Digital and Social Selling Skills you will learn

  • Digital Selling
  • Personal Brand Building
  • Defining Buyer Persona and Journey
  • Buyer Engagement
  • Content Marketing
  • Multi Channel Campaign Management
  • Digital Selling Strategy
  • Customer Acquisition

Who should learn Digital and Social Selling

  • Marketers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Sales professionals

What you will learn in Digital and Social Selling

  • Module 0 - Introduction to Digital and Social Selling

    • Course Introduction

      • Introduction
  • Module 1 – Attract your customers

    • Section 1 - Introduction to Digital Selling-Beyond Social Selling

      • 1.1 What is Digital Selling?
      • 1.2 What Makes a Successful Digital Business
      • 1.3 The Difference between Digital Selling and Social Selling
      • 1.4 The Importance of Digital Sales Tools
      • Quiz
    • Section 2 - Developing Digital Selling Credibility

      • 2.1 Importance of Developing a Strong Social Media Profile
      • 2.2 Advantages of Building a Personal Brand
      • 2.3 Building a Strong Personal Brand
      • 2.4 Enhancing Social Credibility
      • 2.5 Managing Your Social Platforms Part 1
      • 2.6 Managing Your Social Platforms Part 2
      • 2.7 Managing Your Social Platforms Part 3
      • 2.8 Managing Your Social Platforms Part 4
      • Quiz
    • Project 1 – Building Digital Sales Credibility

      • Building Digital Sales Credibility
  • Module 2 – Connect with your customers

    • Section 3 - Digital Research and Developing Buyer Personas

      • 3.1 Defining the Buyer Journey
      • 3.2 Introduction to Digital Buyer Profiles
      • 3.3 Honing Your Target Buyer Personas
      • 3.4 The Value of Sales Intelligence
      • 3.5 Sales Intelligence Tools and How to Use Them
      • 3.6 Researching Market Trends
      • Quiz
    • Section 4 - Turning Digital Connections into Sales Conversations

      • 4.1 CRM and Marketing Automation and Their Value in Digital Selling
      • 4.2 The Importance of A Digital Sales Hub
      • 4.3 Measuring Buyer Engagement
      • 4.4 Introduction to Digital Selling Tools
      • 4.5 Converting Prospects into Customers
      • Quiz
    • Project 2 – Identifying Buyer Personas

      • Identifying Buyer Personas
  • Module 3 – Engage with your customers

    • Section 5 - Building Sales Engagement Through Content Marketing

      • 5.1 Creating Persona-specific Content and Delivering It
      • 5.2 Establishing Thought Leadership
      • 5.3 Setting Up Your Content Creation Calendar
      • 5.4 Creating a Multi-channel Campaign
      • 5.5 Essential Content Management Tools
      • Quiz
    • Project 3 – Building Content Marketing Plan

      • Building Content Marketing Plan
  • Module 4 – Convert and Grow your customers

    • Section 6 - Developing an Integrated Digital Selling Strategy

      • 6.1 Optimizing Your Campaign Calendar
      • 6.2 Tailoring Your Message to Suit the Buyer Persona
      • 6.3 How to Engage with Buyer Personas to Drive Sales
      • 6.4 Managing Your Digital Sales Campaigns
      • Quiz
    • Section 7 - Digital Selling Beyond Customer Acquisition

      • 7.1 Importance of Developing Customer Relationships
      • 7.2 Using Digital Selling to Aid Customer Expansion
      • 7.3 Handling Negative Customer Experiences
      • 7.4 The Future of Social and Digital Selling
      • Quiz
    • Project 4 – Building Integrated Selling Strategy

      • Building Integrated Selling Strategy

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Why you should learn Digital and Social Selling

Avg Salary $74,000

of a Digital Marketing Manager in US

88% of Companies

use digital marketing as their primary advertisement tactic


  • What are the requirements to take Digital and Social Selling Course?

    There are no prerequisites for Digital and Social Selling Basics course. Professionals and students interested in learning digital and social selling are welcome to take the course.

  • How do beginners learn Digital and Social Selling fundamentals?

    Beginners who want to learn Digital and Social Selling can start with the in-depth understanding of various selling and sales intelligence tools. Also, you can opt for this Digital and Social Selling training course to learn more.

  • How long does it take to learn Digital and Social Selling fundamentals?

    This free Digital selling course consists of 8 hours of comprehensive video modules that aim to help you learn the basics of Digital and Social Selling. The time it will take you to learn the material depends on how quickly you grasp and understand the concepts.

  • Is Digital and Social Selling basics easy to learn?

    The videos that you find as a part of this Digital and Social Selling course are created by mentors who are well-versed with a vast amount of industry experience. Also, they are aware of the needs of different learners. They have designed the course to make it easy for you to learn Digital and Social Selling.

  • Can I complete this digital selling course in 90 days?

    Yes, you can complete this Digital and Social Selling course within 90 days.

  • What is Social Selling?

    Social Selling is the latest approach to selling that gives salespersons the opportunity to streamline their prospects on social media and build a good rapport with a network of potential leads.

  • What are some popular Social Selling Tools?

    Social Selling tools are convenient ways to store all of the social media conversations of a brand in one place.
    Some of the popular Social Selling tools are:

    1. Hootsuite Inbox
    2. Amplify
    3. Salesforce
  • Why is Social Selling training important?

    It is important to learn Social Selling to gain an in-depth understanding of various intelligence tools CRM tools, sales intelligence & social engagement tools. In a world where an online presence for brands is critical for their success, being aware of Social Selling strategies like how to generate better leads, convert them faster and earn more revenue for one’s organization can reap great benefits. This Social Selling training will help you develop a practical understanding of how to leverage different strategies to cater to the specific needs of any organization.

  • Will I get a certificate after completing the Digital and Social Selling free course?

    If you finish any free course on SkillUp within 90 days from the date of enrollment, you are eligible to receive a Course Completion Certificate for the same. Therefore, you will receive a shareable certificate on completing the Digital and Social Selling free course too. To unlock it, log in to your SkillUp account and click unlock. You will soon receive a mail with a link to the view and download the certificate. You can add the SkillUp certificate to your resume and share it on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Learner Review

  • Yogesh Kasabe

    Yogesh Kasabe

    Never stop learning. Glad to achieve the certificate of Digital and Social Selling Certified Associate Training Program. Thank you Simplilearn for providing such a wonderful platform.

  • Surajit Rajak

    Surajit Rajak

    Senior Account Manager , Deck 7

    Absolutely delighted and buzzing after completing the entire course on digital and social selling. A huge shout-out to Simplilearn for providing content that's informative and easy to understand! The course gave me more clarity on the aspects of social and digital selling, what it takes to sell something digitally and the difference between them.

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