Are you new in project management? Going to handle your first project? Get some interesting tips!

It is very interesting and important moment for an individual to start the career as a project manager. You can face straightforward so many issues pertaining to project management. Your education will help you a lot in resolving those. It is very important to understand in which organization you are going to start the project management profession, because you need to understand the best practices and methodologies available in the organization. Before starting you need to study the organization’s historical data as much as possible so that you can proactively plan a lot of things for your project. So, let us discuss what should be proactive steps for a newly project manager who is going to start his/her first project.

  1. You might be highly qualified and have some credentials in project management, but most importantly you need to seek advice from the senior project managers (may be a member of PMO) already working in the organization so that you can understand their working experience on the project execution. There are cases where this technique helps a lot to newly project manager. You might be thinking why the senior managers will help you in understanding the organizational norms. Might be reverse also as you know stakeholders can impact you project results positively or negatively. But why to wait and think for the negative results. Go ahead with a positive approach and move forward.
  2. Study the project charter smartly. Might be you are seeing this document first time in your career. Earlier you knew only what does project charter means. Now you need to study the project charter details in more comprehensive way so that you can plan your project considering the project charter. You will be very eager to see who else have signed the project charter to involve him/her in planning at utmost level; because s/he is the main stakeholder for your project. Might be s/he is the person who will provide project funding for your project.
  3. Try to understand the organizational policies, rules and regulations, vision and mission of the organization and other cultural norms. You need to know and understand what would be the organizational benefit from your project. You need to understand how the organization starts the projects, plan the projects, execute the projects, control and finish the project. You need to work very closely with other stakeholders so that you can manage the project with a less difficulty.
  4. Need to be a true leader. Show how smart you are a project manager. Involve your people around the project activities. Try to build a confidence among the team members that you are anticipating their positive involvement in the project activities and decision making. As you are handling the project first time in your career; focus more on the leadership quality that you had studied and utilize those now while working with the team. Remember, your organization will look after your performance based on the better leadership qualities.
  5. Show that you are a good communicator. Involve yourself to communicate with other stakeholders with a good solid planning. You need to prove that you care everyone related in the project. Take views of everyone and implement the views if it fits with the project requirement.
  6. Now it is turn for your documentation ability to assess…how strong you are in preparing documentation for your project. Prepare your documentation like progress report, trend report, forecasting report, employee performance report in the correct way and most importantly in the correct format in which this organization is used-to. Show them how neat and clean you are maintaining the project documentation. See, you have learned everything – how to work on documentation part; now you need to implement those in the project. For this you need to work very closely with PMO. Don’t afraid to ask any questions to PMO, if it fits with your actual project requirement as they are the best person to assist you.

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