATDD Cycle:

  • Discuss: In this stage of an ATDD cycle, the agile team along with the business stake holders gets into a discussion. The team develops a detailed understanding of the behavior of the system from the user point of view in the discussion. And on the basis of the understanding, the agile team creates acceptance tests that can be executed either automatically or programmatically.
  • Distill: In this stage of an ATDD cycle, the agile tries to implements the acceptance tests in an automatic testing framework. In this stage the team ensures that the tests are not just remain specifications but can be actually executed in the project.
  • Develop: During this stage, the agile team follows a Test First Development TFD approach, i.e. they will first execute the tests, make sure what are making them fail and then proceed to write the code that will make the tests pass.
  • Demo: In this stage of ATDD cycle, the agile team provides a demo to the business stake holders. In the demo, they can also indicate the tests they have run and the vulnerabilities they have been identified through the tests.

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