Copywriting comes with the challenge of establishing a connection with all those eyes that scan your content on the internet. An efficient copywriter knows the right approach to make that connection - humor, persuasion, psychology, and more, depending on the intended goal, the subject matter, and the audience. A compelling copy lures 7.8 times more site traffic and ensures better brand recall.

Good inspiration in the form of copywriting examples can help you become a better copywriter. Here we bring various copywriting examples for beginners as well as experts to get some inspiration for their brand, too.

20+ Copywriting Examples You Need to See

The following list comprises top-notch copywriting examples for products and websites that wordsmiths must consider to uplevel their writing: 


This brand serves as one of the best copywriting examples for food. Scroll their website for a few minutes, and you will be able to discover their cute images and charming wordplay.


BarkBox Homepage

Source: BarkBox

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • BarkBox gets its audience through and through. They use their target buyer's language and often sell directly to the buyer's dog(s).
  • Their clever marketing ploy is displayed in their feedback section, wherein they welcome remarks from pet owners whose dogs seem dissatisfied with the product.  


Its playful and authentic copywriting drives immense traffic as the Pham sisters share about their culture and the ingredients, making home cooking fun and accessible to the masses.


Omson Website

Source: Omson 

The audience ends up buying more than intended because Omson ensures that the products look delicious, and their copy acts as a huge motivator to click add-to-cart.

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Their homepage invites you to "rip, pour, and fire it up". This focus on ease helps make the value proposition that their products are time efficient in addition to being tasty. 
  • There is unique wordplay used. For instance: The founders employ their last name- Pham, in their note wherein they welcome visitors to their "Phamily."


Embracing e-commerce in 2009, the leather goods maker, Bellroy was quick to make their presence felt on digital platforms. While customers pledge by their sleek, contemporary wallets, marketers love them for something far more interesting– their corporate copy.


Bellroy Website

Source: Bellroy

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Bellroy's corporate gifting page efficiently communicates its buyer's understanding and offers bespoke solutions. 
  • Their soft tone for addressing and thanking colleagues/ clients resonates perfectly with corporate business people. 


When looking for engaging copywriting examples, turn to Articulate. This brand has nailed the pun game that makes the message more relatable to job seekers. 


Articulate Website

Source: Articulate 

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Articulate humor sets it apart from other corporate competitors.
  • Their copy is full of confident, witty content. 
  • Their "Meet the Team" page goes beyond employee job titles and photos.
  • The playful header, "not the usual blah blah," translates their spirit.

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Find the most memorable and lucrative marketing slogans of all time at Bombas. The company's wordsmiths completely understand that approximately 73% of people skim through the content rather than reading it. As a result, they include catchy jingles and rhyming lines that stay with onlookers.


Bombas Website

Source: Bombas

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Their ads strike popularity owing to their fluency. The rhyming copy is quite likable, indelible, and easily repeatable. 
  • Bombas also uses rhymes in its homepage value proposition to capture attention. 


Wondering how to make your marketing messages stick?

It's time to learn from Moosejaw and acknowledge how they continually push the envelope when creating catchy marketing copy. This brand is one of the best clothing copywriting examples you would ever come across. 


Moosejaw Website

Source: Moosejaw

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • They employ humor that builds an emotional connection with site visitors. 
  • The content is a perfect blend of delight and information.
  • The company dares to opt for an unconventional copy for selling its products.  
  • It has engaging call-to-action buttons that come up when you scan through product photos. 
  • Their brilliant copy is not just limited to their homepage. It extends to their return policy as well. 


This bedding company made rounds on the internet when its marketing intern, Mark, forwarded a Black Friday marketing email to his colleagues.


Brooklinen Website

Source: Brooklinen

The email got viral overnight. While marketers raved with enthusiasm, Brooklinen profited from its soaring popularity. 

When everyone thought of this instance as a mistake, Brooklinen later confirmed it to be a genius marketing strategy. 

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Brooklinen has transformed the otherwise boring marketplace into a place worth gossiping about with its quirky copywriting. 
  • The company strikes a delicate balance between humoring loyal advocates and offending new prospects.

First Round Capital

The empathizing language of the First Round Capital strikes the cord right. Starting a company is challenging, and First Round Capital clearly conveys they would offer you complete assistance.

Making the masses feel understood is as important as making them smile. 


First Round Capital Website

Source: First Round Capital 

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • First Round Capital organizes over 80 events per year to bring together their community. When listing their events, they begin their website's section with statements that connect with entrepreneurs, such as: "Starting a company is lonely."
  • The usage of emphatic words like "imperfect" and "vulnerable" encourage readers to relate to the brand and the community.


This brand is yet another top contender for the funniest copywriting examples. From memes to jokes to catchy emails, their outrageous yet persuasive product page copy has helped them carve a name for itself.


Chubbies Website

Source: Chubbies

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Chubbies is a perfect stop to draw inspiration for engaging email copywriting.
  • The brand isn't afraid to question the prevalent best practices. They can be found capitalizing subject lines, calling readers to action, and other innovative practices.
  • They go beyond just selling the product. For instance, Chubbies once incorporated a list of items you could try making with bananas while selling banana-themed shorts.


If simple, elegant, neat and concise copywriting is your choice, here is your reference. Trello goes above and beyond to ensure that its users learn how to use the product in the most understandable way. 


Trello Guide

Source: Trello

It is ideal for all those who find switching to project management software to be intimidating. Trello's copy ensures that its users don't feel left behind.

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Their product description is crystal clear. 
  • You will have detailed yet concise explainer content, be it how to use Trello boards or other features. 

Death Wish Coffee

Often, adding your process details helps keep the intrigue alive in your audience. Death Wish Coffee has been employing this tactic for years. 


Death Wish Coffee Recipies Section

Source: Death Wish Coffee

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Their specificity to a product's process, its originality, and the complete journey from the initial to the finished product hook the reader. 
  • They understand that the audience is always dazzled by the process of things/ recipes that are unique.

Velocity Partners

Velocity Partners believes that less is more. They deliver engaging and powerful content in a succinct manner.


Velocity Partners Website

Source: Velocity Partners

This B2B marketing agency has blogs that display their mastery of word economy. They ensure that every word they use is the right word. They spread their word concisely without dwelling on the details you do not have to. 

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • The practice of communicating their message in a simple tone.
  • Their copy is engaging and compelling as they use simple words that readers understand without any effort.
  • They follow a humble tone when presenting their case studies.

Tuft & Needle

The present digital era is witnessing a steep rise in online retail, making it challenging for established brands to distinguish themselves. 

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • They welcome you with an email popup that redirects to a landing page uniquely titled – 12 Reasons You Haven't Bought from Us … Yet.  
  • Beneath every question, you will find a rebuttal that would put your mind at ease.

Scott's Cheap Flights

The dedicated team carves a special place in your life as travel industry insiders with pro tips and down-to-earth terminology.

You find discount airfare in addition to various other offerings such as guides. 


Scott’s Cheap Flights’ About Page with Team Members

Source: Scott’s Cheap Flights

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • They add a personal touch when presenting you with their team and delight you with some pro tips on the page.
  • The clever tactic of making the users feel like they are gaining information from seasoned experts has helped them rise above the competition and set amazing copywriting examples.
  • Their personal approach helps build connections with website visitors and enhances the brand's credibility.


In an era when every account is flooded with endless unopened promotional emails, craving for attention, Huckberry catches the attention with its exceptional insight into the buyer's mind. 


Huckberry Website

Source: Huckberry

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • The intriguing, motivating, and inspiring email subject lines offer a more realistic and long-term approach to staying remembered. 
  • The email commences with a story before adopting a benefit-driven side of the latest or returning product.
  • They believe in transparency and have a clear, no-nonsense call to action.

Cultivated Wit

The brand puts in every effort to draw you in and tell you that behind the brand are people—just like you. They offer some of the best copywriting examples for reference. Cultivated Wit, as the name suggests, is humorous and witty. 


Cultivated Wit Website

Source: Cultivated Wit

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • They embrace their brand of quirk across their site. 
  • You will find an interesting "About" page in addition to the catchy content at the most unexpected places, such as the contact information section. 
  • They also have unique email subscription CTAs on different pages of their website. However, all are equally amusing and entertaining. 


If you think the quirk of copywriting is mostly confined to email marketing campaigns or product pages, you are sadly mistaken. 

Harry's presents you with a fascinating About page. They leverage the opportunity to make their visitors feel an affinity with the brand's values.

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • They acknowledge the user's pain points and make them feel that their issues are the company's concern. 
  • The section about the founders makes every buyer feel connected when they say that Jeff and Andy created Harry's because they were weary of overpaying for over-designed razors.


Another brand with a funny advertising style. The company's copywriting shows that they vested time in learning about their target audience and know how to hook them and bring on a smile. 

You can also find some good social media copywriting examples with GymIt. They freshen up the content every now and then and keep their place fresh with a captivating copy.

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Exceptional clarity is a must when you explore GymIt. 
  • They hit on the pain points of gym-goers and offer solutions with their consumer-friendly policies.
  • An eloquently drafted "About" page draws in significant traffic owing to its unique copywriting style. 
  • The copies reflect thorough research and an empathic understanding of its value proposition and marketing materials.


Wish to lighten your mood? Visit the ModCloth site. It is delightfully whimsy. They offer ideal copywriting examples that speak directly to their buyer personas.  

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Their product copy helps customers envision their lifestyle with the item.
  • Their concern for buyers comes forth in their pun-filled copywriting. 
  • Every product has some frivolous plays on words.
  • Even a quick glance at their product description copy will have you feeling joyous. 
  • You would also find fascinating stories of what you would do while wearing their items. 

Ann Handley

The brand is not just about an impressive portfolio or a range of accomplishments; Ann Handley has one of the most relatable copies. Looking for copywriting examples with a blend of personality and professionalism? Ann Handley is your go-to option. 

What is So Exciting About This? 

  • Cleverly crafted CTAs.
  • The easy follow of self-promotion. 
  • The unique style of adding bits of microcopy that reflect the personality. Despite several accomplishments, the author doesn't take herself too seriously.
  • The email copywriting is equally engaging. 

Tone Your Copywriting Strengths

A firm grip on the right brand voice can transform you into a successful copywriter. However, a little editorial guidance can ace the process. Draw inspiration from the amazing copywriting examples shared above to kickstart your compelling journey. 

Demonstrate the right skills both in your copy and marketing materials while articulating your brand's goals, hopes, and fears. Implement the best strategies, and your products will fly off the digital shelves quicker than you could restock them.

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