It is one thing to attract visitors to your website but converting them into leads is a different ball-game altogether. In order for any business to compete online, it needs to tweak its plan to focus on important pointers such as:

  • Web traffic demographics
  • Conversion by traffic source and devices
  • Customer spending habits
  • Customers' response to change among other aspects 

Here now is a roundup of some of the key points that might contribute to a sober action plan for conversion rate optimization in 2015. 

1. Market with mobile users in mind

The smartphone market is huge, so this is the year to capture it. Last year alone, online customers spent about 521 billion minutes on their phones and more than 143 billion minutes on their tablets. Combined, that is about 100+ billion minutes which is way above the time that was spent on desktops. 
Of course, it is not a wise idea to ignore PC users – as research shows that PC users are the ones who generate the most valuable orders. And that is why you need to adopt a cross-platform approach in 2015. While at it, it is important to ensure that your mobile shopping experience doesn't let you down by focusing on improving mobile user experience. 

2. Refine your tools and tactics

It is quite possible for a good conversion optimization strategy to fail at the tactical level. As such, it is only those with a knack for selecting and using the best possible tools who seem to maintain successful CRO programs in the long-run. 

If your primary objective in 2015 is to identify loopholes on your website, then you need to look for tools for usability testing and primary user research. On the other hand, if your goal is to identify what elements in your website attract visitor attention, then probably you need to consider investing in a visual analysis tool. Combined with good tactics, CRO tools ensure optimal use of available resources for successful implementation of set objectives.

3. Personalization is the in thing

The digital marketing universe is evolving at a dynamic rate. This year, websites are going to become a bit more dynamic as they evolve to suit individual's needs. Due to an expected rise in competition levels, a good action plan for conversion rate optimization in 2015 is one that focuses on getting the right content in front of the right person at the right time. Of course, this boils down to advancement in technology use, lowered barrier to entry and more accurate delivery of information and adverts. 

So what's the way forward? The best way forward is to understand that different users have different needs and try as much as possible to comply with these unique needs. A/B tests and continuous gathering of feedback will be your best friends going forward. 

4. Analyze your entire funnel and improve

One mistake that most web-marketers make is focusing too much on conversion and forgetting that the shape of the sales funnel also matters. A smooth funnel that guides a visitor through all aspects of your site is quite important. 

Sure, most of the visitors who come to your site to get a specific question answered will not become customers. But providing them with valuable information in that particular stage gives you a shot at getting remembered when the visitor comes back looking to buy something. 

So this year, don't just focus on making more sales. Think about providing free PDF guides and information to your visitors. Think about increasing the amount of time spent on your website even if the readers don't pay attention to your calls-to-action or shopping cart. After all, the more the time they spend on your website the better your SEO becomes. 

Remember, each part of the sales funnel requires a different strategy. The top of the funnel is SEO, the middle of the funnel is your web content and the bottom of the funnel involves conversion rate. Each part of the funnel is important for different reasons.

5. Take one step at a time

Naturally, human beings are afraid of change. Even business organizations and their employees hate change. In fact, chances are high that you will encounter resistance while trying to implement your "changed" conversion rate optimization program this year. For this reason, it is imperative to have a good plan in place for handling these challenges before they get out of hand.

When starting out, it is important to keep your initiative small. By doing this, you will not attract too much attention and possible outrage. For example, you can focus on improving your landing pages first and then slowly move towards other more important aspects of your site. 

The rule of the thumb in this case is to be as smooth and non-threatening as possible with change. You want to avoid attracting the attention of risk-averse individuals as much as possible lest you get your CRO project shut down even before you get a chance to prove its benefits. 

Remember, when it comes to optimizing the conversion rate, you need to tap into teamwork and sometimes even rely on people who have disparate orientations. By taking baby steps, you can easily get things accomplished with minimal friction. You can always increase the pace of your progress after you have gained wider support.

6. Keep monitoring and evaluating

2015 is the year that majority of marketers will seriously consider both quantitative and qualitative data when handling CRO programs. Likewise, you need to keep monitoring and evaluating different activities and accomplishments in relation to your KPIs. As the months go by, it is important to keep checking if your projects are taking off as planned, and if not, what challenges are keeping you from doing things the right way. Constant monitoring allows identifying and resolving problems as they emerge. Constant evaluation on the other hand allows you to gauge the success of your program.
If done right, CRO M&E can provide useful data and lessons for a smoother way to implement your action plan for conversion rate optimization in 2015. 

Final word

Each business faces a different set of challenges related to CRO. Some of them are easy to solve – others require a bit of hard work. Either way, it helps to get an in-depth understanding on each different challenge so that you can gradually improve your conversion rate. Get in depth knowledge from experts IMT Ghaziabad Digital Marketing Program.
Here is a sample video that takes you through introduction to conversion optimization. Hope you find it beneficial.


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