I have discussed with so many project managers on their way of working, how they handle their project, how they maintain the good solid relationship among the team members? Based on their suggestion and my experience I reach on several points. Let me discuss those one by one:

So many project managers believe that we spent maximum time in meetings. Excess meetings hamper the productivity miserably. And it can demoralize the team members at a larger extent. A project manager should concentrate on the work positively. S/he should fix a particular timing for the meeting with proper agenda. It should not be in the scattered way. Mind you it will save your time as well as your team members’ time.

A project meeting should occur for 10-20 minutes a day or 1-2 hours in the gap two to three working days except if there is any emergency. It would keep your team member involving in their task associated with the project goal. A project manager should use their interpersonal skills positively and effectively. Ultimately a meeting should be there to resolve the issues and any other updating not as it is formal in nature. If a meeting is not required even it is pre-scheduled, ignore it … don’t waste your valuable time.

Each and every project manager works on their project on the priority basis. Definitely you keep your project on the higher priority. As a project manager you should think in the broader way. What would be the organizational benefit through successful completion of the project? What would be your position after this project? Mind you, you are working for an organization and the objective of the project must be aligned with the strategic objective of the organization. It is totally project manager’s work really to make a co-relation between it. Focus on your project objectives religiously and try to make a consensus on the objective of the project … show them a path for a successful completion of the project. Show them also how important is this project for the organization.

Give your team some space to explore! We are all, living in a competitive market. Continuous improvement is one of the major agenda of the companies. Completing the work quickly, with quality and within budget is the basic essential now you are expected to do the work with innovation so that you do give something extra to client and within this process you are able to save more for your own organization. One smart method will be empowering the project team; you could only grow when your team grows with you. Support them, guide them but don’t spoon fed them. Let them shine and be the leader to make them shine.

Know your agenda, what you wanted to achieve. Being in control is the first aspect of project management. You can never say that I am not in control over situations. And you could be in control if you are in control of yourself. Your vision is crystal clear. You know what you are looking for.

We all understand that the market is growing in a tremendous speed so is the skill set of people. To be able to cope with the ever changing scenario, learn new skill set. This will make you more comfortable to get involved into new territory. And who knows you might some extra bucks because of the new language you learn recently.

Making real plan is the most difficult part of a project management. The best way to handle this is to be skeptical as much as possible. It is good to be optimistic but to see the potential problem you need to be on your toes. So ask many questions before coming up a plan, my suggestion don’t be very pessimistic. It will also not solve the purpose. Deal it smartly as the plan will be the backbone of your project.

And the most important point, result, i.e., the deliverables. Nothing is viable till the time you are not delivering. Thus your every job should have an objective to reach your goal. How you are going to achieve it is your choice. Make it realistic!!!

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