So, you’ve acquired a great set of software development skills and appropriate experience, and now you’re ready to land a fantastic development job at a terrific company. Congratulations! Silicon Valley, watch out!

But now you’re faced with a perplexing new question: where do you apply? Do you pick someplace in California, such as Los Angeles, or do you shoot for the East Coast and New York? And let’s not forget up-and-coming tech corridors like Boston’s Route 128 area!

Here's How to Land a Top Software Developer Job

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Here's How to Land a Top Software Developer Job

Or perhaps you want to throw a wider net and look for a software development company in India, the United Kingdom, Canada, or South Korea.

Also, there’s a question of how cool and successful the business is. You don’t want to apply your hard-earned skills to some nickel and dime company like Joe’s Discount Software and Bait Shop; no, you want to swing for the fences and apply for a position with one of the big guys.

But there are so many companies, and things seem to change daily. So who are the best software companies these days, anyway?

Fear not! This article will reveal the top development companies to you and define software companies, the benefits of getting hired, the work involved, and what the recruitment process is like.

Let’s start our journey by defining a software development company.

What’s a Software Development Company?

This definition is a simple, straightforward concept. A software development company designs software, apps, websites, and online portals, helping businesses to streamline their workflow, automate various processes, or improve overall productivity.

Software development companies are dedicated to designing custom solutions, including tools and frameworks, to solve specific problems and achieve certain outcomes.

Here's How to Land a Top Software Developer Job

Full Stack Development-MEANExplore Program
Here's How to Land a Top Software Developer Job

The Advantages of Using a Software Development Company

Just like everyone can put words to paper, but not everyone can genuinely write, not everyone who can operate a computer and can create a file or a macro can build an app or design software. Therefore, companies need professionals with the same skill set required to create the perfect application or webpage and get it right the first time.

When a client hires a software development company, they get access to the vast skills and experience of the company’s staff.

In our digital-crazy world, sometimes, a company only gets one chance to make an excellent first impression. Otherwise, a competitor, and there are plenty of them out there, rest assured, will jump in and seize the moment.

On a related note, that’s why software development companies are always on the lookout for talented new hires. Could they be looking for you?

The Work of Software Development Companies

Here’s a summary of what a typical, well-rounded top software development company does:

  • Develop or design products intended to support a business
  • Create appropriate digital solutions for existing corporate issues
  • Develop suites of customer-centric virtual (cloud-based) products
  • Going above and beyond by providing suggestions for technical business development
  • Supplying the clients with Business Intelligence (BI) expertise and experience

The Recruitment Process Used in Software Development Companies

Here is how most top software development companies recruit new talent, assuming they’re conducting the process in-house and not using a job recruiter:

  • Generate requisitions for the desired positions. The manager creates the postings for the needed staff and gets authorization to move forward.
  • Advertise the openings, especially online. Many companies put their openings on job websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or ZipRecruiter, to name a few.
  • Collect CVs/resumes. The company gathers the resumes and Curriculum Vitae from the applicants.
  • Screen the candidates. The appointed people sift through the offerings and creates a pool of potential interviewees.
  • The Human Resources interview. HR gets the first crack at the applicants, conducting a general review.
  • The Technical interview. Typically, the manager or someone higher up in the department hierarchy interviews promising candidates to ascertain their skill and experience level and whether they could be a good fit. After all, just because Human Resources has checked the applicant’s background and credentials and figures that they are a good fit, the candidate won’t work out if they don’t have the technical understanding!
  • Results. The applicant gets the job or a nice “thank you for applying” letter. However, in some instances, the company holds on to a candidate's CVs or resumes who, though they weren't what the company was looking for now, could be a potential future fit.

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A List of the Top Global Software Development Companies

Here is a list of a dozen top software development companies as of 2022. The criteria are based on the analysis and market research findings of more than a thousand software development companies. They are presented here in no particular rank or order.

Remember that a company's physical location doesn't matter as much as it used to. Our post-pandemic world has rethought the idea of remote offices, and many businesses offer greater flexibility in allowing employees to work from home. This arrangement makes it easier to work for companies halfway around the world.


A company specializing in product design, custom software development, QA, and consultancy services. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, with offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, the UK, Canada, Germany, and Ukraine.


A custom software development and IT talent solutions company. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Canada, Australia, and India.


A Chicago-based company specializing in eCommerce development, Web and Mobile development, CRM/ERP development, and UX/UI Design.

iTech Art Group

This New York company is a custom software development company that works with VC-backed startups and rapidly growing tech companies alike. They offer web, mobile, Big Data, QA, and DevOps services.


This company is an IT consulting and software development company that works with companies of all sizes in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation. They have offices in Aliso Viejo, California, as well as Warsaw, Poland, and Kyiv, Ukraine.

HTD Health

This Brooklyn, New York-based company helps healthcare clients to plan, design, and build custom software, including user-friendly virtual care platforms. Their teams also work on healthcare SaaS products, EMR augmentation, and SMART on FHIR development, SaMD software development, predictive tools, and health informatics.

Imaginary Cloud 

This company specializes in Software Development and UX/UI Design. It has helped build and launch over 300 web and mobile applications worldwide in partnership with industry-leading clients like BNP Paribas, Nokia, and Thermo-Fisher. They are based in San Francisco, California, and have offices in the United Kingdom and Portugal.

DevsData Tech Talent LLC

This company is a tech recruitment agency focusing on challenging projects and software development. They have offices in New York, London, UK, Vancouver, Canada, and Warsaw, Poland.

EVNE Developers

This company offers a full-cycle development service in areas like Custom Software Development, IT Services, Mobile Development, and Web Development. They have offices in Estonia and Ukraine.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

This company is one of India's top app development companies, with additional locations in the United States, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. The company provides web and app development, AI solutions, Big Data, Blockchain, Salesforce solutions, IoT development, AR/VR, CRM Solutions, and more.


This company offers top tech product teams on-demand, individual software development contractors, and IT consultants. They help companies of all sizes, including startups, scale-ups, and enterprises worldwide, and feature UI/UX designers, digital illustrators, business consultants, back-office experts, AI and ML developers, and Big Data engineers. They are headquartered in Warsaw, Poland.

Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT is an eCommerce agency that develops market-leading end-to-end B2C, CRM integration, B2B eCommerce solutions development, ERP, and digital marketing. They have locations in New York, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Bahrain, and India.

Do You Want to Build a Career in Software Development?

The demand for new apps is more significant than ever, especially for mobile devices. Thus, software development companies are constantly looking for new talent with the skills to design, create, and release great apps that meet the ever-growing need.

And that new talent must have the skills. Fortunately, Simplilearn has everything you need to acquire the valuable skills to meet today’s software development challenges. Their software development curriculum covers every essential aspect of today’s software and app design.

These offerings include bootcamps and professional certifications in blockchain with top global  universities including the Univeristy of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, Caltech CTME, and IIT Kanpur.

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Software Development Master’s Programs

  • Automation Testing
  • Full Stack Developer - MEAN Stack
  • UI/UX Design Expert

Software Development Certification Courses

  • SQL Training
  • React.js
  • Introduction to IoT (Internet of Things)
  • .NET Programming
  • Java Certification Training
  • Python Training
  • Salesforce Administrator and App Builder
  • Angular Training
  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder

According to Payscale, the average software developer in the United States earns an annual potential average of $74,136, and that pay could go as high as $113,000. If the idea of a secure, in-demand career with generous compensation interests you, check out Simplilearn today and get the essential skills you need to become a software developer rockstar!

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