Online Publishers Association has found that 80% of online users recall watching a video ad on a website, and an encouraging 46% took some action of either visiting the website or purchasing! Now with such an impact, can your content marketing strategy for 2016 ignore video marketing?

As the New Year approaches, get started with these 27 killer video marketing resources that can boost your social profile, get you more followers, and improve your brand image.

Brilliant Blog posts about Video Marketing - Hand picked

#1 - Video Marketing: Your Essential Checklist

So you’ve tried your hand at video marketing, but haven’t got the desired results. You know something’s missing, but aren’t sure what it is. This short post will help you find the missing piece in your video marketing strategy. - Further reading

#2 - Top 25 Blogs to Learn All About Video Marketing

Want to get a roundup of everything? From storytelling to best practices and even creating videos that go viral – check out these 25 blogs that cover it all and get your dose of the latest happenings in the world of video marketing. - Further reading

#3 - Social Video Chart: Your At-A-Glance Guide to 7 Major Platforms

With so many different platforms to choose from, the very idea of picking the right video marketing platform can be confusing and intimidating. This quick snapshot should not be missed. - Further reading

#4 - Video Content Marketing: 4 Elements of an Effective Strategy

The secret sauce to video content has been decoded by award-winning marketer Rob Ciampa (@robciampa) in this Content Marketing Institute post which identifies key factors that make some videos a success over others. - Further reading

#5 - Eight Ways to Use Video for Internal Corporate Communications

Video is a great tool to engage with your employees. This post gives a detailed account of where and how you can use video effectively to improve the internal communication in your organization. - Further reading

#6 Essential Guide to Video Marketing: A Resource for Marketers

An essential guide for every internet marketer is to know everything that video marketing has to offer – in and out. Check this detailed article to get an idea of how video marketing can be used in multiple ways. Plus, get a detailed explanation on streaming video, hybrid video and details on tools and applications for video marketing. - Further reading

#7 - Best Practices for Video Marketing on Social Networks from Cisco, SAP & Bally Switzerland

Ever wondered how brands use video marketing, considering there is so much to talk about themselves, but so little viewer attention spans? This post tells you how brands like SAP and Cisco have managed to create excitement about their brands through video marketing. - Further reading

#8 - Ten Habits Startups Should Adopt for Better Video Marketing

Video marketing can look complex and difficult, especially when there are multiple elements to look into. Animaker lists easy steps for a startup to begin with video marketing. - Further reading

#9 - Quick Tips for Video Marketing Beginners

Starting out with video marketing can be overwhelming for beginners. Unlike text, it’s got to be visually appealing with relevant content, but also has to be short enough to keep the viewer engaged. Adel de Meyer (@AdeldMeyer) explains how beginners can learn video marketing by proper planning and brainstorming. - Further reading

#10 - The Rise of Video: 8 Tips to Boost Your Site’s SEO with Video

Did you know that video marketing can boost your site’s SEO and visibility? Check out this useful article on how you can use video to improve SEO. - Further reading

#11 - Ten Ways to Use Video to Market Your Product or Service

Want to know of innovative yet relevant content that can make customers love your product or service? Don’t miss these 10 ways of using video marketing to make your product or service more appealing to your customer. - Further reading

Must Use Video Marketing Tools to track and measure

#12 - The 6 Easiest Video-Editing Tools for Small Business Marketers

Are you a beginner in the video space with a small business on a tight budget, and with very little time to make high quality videos? Buffer lists some easy-to-use free and paid video-editing tools that will help create videos quickly and get them ready to be showcased in no time. It even lists one video editing tool for MAC! Go check it out. - Check tools

#13 - Four Free Keyword Research Tools Video Marketers Should Be Using

Given the intense competition in the video marketing space, you’ve got to be at the top of your game to create video content. And without effective keyword research, this can be quite difficult. Let these four keyword research tools come in handy while creating awesome video content! - Check tools

#14 - Twelve Budget-Friendly Video Editing Apps You Can Use for Social Video

Does thinking about video for your social media account give you cold feet? These easy-to-use budget friendly video editing apps will help you make videos from your mobile without having to think about hiring a specialist – and Kristina Cisnero from Hootsuite will show you how it can be successful. - Check tools

#15 - Try the Power of Visual Storytelling for Brand Building

You have only 3-8 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Video storytelling can effectively do it for you. Creating compelling stories that connect with your audience is crucial. Try these tools to build a strong case of video storytelling for your brand. - Check tools

#16 - How to Analyse Your Competitors’ Video Marketing Strategies

There’s nothing like knowing what’s working for your competitors! So why not try these video marketing analytics tool to know how you can better your video marketing strategy than your competitor? - Check tools

Most important Video Marketing Infographics You Should Look

#17 - Ten Must-Haves for a Highly Successful Video Marketing Campaign

If you want your video marketing attempts to be successful, don’t miss out on including these 10 must-haves as a part of your strategy. This infographic lays out the exact steps needed to keep your video marketing campaign relevant and concise. - Visual is here

#18 - Why and How to Embed a Video

Still not convinced if video is right for your business? This handy infographic will show you why, and will also give you a step-by-step instruction on how you can embed a video. - Visual is here

#19 - How Video Marketing Influences Your Customers’ Decisions

Not sure if the time spent on video marketing is worth the investment? Let your customers speak for themselves. The infographic at Vidyard gives you a fair idea of why video is going to be the next big thing for your business and your customers. - Visual is here

#20 - Video Vital Statistics for B2B Marketers

Wonder what’s changing in B2B marketing? The era of hard-sell has gone by! This infographic tells you why. Use these statistics support the growth of video in your B2B marketing. 

#21 - B2B Marketers’ Visual Guide to Social Video

The Social Video infographic stresses on why social video is an important part of video marketing, as well as the different types of social video available for B2B marketers. - Visual is here

Useful Presentations to Prepare Video Marketing Strategy[Slides]

#22 - Video Content for your Marketing Strategy

Businesses include video in their website and assume it would cover their video marketing strategy. However, there’s more to it – and all of that’s explained in this SlideShare presentation. - Slides here

#23 - Video Marketing Secrets

How do you use video as an effective tool in your marketing strategy? First, you need to know the different types of videos and about the production process involved. Let this presentation help you gain the valuable insights you need. - Slides here

#24 - Marketing with Video for the New Mobile First Screen

How do you make your video marketing mobile-friendly? These effective tips can make your video stand out from the crowd! - Slides here

#25 - The Rise of Social Media Video Marketing

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee), in his usual style, focuses on the exact needs of social media in video marketing and he shows how you can meet them. Don’t forget to note that attention and urgency are two key ingredients for an effective social video marketing strategy! - Slides here

#26 - Mobile Video Marketing for Business

Video advertisements on mobile are an effective way to present your brand. Take a look at the different ways in which videos can be used to promote your product or service. - Slides here

#27 - The Top 15 Video Marketing Statistics

64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it! (comScore) Check out more interesting statistics on why video marketing is going to be the next big trend in 2016. - Slides here

So arm yourself with these video marketing tips and keep experimenting! Find out what works best for your business by learning about it.

Over to you!

If there are any interesting and useful video marketing tools or tips you think we’ve missed, let us know in your comments!

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