Tired of boring Infographics? Introducing Engagographics

Tired of boring Infographics? Introducing Engagographics

Jitendra Kumar

Last updated September 6, 2017


We all know the importance of engaging content in SEO. In last few years, Infographics have emerged as one of the most popular ways to enhance the content and get backlinks. There are various tools available such as Piktochart which helps generate Infographics with minimal effort.

Yet, Infographics are a static piece of content, having no user interaction by nature.

Check out our first prototype Engagographic. This is generated by our programmable SVG/Z templates based framework. This framework could turn any data table into beautiful, interactive and engaging graphics. These interactive graphical objects work like a micro app within a web page. Hence the name Engagographics!

Future versions of our Engagographics will have functionalities such as video playback, slideshows, option to export as embeddable SVG, and even lead capture!

For the uninitiated, SVG is an XML text-based scalable vector image format. Unlike other image formats, SVG could be inserted into DOM and hence JS and CSS could be applied. This way engaging elements could be added to SVG. SVGZ is the compressed version of an SVG file using industry standard gzip algorithm. Most of the modern browsers already support SVG and SVGZ.

Unfortunately, while Google crawls and indexes SVG files, Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that it does not crawl links in SVG files yet. But, it’s not a dealbreaker for now.

Have some public data with you? Share it in comments and we will convert it to Engagographic.

We will update the results of our Engagographic experiment soon.

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