Certified Scrum Master

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Hello and Welcome to an overview of the Scrum Master training from Simplilearn. This program is meant to help professionals learn more about the Scrum framework for agile project management. This course will also prepare participants to become a Scrum Alliance certified scrum master. Let us get started with the agenda for this lesson in the next slide.

Now, let us look at what we are going to talk about in this introductory lesson. We will first explain what Scrum is all about. Next, we will talk about the topics that are covered in the training. We will also discuss how you can go about becoming a Scrum Alliance certified scrum master. In the next slide we will understand what Scrum is all about.

Agile and Scrum methodology focuses on empirical processes in project situations where it is difficult to plan ahead. It relies heavily on self-organizing, cross-functional teams for efficient project execution. Being reliant on a self-organizing team means that, decisions are taken by the entire team without the need for a team leader. This also requires the team to be cross-functional so that, everyone whose expertise is necessary for arriving at a decision is available within the team itself.

Given the increasing use of Scrum across sectors, there is an immense need for professionals conversant with Scrum techniques. Consequently the typical audience for Scrum training includes professionals at all levels in an organization.

Agile certified professionals emphasize a highly flexible, iterative process for executing a project. Let us now discuss how you can get to learn about the Scrum framework.

The training program for Scrum involves two related components covering Scrum Basics and Scrum Implementation. Scrum Basics cover the organization of a Scrum team and the setting up of a Scrum Project. The Scrum Implementation component on the other hand involves the actual execution of a Scrum based project.

Please note that only Certified Scrum Trainers or CSTs (pronounce as C-S-Ts) are authorized by the Scrum Alliance to conduct Scrum Trainings that lead to certification by and membership of the Scrum Alliance. Scrum Alliance is the apex international body of scrum professionals that aims to further the use of Scrum across the world. The CSTs (pronounce as C-S-Ts) are selected by Scrum Alliance after a rigorous evaluation of their Scrum related experience and other educational criteria.

Simplilearn’s training programs are conducted over an intense two day period by Certified Scrum Trainers. As participants of this training program you get access to attractive offers on the SimpliLearn courses.

If you are a Project Management Professional, i.e. (Pronounce as that is) PMP from Project Management Institute, i.e. (Pronounce as that is) PMI, you get 14 PDU (Pronounce as P-D-U) s as part of this course to renew your credential. Those of you who are not PMP, not to worry as this course still helps you to get a hold on the Scrum framework and prepare for certification from Scrum Alliance. Please contact our 24 / 7 support helpdesk to know more.

The next slide will explain us the steps after completion of the training program.

Once you have completed your Scrum training, the next step is to get a globally recognized stamp of approval on your expertise. Participants of the training program can go for the online evaluation exam immediately after completion, or can take it later within 90 days of training completion. On successfully clearing this exam, the participants are awarded the CSM (pronounce as C-S-M) or Certified scrum master certification by Scrum Alliance. They also get a 2-year membership of the Scrum Alliance which in turn gives them access to a wide range of official resources from Scrum Alliance.

Thank you for going over this introductory lesson on the Certified Scrum Master training program. If you have some questions, please feel free to speak with our customer support representatives, who are available 24 / 7 to assist you.

Happy learning!