Most businesses are migrating from traditional practices to digitalized environments and interactions. Search engines have become the new markets for businesses to fight for the best spot where their offer can be noticed by their target market. SEO is basically optimizing an online business for visibility through internet platforms such as organic search in engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo among others. It has become a fundamental part of online business prospects and there are several experts and gurus in the field. However the big question that still remains; does certification in SEO really matter for SEO gurus? Of course, the benefits of SEO certification are quite clear and straightforward.

Why Certification - Importance

Certification in SEO may sound unnecessary especially for gurus who already have profound knowledge in on-page and off-page website optimization. However, the main advertisement and credibility evaluations have not changed. Online customers still want to identify professionalism and high service quality in providers. For a guru, reputation and previous works may have been enough to seal deals and contracts from time to time.

The modern learning environment of a platform like Simplilearn now delivers these skills to any interested people and new gurus are being created in the process. It is therefore only wise to receive certification that proves you are qualified in the specified set of skills. Besides, the certification is evidence to prospect employers that your knowledge is based on professional training from experts. The SEO technologies are on high demand and experts are constantly researching new ways of improving business online visibility. It is important to have certification since the trends will in time demand this type of assurance besides your portfolio of previous assignments.

The cloud is a technology modern generation is well conversant with and most business operations are being virtualized. SEO services are integral professional skills that are a goldmine to any online business. Certification plays an important role in convincing potential employers of your ability and capacity to provide the required services. Since there are gurus who have certification in SEO, it will be detrimental not to obtain this type of verification for yourself regardless of whether you know all the latest tricks and techniques. Employers will choose personnel with certification over those without any proof of learning that set of skills.

The importance of SEO certification for any specialist is like any other. Businesses often use certification as a way of assessing employment risks. Those without certification are associated with inferiority and likeliness to underperform. Certification is proof that you were trained on the claimed skills and are able to perform as required. When this is accompanied by your portfolio of previous works and success, they complement each other and boost your odds of getting hired. When you have SEO certification, you can be sure to eliminate competition without any form of certification.

What it Entails?

When describing the modern dimension of SEO certification, it can be divided into two parts; beginners and gurus.

• Beginners – They are basically those with very limited to no SEO skills and knowledge. They are aspirants who want to pursue a career in online marketing and specialization in search engine optimization. People under this category are not gurus and need comprehensive basic training and courses in order to understand the concept. Their type of certification is found in colleges and higher learning institutions. They can therefore be accredited under covered units as part of a completed curriculum.

• Gurus –SEO skills and tricks can be learnt from existing experts or even self-trained and perfected through practice. In fact, most gurus did not have to attend seminars or schools to learn SEO. However, this learning took a very long time and businesses do not find the option of training employees into gurus cost-effective. They want readily available professionals who can prove their knowledge and expertise. Thus, these certifications take a much shorter time and mainly involve brushing up one’s skills.

A typical certification in SEO for gurus who already have the concept knowledge and skills involves taking up an evaluation exam. You can also attend seminars and conferences that provide recognition certification although such platforms are often rare and far between. Fortunately, you can always opt for the easiest way out by taking SEO training online.

Where To Find Certification

Finding SEO certification platforms should not be a daunting task in this age when the technique is an everyday topic among online businesses. There are real training institutions offering the training. The best way to get this certification is through online platforms that allow quick revision, examination and result posting. The training is offered as continuing education classes for those already conversant in the field.

The advantages of online certification is that it is convenient and the fastest way of getting certified from a reputable training institution. You can also search for evaluations and seminars that involve recognition certificates. Since SEO skills have not yet been professionally standardized, pricing is very dynamic and widely varies across different training institutions. There also exist various organizations specializing in providing SEO services and providing certification for IT employees who have covered the skills.

Considerations When Looking For Certification

Since there are several organizations and institutions offering such certification, it is worth taking note of certain considerations. SEO is not an owned or patented set of skills and can be offered by any licensed business that claims authorship in the field. It is important to do some research about the certification providers to ensure they are reputable institutions that are recognized by potential employers. Since SEO has no specific standards for its set of skills or ethics, it is characterized by self-proclaimed specialists seeking to make a decent living from assembled packages and templates. Getting certification from licensed institutions is the best way to guarantee credibility since such institutions seek known experts for training.


The internet is growing and more businesses are shifting into the digital environment. Clients are consistently seeking professionalism at every level. Businesses will be keen to hire employees with clear certification for their claimed sets of skills. Besides improving your employment odds, Digital Marketing certification allows you to polish skills and also provides room for continuous learning and expansion of knowledge.

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