Why Professional Certification is a Worthy Investment for PPC Marketers?

Why Professional Certification is a Worthy Investment for PPC Marketers?

PPC and Its Relevance in Online/Internet Marketing

Pay per Click, otherwise abbreviated as PPC 23 and sometimes referred to as “cost per click”, is an internet advertising method used to direct traffic to blogs and websites. In this advertising model, a website owner pays the publisher every time their ad is clicked. PPC greatly relies on search engines and advertisers usually bid on keyword phrases that they see relevant to their target market. Up to now, a substantial number of website owners have really benefited from this internet adverting model. Many websites have been established using this method of advertising. In fact according to current trends, if your company is already ranked organically, adding PPC ads will result to about 89% new visitors.

PPC Certification Online

If you are new to PPC online marketing, it’s actually a great idea to start considering an online PPC course. It will surprise you to know that there are actually a few PPC courses being offered online. Good thing with these courses is that unlike typical blogs where only a summary is given, these courses provide a comprehensive summary of PPC/ paid search advertising. In addition, certification exam is also offered upon completion of the course and students are awarded with valid certificates verifying that they indeed undertook the course and passed well enough to provide PPC services. 13 common PPC online marketing courses include;

· Google AdWords' Certification Program

· Microsoft adExcellence Program

· Yahoo Learn Online

· Market Motive Courses

· SEMPO Institute’s Search advertising classes

· Search Engines College Pay-Per-Click Starters' Course

· ROI Revolution’s Google AdWords Beginners' Online Training

· International Webmasters Association - The HTML Writers' Guild Web-Site Promotion Class

· Stikky Media’s Pay-Per-Click's Online Certification Course

· GutsGo’s PPC Course

· Direct Marketing Association’s Search Engines Marketing Certification

· Marketing Experiments' Landing Pages Optimization Certification

· PPC blog - The PPC Training Program

Also note that these are not the only online course that offer PPC training, there are actually a myriad, the outlined ones are just few. These courses’ duration range from a few hours to months of training. Some are for free while others will cost you anything between $50 to hundreds of dollars. To gain quality knowledge, enroll for paid ones.

Check out below PPC tutorial video for more information:

Importance of PPC Training

PPC training is something every SEO specialist or aspirant should consider. In fact, PPC as a marketing strategy should be a part of your online marketing strategy; and a priority in that matter. This is mainly because of the immeasurable benefits that are associated with PPC. In other words, PPC Training is Important in the because of the following reasons;

1. PPC is definitely a marketing strategy for small initiative investment- Unlike other online marketing strategies where one is required to pay before their ad is published; the only thing required with PPC is an active account. You will only pay every time someone makes an actual click on your ad. Technically, it is like enrolling for a gym and only paying every time you lose a pound.

2. PPC allows flexibility- it is pretty easy to set your own budget when using PPC as method marketing. This flexibility gives you the liberty of deciding precisely how much you want to invest in marketing.

3. PPC advertising works effectively for everyone- it doesn’t matter whether your business is comprised of only three people or ten, you can still sign up for PPC campaign and effectively compete with others, including national chains.

4. PPC campaign guarantees instant gratification- Forget about all other online marketing strategies that pledge immediate search engine rankings. PPC, because of its nature will get your website a top placement right away. Let us assume that you strictly followed everything you were taught/will be taught about PPC, there is a guarantee of not less than 20 visitors within the first one hour of your ad placement.

5. PPC enhances Real-time “Traceability”- It is easy to know which PPC ads are operating at maximum levels based on the keyword successes and failures. With this tracking power, you can easily terminate ads that seem to be time consuming and maximize on those that are working.

6. PPC will grant your business/website National Exposure- Many people use Google and Yahoo to search for information on internet. Placing your ad on one of these engines will definitely get you site out there. You will get attention that is hard to find with other online marketing strategies.

7. PPC will Increase your Local Visibility- You can design your ad to only show in specific locations. For instance, if you own a salon in Atlanta, you can prompt your ad to only pop up whenever a visitor from Atlanta is online is searching for similar services as the ones you provide.

8. PPC is an honest-goodness marketing strategy- it actually doesn’t matter whether you are already established or you are just starting out. PPC is a fair way to get your site “out there”. It actually doesn’t segregate or favor any ad, and what’s more, you will only pay every time an actual click is placed.

In summary, PPC advertising works just as perfect as organic SEO. In fact, as you wait for other advertising strategies to work, you can use this model to boost your results. As such, in order to be a competitive PPC expert/provider, PPC training is mandatory. The knowledge you will receive from the training will make you so resourceful and you will be knowledgeable enough to offer the best PPC services to your clients or your own website.

PPC Certification Cost

As stated before, there are myriad courses that provide training on PPC marketing. Online PPC courses are actually the preferred ones especially with people who have tight schedules and cannot find time to attend real classes. Also note that there are a few of free Online PPC courses, mostly short and are delivered through means of videos and PDF excerpts. However, these free courses mostly don’t offer any certification exam upon completion. To get the best Digital Marketing training, consider enrolling for paid courses. Currently, PPC Certification varies in costs, starting from $50 to a hundred of dollars. A few courses also charge for their certificate and may require renewal after certain duration like 2-3 years.


As seen from the earlier discussed benefits of PPC marketing, it is evident that this marketing model is something to be embraced. Its effectiveness cannot be ignored. PPC Certification is also quite essential for people intending to practice PPC. Firmly note that technology is something versatile and keeps changing from time to time; to be updated on current trends about general online marketing and SEO tactics, always stay at alert by frequently researching on the net. Alternatively, you can subscribe to any website/blog that provides news on technological trends, more precise online marketing news.

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