As we approach the New Year 2017, there is lot of anticipation surrounding the ever-evolving job market. People want to know the new hiring trends and opportunities in various fields. Experts and recruiters emphasize on the demand for more skilled workers in various industries.

The coming year is expected to witness an increased demand for skilled workforce in the IT field. The technology landscape is ever-changing, and keeping yourself abreast of the most sought after skills of today can give you the edge in finding new opportunities and in commanding higher salaries. For members of the tech workforce, it is the best time to upgrade their resumes with skills that matter in the coming year.

To help you determine if your skills can translate into additional earnings in 2017, here are a few areas in IT industry that are currently receiving a lot of attention.

Data Science:

Data Science is dominating the list yet again. These skills are in huge demand because they are at the cutting edge of technology. With large amounts of data being generated daily, employers need employees who have skills in statistical analysis and data mining to help stay competitive.


Data presentation and user interface design are the hottest new skills to attain. User interface, which involves designing the interactive part of a product is increasingly in demand among employers around the world. This skill makes it easier for the designer to create products that are easy for people to use.

Big Data and Analytics:

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being created every day and 90% of the world's data has been created in the last two years. To make this massive magnitude of data meaningful to businesses,   specialists are required to analyze, classify, and find insights from this data.

Big Data is here to stay, so people getting into this field can expect a lot of roles opening up in this area.

Cloud Computing:

More than 200 million emails are exchanged every minute, close to 120 hours of videos are uploaded on to YouTube every minute – and all of this on the cloud. With this amount of data being generated, companies want specialists who can manage it. Cloud computing skills like Virtualization and Java have become must-haves on a cloud professional’s resume. The most sought after cloud computing platforms include OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM, among others.


DevOps has become a crucial part of software development. Quick deployment is the new normal, and near real-time integration, deployment, and monitoring of applications have become a necessity today. Consequently, it has opened up myriad career opportunities in DevOps across the globe.

In 2016, 81% of large organizations and  SMBs have started following DevOps principles. As more organizations adopt these principles, there will be a remarkable surge in job openings that will require one to have DevOps skills – in understanding the philosophy as well using the tools.

IT Security:

With the proliferation of IoT and social data, it is imperative that security of all of this data becomes a priority. Interestingly, any data contains information that could be used to compromise people and organization, if not managed effectively. This truth has led to the growth of IT security as a lucrative career option of techies. With job titles such as Information Security Administrator and Application Security gaining popularity, IT security is staring at a growth rate of at least 18% by 2017.

If you have any of these skills on your resume, you are assured of huge career prospects in 2017. So skill up and get certified to be noticed by recruiters. Gear up for the New Year!