Skills you will learn

  • Creating digital effects and building 3D textures
  • Applying meshes surface and material properties
  • Publishing and managing files on Spark AR Hub

Who should learn

  • Software developers
  • Digital marketers
  • AI engineers

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Spark AR Course by Meta

    • Lesson 1 - Getting Started with Spark AR

      • 1.01 Getting Started with Spark AR
    • Lesson 2 - Sharing Your AR Effect with The World

      • 2.01 Sharing Your AR Effect with The World
      • 2.02 Understanding Spark AR Policies
    • Lesson 3 - The Basics of Creating Effects with Spark AR

      • 3.01 Integrating Custom Assets into Your AR Effect
      • 3.02 How to Use Lights to Enhance Your 3D Effects
      • 3.03 Beyond Face Filters
    • Lesson 4 - The Future of AR Creators

      • 4.01 The Future of AR Creators

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Why you should learn

By 2030

23 million jobs in AI and AR Worldwide

By 2026

The AR market expected rise to $88.4 billion

Career Opportunities


  • What are the prerequisites to learn Spark AR?

    There are no prerequisites for learning Spark AR. However, it is recommended that learners have a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • How do beginners get started with Spark AR?

    Beginners who want to learn can start with the fundamentals first. Once you have mastered Spark AR basics you can move on to more advanced topics.

  • How long does it take to learn Spark AR?

    The augmented reality course consists of 90 minutes of video content that will help you gain a thorough understanding of Spark AR.

  • Are Spark AR basics easy to learn?

    The videos that you find as a part of this augmented reality training course are created by mentors who are industry leaders with vast experience in the field. They are aware of the needs of different learners and have designed the course to be easy to learn.

  • What are the Spark AR basics covered in this free course?

    This augmented reality course includes lessons on:

    1. Creating digital effects and building 3-D textures
    1. Applying meshes, surface, and material properties
    1. Publishing and managing files on Spark AR Hub
  • Why learn Spark AR?

    Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality are becoming more pervasive in all aspects of our daily lives. As these technologies take over the tasks previously done by humans, qualified professionals are needed to create and manage them in all industries. The opportunities in this exciting field will be massive in the years to come.

  • Will I get a certificate after completing the Introduction to Spark AR Course by Meta course?

    You will not receive a course completion certificate after completing the course.

  • What are the career opportunities for Spark AR professionals?

    Common careers for AR professionals include:

    AR/VR Engineer

    AR/VR User Experience Designer

    AR/VR Content Strategist

    AR/VR Content Developer

    Designer, Animator, or Sound Engineer

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