Brand values are at the core of branding. Values set the stage for what to expect from a brand, whether it’s superior customer service, dedication to a cause or purpose, or simply creating a one-of-a-kind experience. And there can be more than one value; brands can communicate multiple values throughout the various touch points they have with customers. What matters is to do it authentically, in a way that feels genuine to the audience. This is what sets brands apart in a crowded market and generates excitement to keep customers wanting to come back time after time.

How can you communicate brand values authentically? Here are a few tips for getting your purpose and ideas across, so you can engage your customers every step of the way.

Tip #1: Weave Your Values Across the Customer Experience

When you establish what truly matters to your brand, you want to communicate those values in every moment where your customer might be. This creates a consistent message or experience no matter when or how customers engage, so that they look forward to each interaction with you.

Target is one brand that comes to mind here. No matter which Target store you visit, you will generally find the location to be very clean, organized, and welcoming — a central focus of the customer experience. But that’s not all. The brand is also known for its customer loyalty and giving back to local communities; values you can find from the physical store to the digital app to social media. 

Ensuring your purpose is visible across all channels and experiences creates authenticity for everything you say, show, and do.

Tip #2: Support Your Values With Real Data 

Using data to back up your statements or support the type of experience you provide is a smart way to validate your brand’s values. Numbers are a powerful way to show your impact, and they can help increase customer confidence in your brand. Think about some of the ways you can use data to communicate your brand values authentically: Is it the amount of trash you saved from landfills? Are you helping lots of businesses get their systems up and running? Do you hire more diverse candidates as part of your inclusivity initiatives?

Rothy’s is a fashion brand that supports their values with data, and they position it on the front page of their website. The same messaging appears on their packaging, social media, and physical stores, creating a unified experience.


Tip #3: Make Opportunities for Customers to Participate in Holding up Your Values With You 

Customers typically align themselves with brands that share their own values. Empowering them to help support your brand values, whether through a purchase or volunteering or another action, can lend a feeling of true legitimacy to your value statements. In fact, customers who are given opportunities to participate in maintaining what your brand is about are more likely to conduct repeat business with you.

Peace Coffee is a brand that supports fair trade practices, which means fair wages and working conditions for those who grow and farm the coffee beans. By purchasing their product, you are directly supporting these brand values, as well as their involvement in local communities and social causes.


Tip #4: Bring Your Team and Customers Into the Conversation

When customers hear other customers or members of your team talking about their experiences around your brand’s values, you build a sense of trust and confidence in your communications. Perhaps you create a video series featuring different customers, or you write blog posts about various team members who work to uphold your values. Brand communications that aren’t written by the brand are trusted even more by your audience.

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Start Communicating Your Brand Values with Authenticity

Now that you have a few ideas on how to get your brand values across genuinely, give these tips a try. Maybe you want to integrate one at a time, to see how it works before going all in. Either way, by giving your communications a closer look, you can support your values across the customer experience and engage customers who want to do it with you.

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