35 GIFs that can describe how fun the digital marketer life is

35 GIFs that can describe how fun the digital marketer life is


Last updated September 14, 2017


As a digital marketer I would like to share how I react to the situations in my day to day work. You may have felt sometime, somewhere considering yourself the same.

Here are 35 GIFs that depict digital marketers life, I am sure that after you watch this, you will try to correlate them with yourself if you are in digital marketing profile. Scroll down below and have a fun.

When a new client ask me that when will I bring their site on google's front page

My team member's reaction when I ask "who wrote this content"

When I am sending digital marketing proposal to a new client

When I come to know that tomorrow is google algorithm update

When I bring my client's site from google's 10th page to 1st position

When i look in to my own article

When our boss comes back two days earlier

When I thought my strategy not gonna workout, luckily it turned out well

When I rank 1st for a highly competitive keyword

Being in a client meeting after an adequate lunch

When all of my emails went to client's spam folder

When the site I handled got penalized by google

When I ask my senior to proof read my content

I and my colleague after a successful PPC campaign

When I realize there's a spelling mistake in the email that i sent to the client

When there's a sudden drop in organic traffic

My boss, when I present a digital marketing strategy that he hates

When my content is rejected for the guest post

When I came to know that google is considering both do follow and no follow links equal


When my article gets more of positive comments

If you found yourself in the GIFs then don't forget to check part 2

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