Writing effective calls-to-action, or CTAs, is one of the most important steps in helping your organization reach its goals. Whether you want to inspire someone to join your movement or you want them to purchase a product from your website, CTAs can be the linchpin between you and the conversion.

That being said, your CTAs don't have to be boring. There are plenty of ways to get more creative with your calls-to-action. 

Let’s check out a few examples to inspire your next round of copy.

Buy Now Alternatives

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with a “Buy Now” call-to-action. It mirrors exactly what you want in a CTA: clear, concise, and a little touch of urgency. 

Yet, we have all seen this button many times, so CTAs that are more creative tend to stand out. 


KiwiCo customizes its copy with “Get a crate,” which is a little less stiff than a “Buy Now” button. It also clearly defines what to expect once they click the button. 

home cooking

Home Chef gets creative with its calls-to-action right from the start. The home page features a “Pick Your Meals” button to usher visitors to the first step in getting meal kits delivered to their doors.


Of course, CTAs are not reserved for websites. Crate&Kids uses creative calls-to-action in their email marketing. Instead of “Buy Now,” the kids furniture company opts for phrases that reflect their products, like “Hop To It” and “Shine On.”

Calls-to-Action for Scheduling

Setting up a demo or scheduling a call with a prospect may not be the most rousing subject matter, and that’s why making creative calls-to-action is a must. You can use this opportunity to say something unexpected or reflect your brand’s personality, even if it’s just a few words of copy.


SharpSpring’s request a demo page uses a different call-to-action than most: “Pick a Time.” Rather than the usual “Schedule Now” button, the marketing automation company chooses text that puts more of the choice in the users’ hands.


Boomtown wants users to schedule a demo, but its CTA adopts a softer approach with “Get in Touch.” It implies a friendly interaction in the future and ties in with the brand and culture.

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Downloading or Signing Up

When you want to encourage users to download a whitepaper or sign up for your newsletter, you need effective call-to-action language. While you still want visitors to understand they will receive “something” once they click, you have the liberty of shaping the text in your own way.


Alithya gets creative with the CTA button on its download page. “Get Your Game Plan” is an alternative to “Download Now” that goes a step further: it sets the expectation for what users can do with the information they are about to acquire.

Dry Farm Wines features a pop-up newsletter window with a different spin on CTAs: “Yes, I Am In.” This is a more creative way to confirm someone is signing up for the newsletter and gives that sense of joining a special community. This one doesn’t use an action word like you commonly see with calls-to-action, but it works here.

Data and Testing for Your CTAs

While getting creative with your calls-to-action can help your copy stand out, there’s only one way to know if these changes are working: data. If you don’t already have software in place to track the number of clicks and conversions your CTAs are getting, then you may want to set up a tracking system. 

If you want to see which calls-to-action are working the best, then you can do an A/B test (or split test) to compare one option to another. Whichever option performs the best over a certain period of time is the one you should use. Of course, it’s always a good idea to test again at a later date or keep testing if you’re not getting the results you want.

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