Azure storage is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms used today by companies worldwide. This is the perfect field for the motivated professional who wants to be part of burgeoning, game-changing technology and the opportunities it offers.

Of course, there’s the matter of becoming qualified to work with Azure. How and where does one start? Fortunately, you have come to the right place. You are about to get the inside story on how to become an Azure developer. Whether you already have some cloud skills and are looking to upskill, or you’re starting from scratch, this article is for you.

Why Would Someone Want to Be an Azure Developer?

Microsoft Azure’s popularity makes it an ideal platform for savvy tech professionals to master. According to MarketWatch, Microsoft Azure is growing at a rate of 120,000 new customers per month.

Azure’s familiarity with Windows, ease of scalability, efficient pricing, and hybrid-friendly interoperability make it an attractive choice for many businesses, thus the demand for Azure developers remains high. That’s why it makes sense to develop the skills needed for a field that has lots of opportunities for employment and subsequent growth.

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Besides, even if you are already working as a developer for business, becoming proficient with Azure will raise your value and marketability. You just need to cultivate the right skills, and taking up a professional Azure training course will help accomplish this goal.

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Where Does Upskilling Fit In?

Maybe you already have experience and skills in working with cloud computing platforms, and you just need to refine and focus on one specific platform, in this case, Azure. That’s why upskilling is the best idea. The term “upskilling” is just a fancy way of saying “teaching an already present employee additional skills”. Most of the time, businesses invest in training programs for their employees because there are some new products or tech arriving, and they want in-house people who can handle the new acquisitions.

If your business already uses a cloud computing platform but is considering a move to MS Azure, upskilling will make sure that you are changing along with your company, and head off the need of your employer needing to seek an outside candidate to help run things. The scenario isn’t too far-fetched, as Azure is an increasingly attractive option for developers.

What Skill Sets Do You Need?

There are certain skills and areas of knowledge that you should have locked down if you want to become an Azure developer. For starters, there are three key fundamental skills that should serve as a good foundation, a solid launching point.
First of all, since you’re working with a Microsoft product, you should have knowledge about MS products such as Powershell and Office 365, since apps like these integrate with Azure.

Secondly, you need experience in programming, specifically in languages like JavaScript, SQL Server, and HTML5, if you intend on developing any apps in Azure.

Finally, knowledge of cloud computing is an absolute must! If you haven’t used Azure in the past but have experience in AWS or Google Cloud, then that will help. You should have an understanding of how databases, servers, networks, and networking all work in a cloud environment.

With those three bedrock skills down pat, you need to move on to more specific skills that are of special value when designing software on the cloud, particularly using Azure.

  • Developing with an eye on cost. A good developer keeps a watch on how many resources they’re using, especially considering that many of the better, cost-effective cloud plans charge based on usage.
  • Scaling applications and data. Both your data and applications need to be flexible, scalable in order to accommodate usage, processing demand, storage, and other variables.
  • Scripting your environments. Environments need to be scripted in order to have them available as code. This makes it easy to recreate the environment should a disaster strike, or if the infrastructure needs to be updated quickly and easily.
  • Planning for unpredictability. Yes, we’re talking about trying to predict the unpredictable! That sounds contradictory, but less so if you look at it this way: While you can’t actually predict the unpredictable, you can anticipate the most likely problems and have solutions in place that will be ready to be implemented no matter what strangeness comes down the pipe.
  • Choosing the right services. Are you aware that Azure has more than 90 main services for securing and running your app, as well as storing your data? Which one is right for you and your organization, especially in the face of so many choices? You need to cultivate the skill of being a savvy consumer, so to speak, and being able to ascertain what’s best for the business.

That’s just a small sample of needed skills, and there’s no such thing as too much knowledge when it comes to being an Azure developer, as this article shows.

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The Benefits of Certification

Azure certification sets you apart from the large crowd of IT professionals. Certification tells a prospective employer that you possess the necessary skill sets to function specifically in the Azure cloud environment.

Many businesses will actually come right out and say that they want certified developers, as opposed to candidates who simply have vaguely defined experience in developing on cloud platforms. Even though there are more job openings in the field than ever, companies can and will be choosy as to who they bring on board.
Certification offers tangible proof of your mastery of Azure development skills. It’s your foot in the door.

So How Do You Get These Specific Azure-Related Skills?

Okay, so now we’ve established that Azure developer skills are important in this day and age, specifically if you want to make yourself more marketable and ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities that the cloud brings. We’ve also established that certification is key. So how does one go about getting these skills?

First of all, you can benefit from in-house upskilling efforts provided by your workplace. Of course, if your company isn’t using Azure and has no immediate plans to do so, that could be problematic. You could go it alone and sign up for online or continuing education courses, but then there’s the question of which provider to choose from.

Fortunately, Simplilearn has you covered. The Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions: 70-532 Certification Training Course helps you learn about Microsoft Azure development environment so that you can take an existing ASP.NET MVC application and expand its functionality to Azure. You will gain an in-depth understanding of Azure platform features so that you can build and deploy cloud apps, configure and deploy web applications, create and configure Azure virtual machines.

This corporate training solution consists of 11 modules, delivered either by a blended learning or instructor-led method. Once the course is done and the exam is passed, you will gain the valuable knowledge needed to succeed at Azure development, and the certification to show for it.

Check out the course today, as well as other valuable Azure-related courses such as Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and the Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect (AZ-300 and AZ-301) Training Course. Simplilearn has everything you need to turn you into an MS Azure expert.

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