4 Best Team Project Management Software Programs

4 Best Team Project Management Software Programs

Sween Gilotra

Last updated July 11, 2018


No matter what industry you’re in, organization is key to efficiency. Having visibility into who owns what project, if the project is on track to meet its deadline and budget, and where the project’s pain points are makes all the difference in any team.

Project management software helps companies large and small keep track of everything that’s going on within the business. These days the options seem infinite, so it’s important to understand what your priorities are before you dive into researching your options. If you’re shopping around for the best project management software program, we’ve done a bit of the homework for you to help narrow down what you’re looking for. Here’s our comparison of Asana, Basecamp, Airtable and Teamwork Projects.


Asana allows users to bring more than 100 integrations and apps into its software, allowing teams to have emails, tickets, and other important files all in one place. Some of the many apps that can be synced with Asana include Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, MailChimp, Microsoft Office 365, and Gmail.

Pricing: Small teams can take advantage of Asana’s free service, which allows up to 15 users and includes basic search, basic dashboards, and unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations. Premium service is $9.99 a month, which offers unlimited team members, unlimited dashboards, advanced search, and other features. Their enterprise plan includes all the features that premium offers, plus additional control and support. Interested users will need to contact Asana directly for a customized quote.

Why users love it: Asana offers an easy interface and makes monitoring team members’ tasks easy. Users also love all it’s integration abilities.

Critiques about Asana: It can be difficult to configure all notifications and manage your own tasks.

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Basecamp allows for company-wide communication on an interface that includes discussion boards, to-do lists, group chat tools, reporting, file storage, email forwarding, and more. Basecamp is not only web-based, but also offers apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Pricing: Basecamp’s pricing is pretty straightforward, and is offered at a flat rate of $99/month. It includes all features, such as real-time chat, to-do lists, file storage, schedules, and more. There are no user or project limits, and free 30-day trails are also offered. Free accounts are available to students and teachers; discounted pricing is also offered for non-profits.

Why users love it: The collaboration features make teamwork seamless. Users can share files, proofs, and information all in one place, and arrange chats for each projects.

Critiques about  Basecamp: The learning curve tends to be steeper with newer users.

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Spreadsheets are a great way to organize information, and Airtable recognizes this, which is why they’ve created a spreadsheet-meets-database interface. Airtable allows for seamless organization and collaboration with real-time changes that are easy to edit. The program’s spreadsheets also offer the option to include media attachments with each entry, making the program a visual way to organize data. The program, which offers both desktop and mobile app options, also allows for integration with other popular apps. The integrations include social media apps, such as Instagram and Facebook, and also allows integrations from other project management apps, such as Asana and Basecamp.

Pricing: Free accounts are available, but they offer limited features. Their Plus plan costs $12 monthly per user, which provides more storage and additional features, such as email support. To unlock more of Airtable’s advanced features, such as custom branded forms, businesses can opt for the Pro plan at $24 monthly per user. Access to all that Airtable has to offer is available under the Enterprise plan and you can contact Airtable directly to receive a custom quote. Users can save 17 percent on all plans by paying annually.

Why users love it: Airtable uses your data to create more insight on your project or team than you thought possible, and visualizes it in a way that’s more approachable than a database.

Critiques about Airtable: It lacks flexible cross-referencing, merging of records, and multiple synced calendars.

Learn more about Airtable

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects offers enough tools for users to take care of every aspect of their projects, from start to finish. Aside from assigning tasks, some of the extras that Teamwork Projects offers include time tracking, task prioritization, multiple assigning options for tasks, real-time messengers and helpdesk, Gantt charts, and data importing that allows you to pick up a project where you left off with it elsewhere.

Pricing: If your team is small and you don’t need a lot of space, you can take advantage of Teamwork’s “Free Forever” plan that allows up to five users, two active projects and 100MB of file space. For paid plans, the cheapest available is $9 monthly per user (minimum five users) and allows up to 50 users and 300 projects, plus 100GB of file space. Their premium plan, priced at $15 monthly per user (minimum five users) allows up to 100 users and 600 projects, plus 250GB of file space. Those needing 500GB+ file space, unlimited users and projects and other exclusive features can contact Teamwork directly for a quote on their enterprise plan.

Why users love it: It’s feature-rich, including ability to track hours and time spent on tasks, and the ability to create recurring tasks.

Critiques about Teamwork Projects: Steep learning curve; lot of the features are hard to quickly pick up on.

Learn more about Teamwork Projects

We also compare these four programs with typical sought-after features in the table below:

This is just a small list of the project management software out there. Sometimes, it takes a little trial and error to discover what project management software program best suits your company’s needs. What may work for you at one point may no longer serve your business’s needs as it expands. No matter what project management software program you settle on, though, it’s imperative to have the right project management skills to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Our project management certification training program has all the tools necessary to teach you the ins and outs of project management.

Simplilearn would love to know: What project management software does your team currently use? Do you recommend it? Leave a comment below!

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