In this digital world, organizations are computerized and hence new cyber threats are emerging every hour. Organizations are more concerned regarding the security of the data transferred online, and Cyber consultant demand is fueling up. Cyber Security protects the organization's data and ensures it is safe from attacks from hackers and malware.

Who Is a Cybersecurity Consultant?

As the name suggests, a Cybersecurity consultant protects a company’s system and networks from cyber threats. They find out the flaws of a network and secure it promptly, implementing security precautions. 

Cybersecurity Consultant Roles and Responsibilities

Anyone considering investing in cybersecurity should be aware of the tasks and responsibilities of cybersecurity specialists. This information will assist you in determining whether a company and its stakeholders are prepared to deal with existing and emerging challenges.

Roles of Cybersecurity Consultants

  1. Executive leadership - C-suite executives study security data and reports, assess cyber risk, and make decisions on cybersecurity strategies and budgeting.
  2. Steering Committee - A steering committee is a team of specialists from many departments. Members of the committee evaluate cybersecurity policies, practices, and their effects whilst also researching and exploring new methods to strengthen the company's security posture. 
  3. Auditor - A third-party consultant or regulator not directly involved in the organization's daily operations audits its cybersecurity policy. This enables them to offer an unbiased assessment of the company's cybersecurity strategy and suggestions for improving it. 
  4. Data Owner - The classification of Data will have a high impact on Cybersecurity. Data owners determine the classification of data, management of Data, and how it is secured, and play a crucial role in the company’s cybersecurity controls. 
  5. Data Custodian - Storage and delivery of data are the roles of a data custodian. The custodian is in charge of the technological setup and database organization for the data, ensuring its safety and making it accessible with prior permission only.
  6. Network Administrator - A network administrator manages access control to resources and ensures they are accessible to all corporate stakeholders.
  7. Security Administrator - Security managers conduct audits of the company's security posture and capacity to protect against online threats. Although they are typically required to do so, they are not required to alter security access controls.
  8. Engineer - Network Security Engineer, software security Engineer, and Network appliance Engineer are the three types of Engineers who contribute to a company’s security. These engineers collaborate to develop secure software and IT infrastructures that keep cybercriminals at bay. Defining these tasks across multiple positions ensures that the relevant people are in place to act against a cyberattack. 

Responsibilities of Cybersecurity Consultants

  1. Access Controls - Cybersecurity professionals have the sole right to determine which employees of an organization have the right to access the network and systems of that company. These professionals must assess who requires access to data and systems to conduct their daily tasks successfully. They must also keep access controls current; otherwise, former employees can still have access to the organization's information and systems. 
  2. Performance of Applications and Networks - Applications and networks used by the organization must perform well, and this must be continuously checked. This enables the speedy identification and remediation of security issues that impair app or network performance before they result in downtime, outages, or service interruptions.
  3. Patch Management - The software must be updated often to maintain optimal system performance and defend against evolving cyber threats. The organization can apply security patches and updates as soon as they become available, owing to automated and ongoing patch management. As a result, patches for known security vulnerabilities are regularly applied to the company's systems. 
  4. Management of Vulnerabilities - Anytime a security vulnerability manifests, it must be fixed immediately. Your company can utilize well-defined processes and procedures to find and fix vulnerabilities thanks to vulnerability management. Vulnerability assessments and vulnerability management technologies can also be used to determine the overall security posture and create a suitable cybersecurity plan.

Cybersecurity Consultant Salary Based on Experience and Location

Cybersecurity Consultant Salary in India





2-5 years

INR 5,00,000 P.A.


2-5 years

INR 4,50,000 P.A.


3-7 years

INR 6,00,000 P.A.


0 -3 years

INR 2,60,000 P.A.


3-7 years

INR 5,50,000 P.A.


0-3 years

INR 3,50,000 P.A.

Cybersecurity Consultant Salary in the US





3-7 years

$1,28,420 P. A.


2-8 years

$1,31,623 P. A.

Washington, DC

2-6 years

$1,14,941 P. A.


1- 4 years

$99,839 P. A.

San Jose

3-7 years

$ 1,25,000 P. A.

Skills Needed to be a Cybersecurity Consultant

  1. Skills for Solving Issues -  In your day-to-day work as a cybersecurity specialist, problem-solving will be crucial.  A professional Cybersecurity consultant should find new and innovative solutions to resolve difficult threats of organizations' new technologies and digital platforms.
  2. Technical Skills - As the name suggests, cybersecurity focuses on technology a consultant is responsible for diagnosing, maintaining, and updating information security systems. Moreover, they should be continuously monitoring and implementing real-time security solutions. 
  3. Communication skills - Cybersecurity professionals should be able to communicate effectively with other employees regarding cybersecurity policies and strategies. 
  4. Desire to learn - Cybersecurity is a constantly changing field, and cybersecurity professionals should be updated accordingly. They should be committed to researching and learning new things and implementing them.
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1. Is a cybersecurity consultant a good job?

Undoubtedly, it is a very good job. Today, business owners and entrepreneurs are well aware of the need for a Cybersecurity specialist, and there is an increased demand for Cybersecurity professionals.

2. What is the starting salary of a cybersecurity consultant?

Cybersecurity consultants are paid a very good salary, even for a beginner. However, the salary scale varies depending on the location and experience. 

3. What is the highest cybersecurity consultant salary?

The highest salary of a Cyber Security consultant changes based on the country you are working. In India, the highest salary ranges from INR 15 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs per annum.

4. Do you need a degree to become a cybersecurity consultant?

Having a degree to become a cybersecurity consultant is not compulsory since there are certain certification courses. However, there are degrees with specialization in Cybersecurity, and some organizations prefer candidates with a Degree. 

5. What is the highest-paying job in cybersecurity?

Information security Manager is the highest-paying cyber security job, with an annual salary of INR 25 lakhs for experienced and skilled professionals. 

Our Cyber Security Certifications Duration And Fees

Cyber Security Certifications typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

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