There’s a new PPC game in town, and it’s going by Google Ads Creative Studio. 

Truth be told, Creative Studio is an exciting addition to the Ads lineup, giving businesses the ability to create custom ads at scale — more cost-effectively.

For advertisers, this means enjoying the effectiveness of highly targeted advertising that fits their budgets — rather than choosing between the two.

What’s even more enticing: Creative Studio’s asset library serves as a single, consolidated home for all creative assets that can be shared out to Ads, Display and Video 360, and Campaign Manager 360 for activation.

Essentially, the new Google Ads Creative Studio is going to change the way advertisers reach audiences with creative that’s dynamically personalized for location, language, or context — with the ability to use hundreds of versions of a single display or video ad.

Let’s do a little exploring into how some brands and agencies are experiencing success.

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Learn All the Tricks of the Marketing Trade

PepsiCo Leverages Occasion-Based Ads to Craft Stories

With the prior knowledge that relevance to viewers maximizes impact, PepsiCo wanted to test out various ad creatives for its Bubly sparkling water product. Using Creative Studio, the beverage brand developed customized video ads to see how audiences would associate the product with different consumption moments, including house parties, barbecues, and sports viewing.

As a result, the team at PepsiCo was able to see that creative showing social gatherings and food pairings had the greatest impact on brand lift. This insight is allowing them to take it a step further and craft stories they now know resonate with audiences around specific themes.

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Men in Green Creative Agency Finds Collaborative Nirvana

Because the new Creative Studio in Google Ads includes a comprehensive suite of design tools, it means not only brands – but more specifically, agencies – can work more productively and efficiently. Multiple designers can easily collaborate within the environment to share and edit their work, and this is exactly how Men in Green leveraged the technology.

The integration of Creative Studio with Display and Video 360 means junior designers can create variations within Creative Studio, and then they can be evaluated through the protocols already established by senior designers under the Display and Video 360 campaigns. It saves the creative agency time and cost, which extends to the client side as well.

General Motors Increases Product Searches While Lowering Ad Costs

When it wanted to produce 14 unique video ads to reach its audience, the South American arm of General Motors grappled with the time and resources it would take to achieve such a feat. To develop this creative at scale, it tapped Creative Studio to promote the new Cruze 5 vehicle using a variety of video ads customized for affinity audiences and contextual audiences.

General Motors experienced success with its approach, lowering the costs of its ads by about 30 percent while noticing that product searches on Google went up by 56 percent.


The new Google Ads Creative Studio is positioned to help brands and businesses advertise like never before. Custom creative delivered at scale, plus a more collaborative suite of tools, is sure to remove the barriers to reaching targeted audiences on a budget.

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