Hootsuite Skills you will learn

  • Fundamentals of Hootsuite
  • Hootsuite Analytics
  • Hootsuite Mobile

What you will learn in this Free Hootsuite Course?

  • Hootsuite Platform Training

    • Course Welcome

      • 1.1 Welcome to the Hootsuite Platform Certification Course
    • The Fundamentals of Using Hootsuite

      • Chapter Overview
      • The Hootsuite Platform Fundamentals
      • What is Hootsuite?
      • An Overview of the Hootsuite Dashboard
      • How to Add a Social Network in Hootsuite
      • Additional Reading
      • Hootsuite Engagement Fundamentals
      • Getting Set Up for Listening and Engagement : Tabs and Streams
      • How to Find Conversations with Hootsuite Search Streams
      • How to Engage with Your Audience Using Streams
      • Hootsuite Publishing : Fundamentals
      • Using the Hootsuite Composer
      • Networking Specific Publishing
      • Publishing to Instagram Personal Accounts to Hootsuite
      • Publishing to Instagram Business Accounts to Hootsuite
      • How to Publish YouTube Videos using Hootsuite
      • Pintrest Publishing with Hootsuite
      • Using Hootsuite to Manage LinkedIn Pages
      • Hootsuite Mobile Fundamentals
      • How to Use the Hootsuite Mobile App
      • Hootsuite App Directory
      • How to use the Hootsuite App Directory
      • Knowledge Check
      • Additional Reading
      • Next Steps
    • Advanced Uses of Hootsuite

      • Chapter Overview
      • Hootsuite Engagement : Advanced Tactics
      • How to Create Twitter Lists in Hootsuite
      • How to Engage Your Youtube Community with HootSuite
      • Using Geo - Search to Find Relevant Conversations With Hootsuite
      • Introduction to Hootsuite Inbox
      • Hootsuite Publishing : Advanced Tactics
      • Getting the Most out of Planner
      • How to Use the Hootsuite Publisher
      • How to Schedule Messages in Bulk Using Hootsuite
      • Using Colloborative Drafts in Hootsuite
      • Using RSS Feeds in Hootsuite
      • Using Vanity URLs in Hootsuite
      • Link Settings in Hootsuite Composer
      • Getting Started with Hootsuite boost
      • Hootsuite Analytics : Advanced Tactics
      • An Introduction To Hootsuite Analytics
      • How to Use Reports in Hootsuite Analytics
      • How to Use Post Performance In Hootsuite Analytics
      • How to Share and Collaborate With Hootsuite Analytics
      • Hootsuite Mobile : Advanced Tactics
      • Using the Hootsuite Mobile App for Team Collaboration
      • Introduction to Hootsuite Organizations
      • Introduction to Hootsuite Organizations and Permission
      • Knowledge Check
      • Additional Reading
      • Next Steps
    • Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam

      • Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam

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About The Course

In this free Hootsuite training course, you'll master the art of seamlessly managing all your social media accounts through a single dashboard. Covering both Hootsuite basics and advanced concepts, the course guides you through scheduling posts and strategic decision-making on which social media platforms to prioritize or sideline. By the course's end, you'll have the skills to efficiently navigate Hootsuite, enhance your social media management capabilities and make informed choices for a more effective online presence.

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  • What is Hootsuite?

    Hootsuite stands as one of the industry's oldest social media management tools. It offers extensive features, functioning as a digital social media manager to streamline and enhance social media activities.

  • Is Hootsuite free to use?

    Hootsuite's free plan was discontinued on March 31st, 2023. To continue enjoying its robust features, existing free users were encouraged to transition to the professional plan at $99 per month.

  • Which social media platforms does Hootsuite support?

    Hootsuite supports various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

  • Who can benefit from this free Hootsuite course?

    This free Hootsuite training certification is tailored for individuals aspiring to master the Hootsuite social media management platform. It serves as an ideal starting point for skill development in the realm of social media.

  • Will I receive any certification upon completing this free Hootsuite course?

    Yes, upon successfully completing the free Hootsuite course, you will be awarded a completion certificate from SkillUp, validating your proficiency in Hootsuite.

  • How long will I have access to the course materials?

    You will have a generous 90 days of access to the free Hootsuite certification course materials, allowing ample time for self-paced learning.

  • What is the course duration?

    The free Hootsuite course spans approximately 2 hours of self-paced video lessons, offering flexibility in your learning journey.

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