The amount of data held by businesses is increasing rapidly, and each business or industry requires data analysts to transform this available data into better insights for data-driven decisions. With this, the demand for skilled and professional data analysts is increasing, and each data analyst is paid well for their work.

This article will let you acknowledge the average salary of a data analyst in the USA on the basis of multiple factors, such as job position, location, industry, and experience. Continue reading further to learn about a data analyst salary in USA.

Data Analyst Salary in USA

As per the research by some of the top salary comparison websites, the average salary of  data analyst in USA is listed below:

  • Indeed - According to any data analyst in the USA, on a salary ranging from 49k - 120k.
  • Glassdoor - Glassdoor mentions that the average salary of a data analyst in the USA can be anywhere between 66k - 100k.
  • Salary - as per salary, a data analyst earns around 68kk - 100k on average.
  • ZipRecruiter - 50k - 120k is the average salary paid to a data analyst working in the USA
  • Talent - Talent mentions the salary of an average data analyst working in the USA between 41k - 130k.

Average Salary of Data Analyst in USA

The average data analyst USA salary depends on various factors.

Top Paying Locations

The place where you live has a big impact on how much you are paid as a data analyst. When working in major cities, you are basically provided with a higher salary so that you can easily cover the higher expenses of living in that particular city. However, some of the average salaries of a data analyst offered in the major cities of the USA are listed below:


Average Base Salary (Annually)

Washington DC






San Francisco


Salary By Experience

Your level of experience directly affects the salary you are paid as a data analyst in the US. In general, the higher number of years you invest working in any organization as a data analyst can result in a higher salary. Some of the salaries ask for your experience, according to Glassdoor, are:

  • Data analyst (2-4 years): $98,682
  • senior data analyst (5-7 years): $112,593
  • Principal data analyst (8+ years): $138,031

Salary by Industry

As each industry requires a data analyst to make better-informed business decisions, the demand for data analysts in almost every industry is high. Professional, technical, scientific, information, technology, finance ins, insurance, and manufacturing are some of the major industries offering multiple job openings for a data analyst. 

Other Data Professional's Salaries

By gaining experience with multiple advanced data science skills, you can move up to more specialized or advanced positions. Some of the other data, professional salaries in the US are:

Types of Data Analysts' Careers

As a data analyst, you can choose from multiple career options. Some of them are:

Data Scientist

A data scientist is responsible for crafting the framework for the analysis to begin. They implement algorithms and statistical models, experiments, and running data testing and optimize their frameworks to analyze the data accurately to reach the most beneficial business conclusions.

Machine Learning Engineer

Programmers who create models, systems, algorithms, and frameworks are machine learning engineers, allowing machines to learn and perform effectively. Machine learning engineers hold the responsibility of transforming models into real codes that are later used in production.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts focus on the data for improving an organization. It includes organizing, gathering, and analyzing the industry data and later using the data to identify patterns or potential risks that must be looked after.

Logistics Analyst

A logistics analyst is responsible for using data to optimize multiple processes from shipment to delivery. With the help of data, a logistics analyst identifies the profit-loss ratio and then implements the data to develop cost-saving solutions to proceed with the efficient distribution and delivery of products.

Future Outlook For Data Analysts in the USA

Data analysis is one of the most rapidly growing fields in the USA. As multiple businesses across several industries have recognized the value of data-driven strategy decisions, they need skilled data analysts for their particular businesses. The industry of data analytics has risen in recent years, and, as per projections, the global data analytics market will continue growing from $7.03 billion in 2023 to $303.4 billion by the year 2030. 

By 2025, the world will hold around 463 exabytes of data per day, and with the drawing of data, the rise of data analytics in the USA and all over the world will eventually rise.

Career Growth Opportunities for Data Analysts in the USA

For data analysts in the USA, the career growth opportunities are robust and long-lasting. Apart from holding a bachelor's or master's degree in statistics, mathematics, or computer science, an individual seeking to become a data analyst must have competitive certifications, proper training, access, multiple internships, and a portfolio. 

Some of the benefits fulfilled by a data analyst career include:

  • Long-term stability of job for qualified or expert analysts.
  • Skilled analysts can extract useful and powerful insights from who is data for influencing the key strategies and decisions of any enterprise, presenting an opportunity to impact business on a large scale.
  • Multiple job positions can be taken over as a data analyst, and by availing work from home or freelancing options, you can also get a stable work-life balance.

The Role of Certifications and Training on Data Analyst Salaries in the USA

By availing of well-crafted certification programs, as a beginner, you can acknowledge and learn some of the job-ready skills as a data analyst, such as Excel and SQL, within a time span of 6 to 12 months.

Once you have multiple certifications that prove your proficiency in the major skills required for a data analyst, your chances to get a job position in a major industry or an organization eventually increase. Moreover, you can brush up and enhance your skills by taking data analyst training to stand as a tough competition for your competitors.

Your certifications and training will lead you to get a better position, which will eventually result in a better salary.


With the rise in data, there is a rise in the need for data analysts by organizations and industries in the USA. By gaining the right skills and knowledge, you can stand in a well-recognized position as a data analyst and get the salary package you’ve worked hard for. 

However, your pay also depends on your location, industry, and the experience you hold, but by honing your skills with practice and perfection, you can grab the best opportunities in this field. To help you achieve this, Simplilearn brings to you its well-structured Data Analyst Masters program. Enroll today to start your data analyst career with perfection in the USA.


Q1. Is a Data Analyst getting a high salary in the USA?

The salary of a data analyst in the USA depends on multiple factors, such as industry and experience. However, a data analyst in the USA is well paid for their skills and efforts.

Q2. Where can I find employment as a data analyst in the USA?

As a data analyst in the USA, you can find employment in multiple industries, including finance, healthcare, IT, and entertainment.

Q3. What is the salary trend for Data analysts in the USA?

The average salary of a data analyst in the USA is $76,786 per year.

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