As documented by Aditya Shivam.

Everyone kept telling me that big data was going to become the next big thing. It was going to revolutionize the way we garnered insights. That’s when I thought that if I wanted to stay relevant in the tech field, I will have to learn big data, and then I did just that.

I was a senior software engineer working with Nucleus Software when my mentors and relatives started suggesting that I look into big data and machine learning. That’s when I decided to move away from Oracle and SQL to explore information technology’s newest frontier by enrolling in Simplilearn’s Big Data Master’s Course.

Charting the Right Course

I first tried to learn by using free online video tutorials, which was disappointing. I just couldn’t find anything concrete and was urged by a relative to take Simplilearn’s online live training.

It was an amazing experience to learn from real-life IT architects and experts who know their topics very well and gave us ample time to learn and practice. The doubts-clearing session was particularly valuable as the trainer made sure we understood the concepts.

While I originally planned to take one course on big data, I soon enrolled in Simplilearn’s Big Data Master’s Course. Simplilearn’s learning platform and strategy help each candidate understand and focus on upskilling themselves for a better future.

Simplilearn has brilliant instructors who are industry experts working as directors and solutions architects at some of the biggest firms. The instructors were amazing. You could touch base with them anytime and they were always willing to help.

I would definitely recommend Simplilearn to anyone who is seeking growth in their career.

I found that the Big Data Master’s Course covered a wide range of data science. It started with Hadoop and Spark Developer courses and covered MongoDB, Big Data and Hadoop Administrator, Storm, Kafka, and Cassandra.

For someone who did not know what big data is, I felt very good after studying Hadoop through Simplilearn. The Hadoop ecosystem is one of the most important things I learned. 

Practical Applications for Data Science

They even taught practical applications for my newfound data science knowledge so I could actually apply it in real life. These technologies have revolutionized industries across the globe as there is so much raw data not used for any insightful purpose. Learning how to gather all that data and make it useful for predictions, classifications, and language processing was just amazing. 

I can go on and on, but the bottom line is that machine learning has changed the way we see data, and now, with the help of easier programming languages like Python, we can create magic with code. I liked studying Python because of its simplicity.

A Word from Simplilearn on Why Big Data Matters

Big data analytics is the practice of uncovering trends and patterns from vast data sets. Machine learning speeds the process using algorithms to manage large amounts of data and find patterns and reveal valuable information. Some of the widely known applications include market research and segmentation, analyzing customer behavior, evaluating trends and decoding patterns, and helping in decision-making.

Large organizations rely on big data to guide them in the right direction. Just as mariners plotted their course using the stars, today’s companies employ data scientists to reap strategic insights from big data

Simple languages like Python have become a go-to for a lot of big data analysts. It currently has become a required skill for 46-percent of jobs in data science. The market demand for data science professionals will grow an estimated 1,581 percent by 2020, and professionals with Python skills will have a definite advantage.

Looking forward to becoming a Hadoop Developer? Check out the Big Data Hadoop Certification Training course and get certified today.

Make Your Game Plan 

When it comes to career advancement and personal growth, you have to take action. Find your passion and get the skills you need to make a change in your professional and personal life with Simplilearn. From data science to project management and digital marketing, Simplilearn can offer you pathways to learn and grow. 

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