Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers on Jenkins, Docker, and Chef

Congratulations on your upcoming DevOps job interview! As with any job interview, it’s important to be prepared, and this includes trying to anticipate the types of questions that will be asked. It’s also important to remember that interviewing for specific types of jobs can mean preparing for a whole new set of questions entirely. As a DevOps professional, interviewers will want to ensure you’re proficient in Jenkins, Docker, and Chef, and will likely test your knowledge during your interview. 

As you prepare for your upcoming interview, keep some of the following top Jenkins, Docker, and Chef interview questions in mind:

Top Jenkins Interview Questions

Q: What is Jenkins?

A: Interviewers want to know that you are able to define Jenkins with ease and how it relates to DevOps. Explain that this is an open-source automation tool using Java, and it is designed to build and test projects.

Q: What is Hudson?

A: As a way of testing your general Jenkins knowledge, you may be asked this question as well. To show that you are familiar with the history of Jenkins, you’ll simply want to explain to your interviewer that Jenkins used to be called Hudson.

Q: What are some of the plugins commonly used in Jenkins?

A: As a DevOps professional, you should be able to easily list some of the plugins used in Jenkins. Be prepared to name a few, such as Join, Git, and HTML publisher. 

Q: How do Ant and Maven differ from Jenkins?

A: It’s important to be familiar with various DevOps and Jenkins terms if you’re interviewing for a DevOps position. Explain that while Jenkins is a continuous integration tool, Ant and Maven are build technologies.

Top Docker Interview Questions

Q: How have you used Docker previously?

A: Whether it was on the job or in your spare time, be sure to explain how you’ve integrated Docker with other tools. If you don’t have any experience using Docker, you’ll at least want to demonstrate your knowledge by explaining how Docker works well with other tools, such as Jenkins and Chef.

Q: What is a Docker hub?

A: As a Docker professional, it’s important to be familiar with Docker’s features. Explain the capabilities and uses of the Docker hub to your interviewer. Respond by saying it is a cloud-based platform used for multiple purposes, including building and storing images. 

Q: What are the limits of Docker’s container technology?

A: Explain that Docker containers are similar to other large-scale container technologies, such as Google. This means that there are potentially millions of containers running in parallel.

Top Chef Interview Questions

Q: What are Chef’s architecture components?

A: This will test your general knowledge of Chef. Answer this question by identifying the three architecture components - Chef Server, Chef Node, and Chef Workstation - as well as briefly explaining how they work. 

Q: What command is used to upload a cookbook in Chef?

A: As a Chef user, you should be able to list several different commands. You may not be asked to specifically name this command, but you should be prepared in general to be asked a question about commands. If you’re asked this specific command question, for example, just be direct by telling your interviewer that the command is “knife cookbook upload.”

Q: What is a Recipe in Chef?

A: Although it’s important to briefly define Recipe to your interviewer if you’re asked this question, you’ll also want to mention some of Recipe’s functions, such as managing files, deploying applications, and installing and configuring the software.

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Good luck!

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