Digital Marketing is about reaching out to potential customers through online channels. Email marketing and SMS marketing are commonly used techniques for inbound marketing. While email marketing has been used for many years by online brands, SMS marketing has recently gained popularity. Email marketing vs SMS marketing - which is better in 2022? What are the differences and similarities between Email marketing and SMS marketing? This article will answer all these questions! 

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing enables you to communicate electronically with both your current and potential clients. It is a crucial tool for your company and may assist you in developing email marketing campaigns to advertise your brand, launch a new product line, draw attention to a deal, or just foster a relationship between your company and the client.

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Benefits of Email Marketing

  • There is no restriction on the amount of text you can include in emails. This makes it the perfect medium for communicating longer-form material, such as newsletters, business updates, or breaking news for the education sector.
  • Additionally, emails let you include graphics in the message. Since visual stimuli tend to elicit strong responses from people, using images or graphics to communicate with customers can be a very effective strategy.
  • Subscribers will receive emails with local-specific blog content, prices in their own currency, and at a convenient time for their time zone, depending on where they live.
  • When it comes to B2B marketing, email marketing still reigns supreme. Given that email is the most widely utilized means of communication for businesses worldwide, this really shouldn't come as a surprise.
  • Google Analytics incorporation is possible with any reliable email provider. You can do this to find out how many people clicked on your email and, more crucially, which sites they did or did not interact with. Your upcoming digital marketing campaigns can benefit from this.
  • Using email marketing, business owners can create captivating, useful offers based on a subscriber's online activity.

What Is SMS Marketing?

Text message marketing software commonly referred to as SMS marketing software, offers the resources required to start and sustain SMS marketing initiatives. It allows them to build and maintain contact lists, track each SMS campaign, plan message delivery, examine the response rate, and produce performance reports. In addition, businesses can use SMS text marketing software to create personalized text messages, offer coupons or weekly deals, get user feedback, survey clients, and publicize competitions.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • An explicit opt-in is necessary. As a result, advertisers can count on reaching a motivated audience that wants to learn more about the business.
  • The character count for text messages is 160. If communication is perceived as being brief, pleasant, and to the point, consumers are more inclined to open and read it. Nobody hates to have their time squandered, and SMS texts don't actually take up much time.
  • SMS marketing is less popular than email marketing, which enables firms to start discussions in a warm manner that is more likely to be appealing.
  • A text message is received immediately after being sent. No one will hold up you or your customers.
  • And more than any other kind of communication, text messages are opened almost 98 percent of the time.
  • Furthermore, text messages can be sent and received without WiFi. There is now one less obstacle in the way of you and your customers.
  • Additionally, only 3% of SMS marketing is labeled spam. Your message has a better chance of getting through to your consumer than emails, which today often have specific spam folders. Additionally, since the majority of individuals don't receive an excessive number of spam text messages, they are more likely to see your message as something that offers value rather than quickly deleting it as more spam.

Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing   

Email marketing and SMS marketing both are used in different situations. You can prefer one over the other in these situations - 

Use SMS Marketing 

  1. Limited offers and discounts 
  2. Appointment reminders 
  3. Sale notifications
  4. Notify updates 
  5. Purchase confirmation

Use Email Marketing

  1. Newsletter 
  2. Long-form educational content 
  3. Product announcement with its features 
  4. B2B communication 
  5. PR updates 
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Final Verdict 

Email marketing vs SMS marketing - both are essential for successful inbound marketing. A digital marketer understands which method is used in which situation. To make such a close call, you must have extensive digital marketing knowledge. If you want to build up your skills, sign-up for our Digital Marketing Job Guarantee Program. Learn different techniques contributing to online marketing along with the latest tools. Sign-up today to know more! 

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