Born and raised in New Zealand, Lisa Capamagian has worked in UK for a couple of years and has been living in Australia for the last 30 years. “I fell into project management because I was the most experienced at organizing things and also because of my marketing- health- science background”, says Lisa. She loves motor racing, reading and has an acute interest in the field of health. While conversing with her, she stated her views on PRINCE 2 online certification and the expediency of the same.

  • What made you take up professional certification and specifically PRINCE2?

My company had got into a Government project and it was a requirement of the project for us to use Prince2 methodology. At that point the best thing we could do was to take up the certification.

  • How important is PRINCE2 certification in the Australian job market?

Professional certification as a whole seems to have been gaining grounds. And more so, it seems to have become very important in the project space, particularly when dealing with government projects.

  • PRINCE2 is considered ideal for long term projects; do you think it is possible to customize the same for short term projects?

Absolutely! I intend to make use of the knowledge gained and customize PRINCE2 principles for my marketing team. A lot of our projects are short-term, but the uniqueness of PRINCE2 is that it can be tailor made as per your requirements, which gives us the liberty to curve it out according to our needs.

  • Did you see a significant change in your work approach after attaining the certification?

Yes, we are now in the middle of setting up an official PMO.

  • Can you chalk out 5 reasons why you would recommend your colleagues and friends to get PRINCE2 certified?
  1. It can be applied to all aspects of management
  2. It is good for your resume.
  3.  Anyone in marketing should do this because all we do is manage projects!
  4. It can be tailored to your environment
  5. If your company is ISO1 9001certified it is a complementary fit.
  • Lastly, how was your experience with Simplilearn? Anything in specific you would like to mention.

The online training, course materials and the example tests were of great help while preparing for the exams. The course facilitator was very knowledgeable and thorough with assisting our preparation for the exams. It was great to have the classroom interaction with other people from different project management skills and there was a lot of experience to draw from.

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