As many of you may be aware, has announced changes to the Salesforce Developer Certification roadmap, this article offers a detailed Salesforce Developer exam guide on the modifications to the certification process, changes to the exam pattern, and eligibility requirements/pre-requisites. 

The new certification structure enables an individual to advance through the Salesforce track in step-by-step fashion, from the App builder (Declarative) certification to Developer I (Programmatic) & Developer II Advanced Programmatic) credentials. The candidate is required to possess experience developing applications on the Platform, including practical application of the skills and concepts for Salesforce Certified Platform App builder, Developer I or Developer II credential.

Note: Effective September 14, 2015, Salesforce will no longer be offering DEV-401 credential to new applicants. Existing Salesforce Certified Developers will continue to be recognized in the Salesforce Certification program and can maintain their credentials. For individuals interested in this credential, Salesforce recommends pursuing the Salesforce Certified App Builder and/or Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I credentials

Salesforce Platform App Builder:

Salesforce developer (DEV-401) exam is no longer available, and the Salesforce Platform App Builder exam is offered to these candidates, instead. The SF Platform App Builder credential is designed for individuals who would like to validate their knowledge and skills in designing, building and deploying custom applications using the declarative customization capabilities of the platform, i.e., create, manage and update data models, application securities, business logic and process automation.

Salesforce App Builder Training

Salesforce Platform App Builder Transition Exam:

The Salesforce Platform App Builder transition exam is available only for candidates who have   taken and cleared the Salesforce Certified Developer exam. Upon passing this transition exam, candidates will earn the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder credential.
Note: To know more about the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder credential, read the aforementioned point.

Salesforce Platform Developer-I:               

The SF Platform Developer I exam is designed for individuals who have one or two years of experience as a developer and at least six months of experience on the Platform. The candidate should have a grasp on the fundamental programming capabilities of the Platform to develop custom business logic and interfaces using Apex and Visualforce.
Note: A candidate for this exam is not expected to administer any standard Salesforce applications, develop mobile apps, develop and publish managed products on the App Exchange, perform tuning or design integrations such as callouts, APIs, and email services.

Salesforce Platform Developer-I Transition exam:

This exam is available only for candidates who have passed the Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer multi-choice exam. Upon passing this exam, candidates will earn the Salesforce Platform Developer-I credential.

Salesforce Platform Developer-II:

The Salesforce Platform Developer II program is designed for individuals who would like to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in advanced programmatic capabilities of the Platform and data modeling to develop complex business logic and interfaces. The candidate should be able to design, develop, test, and deploy programmatic solutions that are maintainable and re-usable and follow Apex design patterns and OOPs best practices.

The candidate should have two to four years of experience as a developer, including at least one year of development experience on the platform.

Note: The Salesforce Platform I credential is a prerequisite for this program. The program has multiplecomponents. A candidate must pass the multiple-choice proctored exam to move on to the performance based component. To earn this credential, a candidate must successfully complete all components.

Salesforce Platform Developer-II Transition Exam:               

The Salesforce Platform Developer-II transition exam is available only for candidates who have passed the Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer multi-choice exam and the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer-I transition exam. Upon passing this transition exam, candidates will be eligible to register for the programming assignment component at a later date.

Eligibility criteria for Transition Exams:        


For detailed information about how the Salesforce new certifications help you to step up in your existing Salesforce Developer / Advanced Developer career and clarify your queries related to the change in Salesforce Certification structured, please register for the  Webinar (Become Enlightened in Salesforce Developer career path).

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