With more than 2.3 million employees spanning over 24 countries worldwide, Walmart has emerged as the world's largest private employer in recent years. The company is always seeking skilled professionals who lend them a helping hand in its high-impact projects. The competition gets stiffer each year, placing a dire need to prepare thoroughly for the Walmart interview questions. 

About Walmart 

Founded in 1962, Walmart Inc. is a leading American multinational retail brand. It regulates a myriad of hypermarkets, department stores, and grocery stores from Bentonville, Arkansas, United States –its headquarters. Over the years, the company has had a strong reputation owing to its consistent efforts, thirst for excellence, integrity, efficiency, and, most importantly, great customer service. 

Walmart Recruitment Process

Walmart's interview process is comprehensive to shortlist the best candidates. You require strategic planning to crack the challenging Walmart job interview questions. While the exact interview process varies based on the role you apply for, the typical stages involved are as follows:

Online Application 

Walmart primarily accepts online applications. Any candidate interested in a position at Walmart can fill out their application forms online by visiting the official website. You can also find a hiring kiosk at customer service or at the Walmart store. 

Application Assessment 

If the recruiters find you to be a good match, they might send you an email. So, it is better to fill out the application in detail. The more the employer knows about you, the better. Still, your application selection largely depends on your professional experience and the other candidates vying for the position.

Recruiter Phone/Video Interview 

In a 30-minute round, the recruiter will assess your basic fit and professionalism. You can expect Walmart interview questions related to your CV in addition to some behavioral questions to gauge your soft skills. 

Online Assessment

In this stage of the Walmart interview process, you will be presented with 65 Walmart interview questions present in five sections. Each section evaluates your reactions to a particular situation. You will have hypothetical situations and questions to test your mathematical and logical skills, prioritization skills, and work style characteristics. 

The On-site or Telephonic Interview 

The next interview round involves in-depth technical and concept-related Walmart interview questions. The employer will assess your technical expertise relevant to the role. You will have to appear for four to five interview rounds. 

Coding Interview

This interview round is for those who apply for software engineering positions. It comprises a set of Walmart interview questions on coding in a given time frame (up to 60 minutes). The time allotted can vary based on the number and complexity of questions. It will either be a part of the on-site interview or a share-screen online interview. 

HR Interview 

The final round is the HR round comprising several behavioral questions. You should be prepared to discuss your past experience, answer hypothetical questions, and negotiate the final deal.

Once you are through with this, you'll have a drug and a background check, and if you pass both, you will be called for orientation. 

Walmart Technical Interview Questions and Answers

If you are applying for a software engineer, coding engineer, software developer, data scientist, or any other technical position, you must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the domain through your answers. The most commonly asked Walmart interview questions and answers are around programming languages, data structures, and algorithms. 

1. How would you define CASE tools? 

A computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tool is a complete software package that supports the design and implementation of information systems. It helps document a database design. It is ideal for maintaining the consistency of a design.

2. Do you think it is possible to execute several catch blocks for a try statement?

No, it isn’t because only one of the exceptions will be thrown.

3. What is the difference between queue and stack? 



They are based on the LIFO principle, i.e., the last inserted element is the first to come out of the list.

They are based on the FIFO principle, i.eThe first inserted element is the first to come out of the list.

Insertion and deletion are possible only from the top of the list.

Insertion and deletion are possible from the opposite ends of the list. While insertion occurs at the rear of the list, the deletion takes place from the front.

Insert operation is termed as the push operation.

Insert operation is termed as the enqueue operation.

Delete operation is the pop operation.

Delete operation is the dequeue operation.

Suitable for solving problems on recursion.

Suitable for solving problems with sequential processing.

It is a vertical collection visual.

It is a horizontal collection visual.

4. What is the difference between a thread and a process?



It is a program in execution.

It is a segment of a process.

It takes more time to terminate.

It takes less time to terminate.

The process takes more time to create.

It takes less time. 

Context switching takes more time.

It takes less time. 

It is less efficient in terms of communication.

It is more efficient. 

It is isolated.

Thread shares a memory.

A child process is not affected by the changes to the parent process. 

All threads of the same process have the same address space and other resources. Thus, a change to the main thread affects the behavior of the other threads. 

The process involves a system call. 

Threads do not involve a system call. They are created using APIs.

5. What are memory leaks? How can they be avoided?

A memory leak develops when a programmer creates a heap memory and does not destroy it. A memory leak results in compromised computer performance as the amount of usable memory gets reduced. The best way to avoid memory leaks is to destroy a heap memory when it is no longer required.

6. What are wild pointers? 

Uninitialized pointers pointing to any arbitrary memory location are called wild pointers. They potentially cause a program to crash or behave improperly.

7. What do you understand about the Primary key and Super key in DBMS?  

Super Key: It is a collection of all the keys that allow a user to uniquely identify rows in a table. So, all columns that can uniquely identify the table's other columns are called super keys.

Primary Key: It is one of the candidate keys. It is a column or group of columns that help uniquely identify each record in a table, such that no subset can uniquely identify each tuple. A primary key constraint prevents null values or duplicates from appearing. 

8. What are preprocessors in the C programming language? 

Preprocessors are programs that process the source code before compilation. The different types of preprocessors directives are as follows:

  • Macros
  • File Inclusion
  • Header files
  • user-defined files
  • Conditional Compilation

9. What is multithreading? What are its advantages?

A thread is the smallest unit of processing. It is a lightweight sub-process. Multithreading is the process of running several threads simultaneously in a process. Dividing a process into various threads helps achieve parallelism. An example of multithreading is several tabs in a browser, each representing a thread. The advantages of multithreading are as follows:

  • Enhanced Responsiveness: It leads to increased responsiveness in the system because even if some threads get blocked, others continue their execution.
  • Less time to switch context: It happens because threads share the same data and code. 
  • Communication: Communication between the threads is faster because all the threads are present within one single process. 

10. What do you understand about abstraction and encapsulation?

Abstraction is a way of hiding unwanted information. Contrastingly, encapsulation is a way to hide the data in a single unit or entity along with a method to protect information from the outside. 



It is the method of gaining information.

It is the method to contain the information.

Problems are solved at the design or interface level.

Problems are solved at the implementation level.

It is implemented using abstract classes and interfaces.

It is implemented using an access modifier. 

It gives access to specific parts of data.

It hides data, and the user can not access it directly.

It lays emphasis on “what” should be done.

It emphasizes “how” it is to be done.

Walmart Objective Interview Questions

You can practice some MCQ-type Walmart interview questions shared below:

1. What is the number of primitive data types in Java?

  1. 6
  2. 7
  3. 8
  4. 9

Ans: c: 8

2. In which of the following cases is automatic type conversion possible?

  1. Byte to int
  2. Int to long
  3. Long to int
  4. Short to int

Ans: b: int to long

3. How is a code block indicated in Python?

  1. Brackets 
  2. Key
  3. Indentation
  4. None of the above

Ans: c: Indentation

4. As a relational database developer, you would refer to a record as?

  1. Tuple
  2. Relation
  3. Data
  4. None of the above

Ans: a: Tuple

5. What is the other name for minimal superkeys?

  1. Primary key
  2. Foreign key
  3. Candidate key
  4. None of the above

Ans: c: Candidate key

Walmart HR Interview Questions 

HR interview questions are more personalized as the interviewer assesses your soft skills and whether you would fit the company’s culture. It is crucial to practice answering these Walmart interview questions with confidence and authenticity. 

1. Why Walmart?

While you can touch upon compensation as a factor, it is best to focus on the following pointers while answering this question:  

  • How does the potential role align with your career goals?
  • Your past experience makes you a good fit for the position. 
  • How would you be able to leverage your skills to work on technologies used at Walmart?
  • The company’s culture draws you towards it. 
  • Why is Walmart your preference with respect to its competitors?

2. How well do you think you know about Walmart’s competitors?

This Walmart interview question is asked to gauge how well you have researched the company. You must focus on:

  • Several direct competitors of Walmart
  • Mention the products and areas they compete with Walmart
  • Walmart’s competitive advantage 

3. What is your strategy for maintaining quality when working under pressure?

Answer this question by explaining how you assess time and prioritize tasks allocating sufficient time and resources to important tasks. You must mention effective communication with clients or stakeholders to manage expectations.

4. What is your interpretation of good customer service?

This Walmart interview question aims to understand how well your ideas align with  Walmart’s foundational beliefs of customer-centricity. Your ideal answer must emphasize the following: 

  • Solving real customer issues
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Conflict resolution and de-escalation skills
  • Detailed knowledge of products or services
  • Walmart’s values 

5. Why Should We Hire You?

To nail this question, you must look at the job description and understand what the position seeks. 

Sample Answer: I have outshining people skills that will help me uphold excellent customer service. Having mastered the art of effective management without compromising on quality, I consider myself a good contribution to Walmart. I am a quick learner who is more than willing to accept challenges which will surely contribute positively to the company if given a chance.

How to Prepare for a Walmart Interview?

It is crucial to go through Walmart's values and culture and research the official website to prepare well for a Walmart interview. Scan the requirements section of your desired job on the Walmart careers page. Additionally, practicing the most commonly asked Walmart interview questions, including technical, coding, and behavioral ones, is a must. Following are some of the tried and tested Walmart interview success tips:

  • Scan the job description: You must begin your preparation by understanding the role to convey to your interviewers that you know what the position and the company entails. 
  • Do thorough research: Go through Walmart's official website, LinkedIn profile, or other social media profiles to have the latest insights on the company.
  • Visit a Walmart Store: For those applying for positions in a Walmart store, it is best to visit the nearest Walmart store and get insights from the associates. Understand the workings of the store, and you will feel much more confident during the interview. 
  • Understand the interview structure: You should be familiar with every aspect of the Walmart interview process to be more prepared to take your interview. 
  • Practice Walmart interview questions: You must go through the frequently asked Walmart interview questions, both technical and behavioral, to nail your final interview. 
  • Prepare well for HR interview questions: Have your success and failure stories well-crafted along with any other interesting career stories that would add value to behavioral questions' answers. Share your answers in the STAR format: Situation, Task, Action, Result. 
  • Appear for mock interviews: You can practice answering questions via mock interviews. These boost your confidence and give you a chance to learn from professional interviewers. 
  • Have some questions for the interviewer: Create a list of some relevant questions for the interviewers. You must ensure that you do not sound unaware of the company. Rather put up questions that reflect your interest in the position and the company. 
  • Practice coding: Merely skimming through coding problems and trying to memorize the solutions isn’t enough. You just practice writing ample of coding problems with varying difficulty level to be a good problem solver. 
  • Practice the technical skills required for Walmart interviews: Although the skills might differ from role to role, the following are some skills needed for software engineering positions: 

Walmart Careers

Walmart is a hub of a range of job opportunities. It provides various careers in different sectors, including:


  • Cybersecurity
  • Information Technology
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Project and Program Management - Technology
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • UX Design


  • Administrative and Support Services
  • Asset Protection
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Aviation and Travel
  • Corporate Affairs and Communications
  • Business Operations
  • Customer Service and Call Center
  • Engineering
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Global Investigations and Security
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Utilities
  • Internship
  • Marketing and Customer Insights
  • Legal
  • Merchandising and Online Operations
  • Project and Program Management - PMO
  • Product Management
  • Real Estate, Construction, and Realty Execution
  • Supply Chain and Logistics


  • Corporate Healthcare Roles
  • Optical
  • Pharmacy
  • Walmart Health

Distribution and Fulfillment

  • Distribution and Fulfillment Centers
  • Drivers & Transportation
  • Fleet Maintenance

Stores and Clubs

  • Sam’s Club Management Jobs
  • Sam’s Club Jobs
  • Support Services
  • Walmart Store Jobs
  • Walmart Management Jobs

Tips For Candidates For Answering Walmart Interview Questions

Following are some sure-shot success tips for interviewees:

  • Keep the answers concise to ensure that the interviewer does not lose interest in your detailed answer. Contrastingly, an excessively short reply can leave the interviewer unsatisfied.
  • When appearing for a coding interview round, you must confirm any assumptions and seek clarifications wherever necessary.
  • Be mindful of your pace and tone. You should not appear too meek or too loud. Practice a calm and confident tone. 
  • Keep a positive attitude to show a deep understanding of reality and real-world challenges.
  • Follow the STAR method while answering behavioral questions. Begin by explaining your situation and task. Move on to talk about the action you took to resolve the issue while highlighting your technical and soft skills. Lastly, talk about the results and make sure you quantify them. Remember that numbers catch attention. 


1. What are the eligibility criteria for a software engineer at a Walmart interview?

The eligibility criteria for Walmart interview for a software engineer generally includes the following:

  • Educational Qualification: B.Tech/ME/M.Tech in Computer Science, IT, or ECE.
  • 60% or 6.5 GPA in your exams without any running backlogs.

2. What topics should I prepare as a software engineer for Walmart interview questions? 

Walmart interview questions for software engineering include technical, coding, and behavioral questions. You should focus on data structures, algorithms, and system design. Also, you must have a thorough understanding of Java, C. C++, OOP, Boot, and Spring. Go through the job description carefully and practice questions based on the skills, tools, and programming languages mentioned in the requirements and responsibilities section. 

3. Does Walmart ask behavioral interview questions?

Yes, Walmart largely focuses on behavioral interview questions to evaluate a candidate's soft skills. The interview rounds focus on hypothetical situational questions to assess if you are an organizational fit. You can also expect questions on your previous work experiences. 

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