When it comes to digital selling, content is the main driver throughout the sales funnel. High-value content engages consumers in the awareness stage, establishes trust and credibility as consumers evaluate brands, and helps them make decisions that, ideally, lead to conversions

To be the most effective, content needs to be built around buyer personas – in other words, your ideal customers.

For example, you may have more than one type of ideal customer, and you might segment them out like this:



Buyer personas help you create personalized content that is more relevant to the interests, preferences, and behaviors of your buyers. It recognizes their specific pain points and addresses them across channels throughout the buyer journey.

No matter what your buyer personas look like, though, there are some mainstays when it comes to content—those you want to establish as part of any digital selling strategy.

Five Types of Digital Selling

1. Social Media Content 

Marketers are using social media as part of their digital selling strategy—often referred to as social selling—because this is where consumers are spending more of their time. Social platforms offer marketers the opportunity to practice social listening, the process of learning what customers are saying and feeling about the brand, its competitors, industry, and critical topics on social media. Taking this information into account, representatives from both sales and marketing can discover the desires of not only existing customers but also potential customers. The final step is creating social media content that speaks to and resonates with these buyer personas, including links to blog content, case studies, videos, and third-party content that is valuable and actionable. Don’t forget to closely monitor comments on your social media content and respond in a way that reflects your brand positively (usually, that means in a timely fashion and with careful consideration for your audience).

2. Blog Posts 

It may come as no surprise to you that blogging is one of our top recommended types of content when it comes to digital selling. That’s because marketers who frequently post updated content typically become the primary source of information for their target audience. Blog posts allow brands to demonstrate their expertise in a given area, which builds confidence among buyers who return again and again for trusted information. Additionally, when blog content is valuable to readers, it is more likely to be shared and recommended with other consumers.

3. Email Marketing 

Digital selling isn’t limited to social media and blog posts—it also includes email marketing as a way to reach consumers during their path to purchase. While this may occur at different times in B2C and B2B cycles, emails are a highly effective marketing channel for reaching prospects as well as existing customers. In order to achieve higher success rates, be sure to personalize your email content according to buyer personas.

4. Case Studies 

Perhaps you have created some case studies in the past, published them on your website, or turned them into downloadable content. Even if you haven’t gotten around to developing any for your brand, you should consider doing it to achieve the best results from digital selling. Why? Because case studies serve as proof, you were able to address an issue (and maybe it’s similar to one your potential customer is having) with a real-life, actionable solution.

5. Webinars 

Online webinars are the ultimate tools for digital selling because it gives away highly valuable information to your target audience in a very personal, accessible setting. Not only do you get to deliver helpful information, but attendees have an opportunity to participate by asking questions or offering feedback. Webinars can help potential customers evaluate your brand and move them closer to a final decision.

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