Since, my earlier article Digital marketer life in 35 GIFs has got good response but some people have mentioned that it is taking more time to load. So, I have split the article into two parts and here you go.

When I ask my friend to like my post on Facebook

This is how I play with google

When someone comments bad about my article that I took long time to write

When my boss appreciated digital marketing strategy that I prepared


When my senior tells, " so you think you can finish keyword research by Friday evening"

When I’m having my breakfast in a meeting and the client says something ridiculous

When my boss ask me to make a big change on the strategy

When I try my best to show the client my stuff in a review but it has gone wrong

When the bounce rate is high

When I  achieved the best CPC in google adwords

Client's reaction after seeing my monthly report

That irritating moment when my friend sends candy crush invitation while am damn busy

When someone from my company has a question in digital marketing

Did you check the Part1 ?

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