We introduce enterprise architecture in a dedicated article, focusing on building complex enterprise ecosystems and solving high-level strategic problems. Enterprise Architecture defines the strategic direction of a business architecture, thereby understanding the technical infrastructure required to support that architecture. In other words, the enterprise architect defines what to do, and the solution architect decides how to do it.

Enterprise architects combine many different skills and experiences to address and solve business, information, and technology-related opportunities and problems. In many activities, the enterprise architecture developed by enterprise architects is the "glue" that integrates project and project strategies across multiple projects and projects, ensuring alignment with business strategy, drivers, and management priorities.

The enterprise architect role requires complex thinking and strategy to determine which legacy systems can be upgraded, which software or hardware can be replaced, and which services or products support each department's business operations. Enterprise architects work across the enterprise, identifying the needs of a range of business units and processes. This role requires strong communication and analytical skills to ensure the business unit has the right tools for success.

Who is an Enterprise Architect?

Enterprise architects are responsible for the design and implementation of complex enterprise-wide systems. They also work with project managers to ensure that the system is being developed on time and within budget.

An enterprise architect needs to have a broad understanding of the business, as well as IT, in order to make sure that the system they are designing will meet both business and technical needs. They also need strong leadership skills because they will be working with a team of people from different areas of expertise.

They need to have excellent communication skills as well, because they will be presenting their findings and recommendations to senior management on a regular basis. Enterprise Architects are the people who design and build the IT systems that will meet business goals. They take into consideration all aspects of the business and make sure that IT can support it.

What Does an Enterprise Architect Do?

Enterprise architects are the ones who plan and design the architecture of an enterprise. They are responsible for designing how the enterprise will function in the future and how to make sure that it is scalable, secure, and efficient.

The responsibilities of an enterprise architect include:

  • Defining standards
  • Maintaining architectures
  • Planning for future growth
  • Evaluating new technologies
  • Planning for disaster recovery

An Enterprise Architect is the person who oversees architecture and design of an enterprise. The architect is responsible for the design of a system and its environment, which includes all aspects from hardware to software to people.

The architect has to understand the business as well as the technology, and take into account how these two things interact with each other. They need to be able to see how a system will affect an organization’s operations, so they can make sure that it will be able to handle future growth.

How to Become an Enterprise Architect? 

An enterprise architect is an individual who has the responsibility of designing, developing and implementing an architecture for a business. They are responsible for the technical design and development of software systems that are used by other departments within the organization. Enterprise architects have to understand how different departments and stakeholders interact with each other in order to develop a system that meets their needs. This can be achieved by understanding organizational structure, business processes, policies, strategies and regulations.

An enterprise architect must be able to work with people from various backgrounds such as software developers, project managers, database administrators, security experts and others who may not necessarily have a technical background. They must also be able to communicate effectively with these people in order to ensure that they are on the same page when it comes to technical decisions.

Enterprise architects commonly have a four year college education in software engineering, designing, or a connected field. They also usually have experience working in a senior technical role. Enterprise architects typically work in large organizations and have a lot of experience working with different teams and stakeholders.

An enterprise architect typically has a number of skills that are required for this job. They need to be able to create, implement, and maintain computer networks, databases, and operating systems. They also need to know how to write technical specifications for software development projects. An Enterprise Architect is a person who designs and plans the architecture of an organization. He or she is responsible for the design, development and implementation of architectural solutions to meet the business needs. 

Enterprise architects are in high demand due to the increasing complexity of business and technology. They are responsible for designing and managing the architecture of a company or organization. There are many key requirements for becoming an enterprise architect, including strong planning and design skills, excellent communication and collaboration skills, experience in system administration, and a good understanding of business strategy.

Key Skills an Enterprise Architect Must Have

As the role of an Enterprise Architect evolves, so too must the skill set of the individuals who are most often tapped for this responsibility. The days of being a “blue-sky” visionary with no grounding in actual implementation are gone, leaving room for those with a more practical skill set to step in and take charge. Here are some of the key skills an enterprise architect must have in order to be successful.

Enterprise Architects possess a wide range of skills, which is what makes them such a valuable asset to any organization. As the liaison between business and IT, they must be able to effectively communicate with both groups in order to ensure that the needs of the business are being met by the IT solutions being implemented. In addition, Enterprise Architects must have a strong understanding of both business and IT in order to be able to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation. Furthermore, they must be able to effectively manage projects and teams in order to ensure that the projects are delivered on time and within budget.

It is said that the job of an enterprise architect is one of the most coveted jobs in a company. An enterprise architect is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of an organizational strategy. The successful candidate will have a wide range of skills, including the ability to think strategically, to develop relationships, to lead and motivate teams and to manage change. They will also have a deep understanding of the organization’s business, its products and its customers.

How Much Does an Enterprise Architect Earn? (India and USA)

Enterprise architects in India and the United States earn different amounts. In the United States, an enterprise architect typically earns a salary that is three to four times greater than what an architect in India earns.

With an annual salary starting from Rs. 2.5 lakhs in India and reaching $115,000 in the United States, enterprise architects are some of the highest-paid professionals in many industries.

Enterprise architects in India earn a considerably lower salary than their American counterparts. In fact, the median salary for an enterprise architect in India is only $106,000 per year, while the median salary for an enterprise architect in the United States is $183,000. This discrepancy may be attributable to a number of factors, including the lack of experience and development opportunities in India, the higher cost of living, and the fact that many Indian enterprises are smaller and less complex than their American counterparts.

An enterprise architect is a highly skilled professional who works in many different industries. They are in charge of managing the design, development, and management of an organization’s infrastructure. An enterprise architect can earn a good salary depending on the industry they work in. In India, an enterprise architect can earn around ₹1.5 crore per year.


1. Is it difficult to become an enterprise architect?

Enterprise architecture is a complex and difficult field to enter.  There are many requirements that must be met in order to be successful, such as having experience in several different industries, possessing top-level skills in CAD or drafting.

2. How long does it take to become an enterprise architect?

 It can take many years to become an enterprise architect, depending on the experience and skills that a person has. Some people may only need two or three years to get up to speed, while others may take up to five or six.

3. Is enterprise architect in demand?

The profession of enterprise architect is in high demand. Many businesses are now looking for enterprise architects due to the benefits that they can bring. Enterprise architects help to improve the efficiency of businesses and can save businesses money.

4. Is enterprise architect a technical role?

An enterprise architect is often a role within a company that is tasked with the design and maintenance of the company's technical infrastructure. This can include both hardware and software. The enterprise architect is often responsible for ensuring that the company's technology meets both current and future needs.

5. What does a senior enterprise architect do?

Enterprise architects are responsible for creating and managing the architecture of a company or organization. They help to identify and resolve issues related to the design and function of a system or network.


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