An inbound marketer is someone whose job is to promote your brand or company via various channels like videos, newsletters, eBooks, blogs, SEO, social media marketing, and so forth. If content marketing trends for 2018 are anything to go by—good content, properly distributed, will continue to be King.

With 3 out of 4 marketers across the globe prioritizing inbound marketing, it’s not to hear that inbound marketing strategies are going to dominate 2018. The Content Marketing Institute says that 8 out of 10 people identify themselves as blog readers, Search Engine Journal says that inbound leads cost 60% less than outbound leads, and inbound campaigns have consistently shown to achieve higher ROI than outbound campaigns. 

In other words, inbound marketing is very important, so we’ve put together a compilation of 100 extremely useful resources for you: inbound marketing strategies, tips, techniques, tools, and more.

Table of Contents

  • Inbound marketing for beginners
  • Must read inbound marketing strategies
  • Brilliant inbound marketing tactics
  • Interesting inbound marketing tips
  • Essential inbound marketing tools
  • Inbound marketing books to read
  • Free inbound marketing eBooks
  • Infographics about inbound marketing
  • Inbound marketing techniques
  • Inbound marketing examples
  • Your inbound marketing plan is a must
  • List of inbound marketing campaign case studies
  • Mobile inbound marketing
  • Slide decks
  • Online discussions

Inbound Marketing for Beginners: Here’s What You Need to Know

1. Why you can’t wait to launch your inbound marketing strategy for business growth: The sole purpose of inbound marketing is to attract potential clients to your business. Read this article to learn why you need this strategy for your business today! Read more

2. Is inbound marketing actually profitable or just a slogan: Now if that’s not a valid question, then we don’t know what is. Here are some stats and figures (not the boring type) that highlight the efficacy of inbound marketing. Read more

3. Ten valuable benefits of an inbound marketing strategy: The internet is full of reasons why inbound marketing strategies are good for your business, and this article gives you data-driven reasons why you should opt for such strategies. Read more

4. Five quick inbound marketing tips: Helpful for those who’re new to the entire concept of inbound marketing. Read more

5. How to plan an inbound marketing strategy for eCommerce: A must-read for all businesses, especially start-ups. Read more

6. Seven tips for developing an awesome inbound marketing plan: If you’re clueless about where to begin, this is a good article for you. Read more

Inbound Marketing Strategy Articles You Must Read

7. How to build an inbound marketing strategy in 24 hours: If you feel like you’re doing everything that you can, and you’re still not getting any results, it may be because your inbound marketing strategy needs work. Learn how to overcome this problem in the next 24 hours. Read more

8. The 8 fundamentals for a successful inbound marketing strategy: Here are eight important things every entrepreneur needs to know. Read more

9. Six critical components of any inbound marketing strategy: They aren’t what you think, which is why you should read this blog post. Read more

10. A step by step inbound marketing strategy: Do it like the pros do! They even explain very simply the difference between inbound and outbound marketing! Read more

11. The 5 elements of a strong inbound marketing strategy: Cold calls, marketing emails or even TV ads — a lot of outbound techniques convert at a much lower rate than inbound marketing strategies. This article will help you do inbound marketing correctly. Read more

12. How to use funnels for your inbound marketing strategy: inbound marketing has increasingly begun replacing sales efforts of businesses, which is why a funnel system is important in order for you to gather as many leads as you can. Read more

13. How to make content the cornerstone of your inbound marketing strategy: Here’s how content can be used to your advantage—inbound marketing will help content (generated by you) to create interested and attract people to your website. Read more

14. 37 ways video will kill your inbound marketing strategy (and how to avoid them): Learn about what mistakes you’re making when including videos in your inbound marketing strategies. Read more

15. How to growth hack your inbound marketing strategy: Growth hacking is an affordable way in which you can optimize your inbound strategy, and this article lists 3 hacks any business can employ. Read more

16. How an inbound strategy can double your revenue: A blog from a company that shares its valuable inputs on how their inbound marketing strategy helped them improve their income! Read more

17. How inbound marketing strategies can impact your brand: Read more

18. What budget do inbound marketing strategies need? And how can you justify it to your CMO? This one’s for all those of you out there who don’t know the kind of money they should be pouring in their inbound marketing strategies. Read more

19. Eight steps to start your inbound marketing strategy on a budget: A boon for smaller businesses or for those companies without big budgets. Read more

20. Four simple steps to a prize winning inbound marketing strategy: Sure, research is important. But what else? Find out by reading this amazing article! Read more

21. A step by step guide to an inbound marketing strategy: If you’re new to the entire “inbound marketing thing” then this article streamlines the dos (and some don’ts) for you when creating your own strategy. Read more

22. Five reasons why social media is important to your inbound marketing strategy: Read more

Know What You Should and Shouldn’t Do: Inbound Marketing Tactics

23. Eight inbound marketing tactics to be thankful for: A combination of 8 run-of-the-mill tactics can produce startling results. Read more

24. Five inbound marketing tactics for social media channels: Learn how you can leverage social media to generate the best possible leads via your inbound marketing strategy. Read more

25. Five inbound marketing tactics to generate leads for your business: Read more

26. Ten inbound marketing tactics to improve your brand’s image: Solid lead generation AND improvement of brand image? Now that’s what you call hitting two birds with one stone! Read more

27. Anatomy of a perfect blog post to kickstart your inbound marketing: Blogging is an excellent inbound marketing strategy because it gets 97% more inbound links to you. But did you know that something as insignificant as your line spacing can allow junk code to “live” on the back-end? This article has a lot more such useful tips. Read more

28. Seven inbound marketing tactics that actually add value: There are inbound marketing strategies, and then there are useful inbound marketing strategies. Read more

29. Your first 10 inbound marketing tactics: If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available for you to use in your inbound marketing strategy, don’t be. This article sums up very nicely 10 things that are imperative to your strategy. Read more

30. Five inbound marketing tactics that fuel lead generation: If you’re not generating a lot of leads, this article will help you learn where it is that you’re going wrong. Read more

31. 89 inbound marketing tactics from Mozcon 2013: This information remains relevant today. Read more

Inbound Marketing Tips to Make the Job Easier

32. Eighteen simple tips to grow your business with inbound marketing: Research is as important as your actual inbound marketing strategy, after all. Read more

33. Five inbound marketing tips to grow your business: Content, SEO, website design, and more. Read more

34. Ten out-of-the-box inbound marketing ideas to get you more leads: Stay ahead of the curve by making use of these fantastically creative ideas! Read more

35. Seven quick tips to become an inbound marketing machine: If crushing your rivals is what you seek, then this is the article for you! Read more

36. 10 LinkedIn inbound marketing tips to grow your social reach: If you’re less active on the platform, here are some tips to enhance your LinkedIn strategy and increase your social reach. Read more

37. Pro tips for a successful inbound marketing strategy: This one’s for those who are already familiar with the basics of inbound marketing and want to further their approach by incorporating expert strategies into their own approach. Read more

38. Five tips on developing a successful inbound marketing strategy: Most small business owners will agree that with the 1,001 responsibilities that they have, marketing strategies don’t exactly top their list. This article informs the reader about why inbound marketing is very important and what you could lose out on if you’re ignoring it. Read more

39. Three inbound marketing tips for the holidays: Don’t miss out on the holiday season — make the most of it with these 3 awesome tips! Read more

Inbound Marketing Tools: Free and Effective

40. The best inbound marketing tools that money can’t buy: A list of free tools that are just waiting to be used for your inbound marketing strategies: Read more

41. Six of the most highly underrated tools in inbound marketing: Everybody knows that they exist, and this is exactly what will give you an edge over your competitors — having stats that they don’t! Read more

42. Eight freemium tools for inbound marketing users: Which ones should you use? Read more

43. Four inbound marketing tools you already have that work for manufacturers: Read more

44. Eighteen essential inbound marketing tools the experts use: If the pros use it, there’s a reason why. Check out these tools; they  can prove to be useful for your business. Read more

45. Nine tools to boost your inbound marketing strategy: If you’re still stuck with Excel and Word to take care of all your data and analysis, you’re wasting a lot of precious time. Save it through these 9 awesome tools. Read more

Inbound Marketing Techniques: Everything You Should Know

59. Six inbound marketing techniques every small business should practice: Tired of swimming through blog posts aimed at large business models? This article is aimed specifically for small businesses, which will help improve their existing inbound marketing strategies. Read more

60. Five ways inbound marketing techniques help you surpass the competition: Read more

61. Four inbound marketing techniques for social media: Social media publishing tools, analytics, and monitoring — you have to do them all in to make the maximum use of inbound marketing leads. Read more

62. Three inbound marketing techniques every designer should use: In a world full of articles aimed at businesses and customers, it’s a breath of fresh air to come across an article that caters specifically to the needs of designers. Read more

63. Four inbound marketing techniques every business should use: If you want to market your product effectively to your clients, then make sure you incorporate these four techniques into your inbound marketing strategies Read more

Inbound Marketing Strategy Examples That’ll Give You an Edge Over Your Competitors

64. Ten brilliant examples of inbound B2B content marketing: find how B2B companies are using content marketing to drive engagement, trust, and transactions. Read more

65. Five companies with inbound marketing strategies that work: an excellent article that helps you learn from the successes of experts. Read more

66. How (and why) to create an inbound marketing strategy: Learn how to make an inbound showcasing system that develops activity, enhances your conversion rate, and makes sales: Read more

Having an Inbound Marketing Plan Is Must

67. How to create a comprehensive inbound marketing plan: Goals, strategies and focused blogging strategies —go through this list of 9 pointers. Read more

68. How to build your inbound marketing game plan: You get a free eBook along with reading this concise article. Read more

69. 9 key components to your 2017 inbound marketing plan: Find out what’s missing from your inbound marketing strategy, then implement them into your strategy ASAP! Read more

70. 13 steps to inbound marketing: a sample marketing plan: Short and simple, this checklist gives you powerful and cost-effective approaches for your inbound marketing strategy. Read more

Successful Inbound Marketing Campaigns

71. Better inbound marketing campaigns: the secret to long-term client retention: Understand the types of inbound marketing strategies, and how the correct use of each can bolster your brand’s performance instantly. Read more

72. Three examples of inbound marketing at work: Read about the tweaks this professional made that turned into rich dividends for his company Read more

73. The guide to creating a comprehensive inbound marketing plan: This one’s an excellent guide that outlines marketing triggers, nurturing leads, and more. Read more

Ignoring Mobile Inbound Marketing Is a Huge Mistake

74. Why mobile apps are a must for inbound marketing: If you’re not using mobile apps as part of your inbound marketing strategy, you could be losing out. Read more

75. How to turn mobile apps into powerful inbound marketing tools: A great how-to guide on how you can get that extra edge: using use your app as a powerful marketing tool. Read more

76. Three ways to leverage mobile inbound marketing: A quick read on how you can use mobile to the best of your advantage when it comes to your inbound marketing strategies. Read more

77. Top three inbound marketing strategies for mobile apps: This article’s a great read for those who have mobile apps but aren’t sure how to leverage them to their full potential. Read more

78. Ten inbound marketing tips for mobile apps: With millions of apps available online, most of which are for free, what will make your app stand out in a sea of similar looking apps? Read more

79. Who says inbound is just for the web? 4 ways to bring inbound marketing to your mobile app: Read more

80. How to leverage mobile inbound marketing in 2014: Don’t let the title fool you; these tips are as relevant today as they were in 2014. Read more

81. Top three inbound marketing strategies for mobile apps: Effective inbound marketing tips that app marketers can use to begin making waves in the world of mobile. Read more

Inbound Marketing Slide Decks: A Quick Overview of Everything

82. What is inbound marketing? A five-minute overview for those who don’t need to spend hours on the subject. Click here to read more

83. Top 10 inbound marketing strategies: Click here to read more

84. What is inbound marketing? A comprehensive, downloadable training presentation: Click here to read more

85. How to grow with inbound marketing: Click here to read more

86. 86 revealing charts from the 2013 state of inbound marketing report (still relevant today): Click here to read more

87. The power of inbound marketing: Click here to read more

88. 10 remarkable discoveries about inbound marketing in Europe: Click here to read more

89. Thirteen new inbound marketing hacks you should try immediately: Click here to read more

90. The unfair advantage of inbound marketing: Click here to read more

Discussions by Experts That Will Change the Way You Look at Inbound Marketing

91. What are the top inbound marketing platforms out there? Click here to read more

92. Is inbound marketing the future? Or is it just a passing fad? Click here to read more

93. How much does inbound marketing cost? Here’s what one answer says — “It just depends what you want to accomplish and how much work it’ll take to accomplish it.” Click here to read more

94. How does inbound marketing work with LinkedIn? Click here to read more

95. What are some good tips for a newbie in inbound marketing? Click here to read more

96. Is content marketing the same as inbound marketing? Why? Click here to read more

97. What is a way to spend $5K per month on inbound marketing? Click here to read more

98. What’s the difference between marketing automation and inbound marketing? Click here to read more


Whether you’re a startup or a large B2B company, there’s no denying how important inbound marketing is for your company, and we hope this exhaustive list of links prove to be useful for you. Simplilearn offers a wide variety of digital marketing courses that can help you become an inbound marketing expert.

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