The Big Data Hadoop Architect Masters Program is designed based on an extensive industry research. The course is structured to help you gain knowledge and expertise in the Big data and Hadoop framework.

Big data has taken analytics to new heights with new and enhanced analytics models that enable analysts to dissect massive data sets to reveal patterns, trends and suggest actionable recommendations. These valuable insights backed by data will help organizations to make smart decisions in regulating production which could directly impact the company’s financial quotient.

Become a Big Data Hadoop Architect and fast-track your career in Big Data. The Masters program helps you transform into a Hadoop Architect with training in the core skills necessary for senior roles in the industry. Learn Hadoop development, real-time processing using Spark, NoSQL database technology, and tools like MongoDB. Reinforce your learning with hands-on project work in the unique CloudLab virtual environment.

The Big Data Hadoop Masters Program – 7 Course Learning Path to Success

In today’s highly competitive environment, multi-skilled professionals are edging out peers with knowledge of just 1-2 areas within a discipline. According to data from, professionals with proven expertise in a range of big data tools earn more than their peers.

Multi-skilled professionals are in-demand for 3 reasons:

  1. They reduce costs for a company because fewer employees need to be trained or replaced when a company’s business model is adjusted.

  2. They can use the insight that comes from possessing a range of skills to become mini-entrepreneurs within a company – this helps companies stay relevant in a fast-changing marketplace.

  3. They encourage a culture of debate and collaboration that help companies produce top-quality work.

Hybridize Your Skillset to turn into a Big Data Engineer & Architect

The big data ecosystem is evolving steadily, and the Hadoop framework remains at the top as the most in-demand skill. With Big Data requirements pivoting to real-time streaming and processing, technologies like Spark and NoSQL databases are rapidly gaining in importance.

  • Hadoop and MapReduce skills form the crème-de-la-crème in the arena of large-scale data processing across many servers that employ HDFS.
  •  MapReduce – the programming model processes and generates large data sets with a parallel, distributed algorithm on a cluster.
  • Spark on the other hand processes data in-memory and near real-time – reputed to be ten times faster than MapReduce. Spark Machine Learning algorithm will be the best bet if you are designing an online recommendation engine.
  • NoSQL databases are primarily non-relational in nature and are becoming more and more popular in big data and real-time processing scenarios.
  • MongoDB and Cassandra are examples of popular picks for NoSQL implementations.
  • Storm, Impala, and Kafka are gradually gaining ground, and expertise in these fast-growing tools will give you a big advantage.

Pave the way to bag the Big Data Role of Your Dreams

With inputs from industry experts, we have prepared a 3 step process to meet current market expectations get the big data role of your dreams.

Step 1 - Get trained as a Big Data and Hadoop Developer.

Step 2 - Get trained in Spark, Scala, and MongoDB.

Step 3 - Get trained in Cassandra.

With this, you will gain valuable expertise in big data storage, batch processing, real-time processing, and NoSQL.

To round off your skillset, you have the option to add 3 additional, highly sought-after skills. This excellent combination is bound to unleash your highest earning potential.

Here’s a quick insight to what these new technologies are and how they fit the puzzle of the Hadoop framework.

Reach your Full Earning Potential with the Big Data Hadoop Architect Masters Program

Latest salary reports from reveal the demand for professionals with multiple big data skills.

Big Data Job Landscape in India

Keeping the requirements and the skill gap in mind Simplilearn has rolled out the latest Big Data Hadoop Architect Program to help fast-track your career, by following a clear and structured learning path recommended by industry and faculty experts. Find out more here.

Benefits of Simplilearn’ s Masters Program

With Simplilearn’s Big Data Hadoop Architect Program, you get -

  • One year of unlimited access to the e-learning content
  • One year of unlimited access to the live instructor-led online classroom sessions.
  • A clear and structured career-oriented learning path worked out with industry experts.
  • Hands-on project execution using CloudLab.
  • Expert assistant premium support.
  • A completion certificate when you’ve completed all the requirements of the learning path

Each course spans over 36 hours of instructor-led training. The sessions would be spanned across 4-6 weeks to enable effective learning, interaction with the trainer and to grasp the subject knowledge efficiently.

The Big Data Hadoop Architect Program includes instructor-led training for Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB & Cassandra. It would ideally span over 115 hours of instructor-led training.

You could benefit immensely by accessing multiple live expert sessions at your convenience.

Project Mentoring Sessions

The Big Data Hadoop Architect Program also includes exclusive project mentoring sessions exclusively designed to help you gain a wider perspective and a deeper understanding of the course, and provide assistance with your project submission.

In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn about -

  • The objective and scope of the project, and its impact on your career
  • Clarify any details about the project’s pre-requisites, features and structure
  • Q&A, for clarifications on the subject matter.
  • Awareness of workflow post-project submission

Also, you would have access to the eLearning content and have access to the pre-recorded sessions. You have the benefit of interacting and discussing the subject with the best trainers from around the world. On Demand Support ensures you have a 24x7 team ready to help you with your questions and projects.

Ready to get started? Put your big data career on the fast-track to success with the Big Data Hadoop Architect Masters Program – today!