The Certified Associate in Project Management or the CAPM® certification is offered by the Project Management Institute. It is considered to be an important entry-level certification for project managers aimed at enhancing their efficiency. Targeted at professionals, the best thing is this CAPM® certification is recognized globally and is valid across the world.

This certification is the ideal validation of a project manager's commitment towards excelling at the job and guarantees individuals a strong foundation in the fundamentals of project management.
Not only does this certification help in boosting career growth, but it also features on the list of the highest paying credentials across the world. The fact that it is not designed with a specific industry in mind and the huge range of choices available are additional benefits.
CAPM Certification Infographic

The Accreditation Body

The CAPM® certification is obtained through a registered education provider, PMI® or the Project Management Institute. An internationally renowned certification, this is an initiative by the PMI® for those with little to no project experience. The globally recognized credentials enable project managers across the world to gain a stamp of approval on their achievement, certify expertise and develop resources for networking and community work.

Eligibility Requirements

Now comes the crucial part - who is eligible for this certification, and how would you know if you can apply for this certification? Here are the prerequisites giving specifications of 2 kinds of scenarios:

Scenario 1:

  • You need to have a ‘Secondary diploma' or its equivalent globally.
  • Professional experience of 1,500 hours.
  • The professional experience should be preferably on a project team.

Scenario 2:

  • Secondary or a high school diploma.
  • Formal education amounting to 23 contact-hours.
  • Education hours refer to an academic pursuit in the field of project management.

These are two different eligibility options providing alternatives for both -aspirants with actual job experience, or for aspirants with no experience at all. The minimum education qualification required is a high school diploma, thereby offering an opportunity for those lacking formal education and not having the scope for pursuing formal education to carve a better future. Before you apply, ensure that you conform to at least one or all eligibility requirements so there is no scope for rejection of your application.

The Process to Get Certified

The certification process is quite simple for the Certified Associate in Project Manager and is extremely user-friendly. They encourage the use of online facilities for writing the exam, and aspirants will find that the online facility is available 24x7. This means aspirants can easily do the course at their convenience through the day alongside the existing day job.

The online self-learning course is accessible from anywhere across the world and is extremely flexible, suiting the requirements of a wide range of aspirants across the world. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer to work with and cover the topics.

You need to apply for the CAPM® course and register online. Next, log in to the online system to begin your certification course. Alternative offline services are available too. All you need to do is discuss with the local PMI® chapter who are vested with the authority to impart lessons and get started easily. Printed application forms for the Certified Associate in Project Manager is readily available at the local PMI® chapter.
You need to appear for the exam within a year of getting the registration code, and marking is based on the number of questions that are answered correctly. PMI ®, however, does not make the pass grades public.
For more detailed information, aspirants can always refer to the CAPM®Exam Guidance.
The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) course gives you an overview of core project management philosophies and knowledge. Check out the course preview now!

Accredited Training Partner

In this context, one crucial link is the partner that you select to further your PMI® powered CAPM® certification. Essentially the need is to go for a training partner who is mindful of your needs, manages to provide with the best possible resources and at a reasonable cost. In this context, Simplilearn emerges as one of the top choices to enhance the knowledge base and sail through the certification exam.

Simplilearn gives its students a unique experience providing both the online as well as the classroom training for CAPM® under one roof. Professionals undergoing training get to experience:
  •  Live webinars.
  • Get sample exam questions for the CAPM® certification.
  • Complete understanding of PM framework in terms of 10 knowledge areas and five process groups and 47 different processes.
  • Mock exams are organized to give aspirants practice.
  • Aspirants also get an opportunity to enrich their knowledge in the Project Management field and improve skills in their chosen area.
  • 9 hours of quality e-learning content to enable coverage of detailed information module.
  • Quizzes are organized to enable better absorption of the lessons.
  • Two simulation exams prepare aspirants to take on the challenges of the exact examination paper and how to be best prepared for the ultimate challenge.

    Some of the big positives of pursuing this certification with Simplilearn include:

  • A better understanding of the fundamentals of the processes and strong experience in the field of implementing that knowledge on real, live projects.
  • Aspirants get a detailed overview of all the five process groups in project management along with the ten knowledge areas.

Thus, all in all, Simplilearn encompasses a comprehensive course study with real cases to draw inspiration from and analyze the experience of actual project implementation. The money-back-guarantee on training and refund on cancelation of the certification examination are added advantages.

The next big issue, therefore, is to consider if this training would be enough to enable you to bag the certification and brighten up the future career prospects. Simplilearn with its experience of training 200,000 professionals globally has just the right kind of expertise to get you the best for your money and a training module that in itself can be self-sufficient in boosting your knowledge base. The training module is designed in a way that enables aspirants to realize the maximum potential within the construct of the course and helps them to deliver a record 98.6% pass rate in the first go itself. 

Exam Format

The structure of this certification examination is quite straightforward without any hidden clauses or negative marking provisions. The CAPM® exam comprises 150 questions in all that need to be answered within 3 hours. 15 of these 150 questions are to be viewed as pre-test questions, and these are included by PMI® more as an effort to recognize latent talent and see how many aspirants get them right.

Students are scored on the basis of the remaining 135 questions and the percentage assigned is also on the basis of these 135 questions. All of these questions are multiple-choice options, and there would be only one correct answer for each of them. Every correct answer gets one point, and one can choose to revisit a question that they might be unsure of, later on. The number of points required to pass the CAPM® exam is, however, not made public and it is at the PMI® discretion to award the certification.

The examination results are conveyed through emails and may take up to 4 weeks. The examinations are conducted in English and PMI® provides language aid for 13 languages. Login to: for details.

Retaking the Exam

This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of training with Simplilearn. The internationally acclaimed training provider with over a decade of experience in training for various certifications assures a near 100% pass rate and even goes to the extent of money back in certain cases. You need to pay $150 for re-examination if you are a member, and the re-examination fee is $ 200. You can apply for re-examination twice.

Career Growth And Roles Post Certification

CAPM® certification is akin to a magic potion that instantaneously puts your career on the fast track and translates into a minimum 10% salary hike after the certification. A survey by Zednet of the Tech Republic organizations indicates that the average annual salary of individuals with a CAPM® certification is around $101,103. This makes it the 2nd highest paying certification after PMP®.
The demand for CAPM professionals in Canada ranges from construction, software development, IT consulting to and engineering services. Even across the US, professionals with CAPM certifications are in demand in banking, software development, IT services, and health care.

Post Examination Requirement

Once the CAPM® certification is complete, it is valid for 5 years. While the good part is a professional need not earn PDUs, the certification itself needs to be renewed once the 5-year certification cycle is over. Aspirants need to take the re-exam before the completion of the above mentioned 5 years.

CAPM, PMP, and PMBOK have registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Our Project Management Courses Duration And Fees

Project Management Courses typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

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