Ninety-six percent of marketers have placed ad spend on video. And it’s no wonder: video ads receive higher engagement than ads relying on images or text alone. 

Numbers aside, video ads have another distinct advantage: they inherently create deeper connections with the audience. Storytelling, humor, and emotion lend more substance to the ad format and draw viewers in for a more immersive experience. There’s no question video is the winner when it comes to advertising on search, display, and social. 

To inspire your next paid advertising campaign, here are a few examples of engaging video ads we’ve been seeing around the web. Pay close attention to the elements of humor, storytelling, and emotion used to grab your attention, educate or entertain you, and bring you closer to the brand. 


Adobe’s higher education video ad is a great example of a brand using humor to capture the viewer’s attention and entertain them, while also creating awareness around their educational lesson plans. 


With its latest video ad, FedEx is tapping into the emotions around causes. In particular, this ad focuses on its new reusable packaging with a succinct message and exciting, to-the-point visuals around their eco-friendly approach.


Slack reminds us that an engaging video ad doesn’t have to feature real humans. In fact, an animated video ad is just as effective. The forward movement of this video keeps the viewer wondering what’s going to happen next, which is a beautiful resolution to being overwhelmed in the workplace—simplification. But more than that, this video ad is highly relatable—and that’s what helps pull the viewer into the brand. 

National Basketball Association (NBA)

The U.S. National Basketball Association has a new #thatsgame campaign and is going all in with video. Capturing the excitement of the sport with real game-time footage, these ads remind us of all the emotions we experience while watching our favorite teams. 

The History Channel

What better way to advertise your programming than with a video ad? The History Channel serves up this content about its upcoming food documentary with footage of actual food—and that’s something that effectively engages viewers and leaves them wanting to know more. 

Building a Campaign With Video Ads

If you liked these examples of ads and want to start a similar campaign for your brand, then you’ll want to follow these steps:

  • Establish Your Goals.

Do you want to create awareness for your brand? Are you looking to generate more leads? Is an increase in sales your ultimate goal? Start your campaign by identifying your goals for your video ads. That way, you can create content directed toward accomplishing them.

  • Understand Your Audience.

Before you put together ideas for your video ads, you’ll want to have a clear understanding of your audience. Once you have this nailed down, you can create video content that speaks to their pain points, presents a solution, or helps them relate a little better to your brand.

  • Identify Your Metrics.

How do you know if you are achieving your goals using video? Before you launch the campaign, decide which metrics you are tracking. For example, if your goal is to generate more leads, then you may want to measure how many forms were submitted and/or content downloaded.

  • Create the Video Ad Content.

Finally, once you know your goals, audience, and metrics by heart, it’s time to develop the videos. To ensure they’re as engaging as possible, you may choose to work with a video production company. Otherwise, you can produce some great content using your own mobile device.

  • Monitor and Adjust.

Once your content is out in the world, you’ll want to monitor the performance and make adjustments to your spending and content as needed. Again, this may be an area where you want to lean on a PPC specialist, as this part can be overwhelming and a drain on your resources.

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Video ads that are engaging are more effective at generating higher engagement rates and return on investment. Consider the ads you’ve seen here and how you felt when watching them and apply that perspective as you create your own paid advertising campaign with the most popular form of content on the planet.

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