Digital economy jobs generally fall into a defined set of roles. For example, data-related jobs tend to fall into the roles of Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and Data Engineer. (See Simplilearn’s white paper, Skilling for the Digital Economy: A Role-Based Approach.)


Role-aligned learning paths match the set of skills a job role requires with the corresponding skill training courses. Role-aligned learning paths offer enterprises significant advantages over course catalogs. They simplify the task of choosing the right courses for an employee moving into a different or expanded role. They also provide the correct sequence of courses to build the employee’s skills in an effective, progressive, and rapid manner.

Aligning Skills to Job Roles

In the process of digital transformation, enterprises need to take an inventory of the current job roles their workforce fills and the set of new or modified roles that the enterprise needs to fill in the future. The enterprise can then match up existing employees with roles that need to be filled and the timelines by which that must be done. Where existing employees line up with required roles, the enterprise can use digital bootcamps that offer role-aligned learning paths to transition those workers into the required roles.

Where there is not a good match between a needed role and existing staff, the enterprise can look for outside candidates. Digital bootcamps can help in onboarding new hires by filling in any gaps in their skill sets and ensuring they are trained in the company’s methods and standards.

As enterprises have realigned their job roles to adjust to pandemic restrictions and emerging technologies, remote work has proliferated. Digital bootcamps with role-aligned learning paths are an ideal way to address these changes. 

The role-aligned learning paths help employees transition quickly and efficiently into the new roles created by the remote-work realignment, and the online delivery method makes the digital bootcamps available across the entire organization.

Benefits of Role-Aligned Learning Paths

It’s important to note that a role-aligned learning path is not a rigid program of set courses. They can be individualized to the capabilities and skill gaps of specific employees. What they do provide is a baseline for evaluating an individual’s skill set against the requirements of a role they are going to fill.

Because role-aligned learning paths are actively designed to build a skill set effectively and efficiently, they can reduce the time to make an employee effective in a new role. The sequence of courses in the path gives the employee the foundation for success at each subsequent stage of the path, which helps the employee become more confident and capable at each stage.

In the same way, role-aligned learning paths in digital bootcamps reduce the cost of training an employee in the full complement of skills their new role requires. The learning path directs the employee toward the specific courses that they need for their new role. The digital bootcamp format means there are no travel or housing costs associated with the training, and flexible scheduling means no time lost from work to attend in-person classroom training.

A training provider that maintains and continuously refreshes a comprehensive set of role-aligned learning paths for its digital bootcamps can provide guidance in planning for emerging technologies and future industry developments. As change affects your enterprise, you can expect that provider to have role-aligned learning paths ready for the new roles you will need to fill.

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