Digital bootcamps are part of an overall training and workforce development strategy. Outside of the focused experience of the bootcamp, learners can turn to many other resources to reinforce and advance their skilling journey. These allow organizations to apply just-in-time measures for developing and maintaining employees’ skill sets.

Video content provides overviews and tutorials for many skills. These can be useful for gaining initial exposure to a skill area or for a quick refresher on a skill or technique. However, video content is not interactive: it presents material and allows the learner to pause and rewatch segments, but it cannot respond to any specific questions the learner may have about the content, and it cannot evaluate the learner’s answers to quizzes or exercises.

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Blogs provide updated information about an industry, technology, or skill area. Blogs can provide news reports about latest developments, views from relevant experts, or quick examples of how to use the technology or skill. They generally provide a superficial or summary look at each topic area, and they often provide links to other sources for further investigation.

Articles provide more substantial treatment of topics about an industry, technology, or skill set. Articles generally have more space to develop the topics a blog might cover; the deeper treatment generally means they are backed with references and published on a more deliberately-paced schedule.

eBooks gather even more related information about a topic than single articles can. Some ebooks represent an information-gathering and analysis project, while in other cases ebooks are compilations of existing articles in the topic area.

Webinars serve a similar purpose to blogs in that they provide current information in an easily accessible form. Webinars allow attendees to get information directly from experts and practitioners, and they often let attendees ask questions directly of the presenters. Webinars provide a higher level of engagement than pre-recorded video content, and they can be recorded and repurposed as video content.

Short courses structure self-learning materials, such as videos, into specific skill training. They can incorporate quizzes and tests that verify whether the learner has understood the material. Short courses are good as refreshers and as introductory exposure to a skill or skill area, as a prelude to participating in a full digital bootcamp.

Integration with work management systems allows enterprises to keep track of an employee’s on-the-job performance and flag areas in which the employee may need additional training or skill refreshers. Systems that monitor productivity and error rates provide indicators as to which employees can benefit from additional skills training. This lets the enterprise direct employees to just-in-time support tools to help them raise their performance back to expected levels.

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Integration with internal learning & development management systems allows HR and L&D managers maintain a current skills inventory for individual employees and the organization as a whole. This provides guidance in planning skill development for the organization’s employees to fill current and anticipated skills gaps. It also allows L&D managers to track the progress of employees through skill training programs toward the assigned goals the enterprise and employees have agreed upon.

These just-in-time support tools help organizations keep track of their employees’ strengths and weaknesses, and direct preventive and corrective actions to keep their skills sharp. They help ensure that employees’ skills don’t deteriorate over time, but instead are continuously refreshed and improved.

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