Data analytics is revolutionizing virtually every industry by providing visibility and helping professionals make smart, targeted decisions based on insight into consumer behavior, logistics, production timelines, and more. Organizations of all sizes are scrambling to keep up and looking for qualified data analytics professionals. Take advantage of this exciting (and quickly growing!) field today by signing up for Simplilearn’s newly launched Professional Certificate Program In Data Analytics in partnership with Purdue University.

This comprehensive, eight-month post-graduate course will get you career-ready in the latest skills and technologies used in data analysis and data science, including Python, R, SQL, Power BI, and Tableau. This course combines Simplilearn’s unique Blended Learning approach, Purdue University’s academic excellence, and practical hands-on training from IBM—all from the comfort of your own home. Upon completion, you will be prepared for an exciting and lucrative career as a data analyst.

Mining Big Data for Business Intelligence

The exponential growth in data, such as online consumer behavior and detailed information about demographics, has fueled a digital gold rush with the goal of distilling this data into actionable intelligence. The ability to make sense of large sets of data can also create efficiencies. For instance, GE is helping wind power providers generate an average of 10 percent more energy by enabling their wind turbines to make small self-adjustments based on location-specific wind data.

Companies also use data analysis to segment their target market(s) and develop the ability to respond to changes quickly. For example, companies can segment customer and demographics data by geographic location, age group, and shopping habits and then leverage this segmentation into smarter, more efficient, and ultimately more effective marketing efforts. They can also use this data to spot emerging trends and respond in time to meet the needs of consumers.

The ability to properly analyze the massive and growing amount of both structured and unstructured data can lead organizations through the process of understanding the needs of their business and their customers and deliver data-driven solutions.

The Value of a Career in Data Analysis

Generally, a data analyst makes available data useful for an organization by collecting, processing, and analyzing it. Individuals who enjoy working with numbers and statistics, and also know how to explain the implications of data to others, are well-suited to a career in data analysis. 

Given worldwide demand, the relatively high salaries for data analysts should come as no surprise. The average annual salary for a data analyst in India is ₹413,089 but can range as high as ₹922,000, according to Payscale (as of March 27, 2020). Data analysts often go on to careers in data science, a similar but more-advanced career path that involves formulating questions and solving problems at a higher level. 

The field of data analytics is not confined to just the technology sector and is enjoying tremendous growth across virtually all industries, with no signs of slowing down. Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics, in partnership with Purdue University, can give you the expertise needed to start your data analytics career. 

Core Features of the Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics in Partnership with Purdue University

Simplilearn’s unique Blended Learning approach—combining self-paced videos, live instruction, and hands-on projects—will help you master the fundamentals of data analysis and jumpstart your career. This post-graduate program, in particular, leverages the academic pedigree of Purdue University (including masterclasses from Purdue faculty) and provides graduates with the opportunity for membership in the Purdue Alumni Association. You’ll also receive USD 1,200 worth of IBM Cloud credits.

This unique program features more than 14 hands-on projects and integrated labs to provide current, industry-relevant experience. These include:

  • Building models to predict the ratings for apps in the Google Play store
  • Predicting store sales and demand, based on economic conditions, for Wal-Mart’s U.S.-based stores
  • Determining the most relevant metrics for identifying star restaurants for Zomato’s restaurant-discovery app

You will learn the core fundamentals of today’s most in-demand data analysis, skills, software, and tools, including: 

  • Data analytics with Python and R 
  • Data visualization with Tableau and Power BI
  • Statistical analysis with Excel
  • Linear and logistic regression models
  • Clustering using k-means
  • Supervised learning

In order to take this course, you must have a bachelor’s degree with an average of 50 percent or higher marks. Prior work experience is not mandatory, and those with or without a programming background are welcome. Upon completion, you will receive industry-recognized certifications from Purdue, IBM, and Simplilearn.

Get broad exposure to key technologies and skills used in data analytics and data science, including statistics with the Data Analytics Bootcamp.

Master the Fundamentals of Data Analysis and Invest in Your Future Today!

There’s no better time than the present to chart a better future, and few careers show as much promise and upward momentum as data analysis. Simplilearn’s Data Analytics Program in partnership with Purdue University in collaboration with IBM, will prepare you to help read the tea leaves of big data and help organizations make better, more intelligent decisions. Take the first step toward a bright career as a Data Analyst today! 

Data Science & Business Analytics Courses Duration and Fees

Data Science & Business Analytics programs typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Data Analytics Bootcamp

Cohort Starts: 24 Jun, 2024

6 Months$ 8,500
Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics

Cohort Starts: 8 Jul, 2024

8 Months$ 3,500
Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Cohort Starts: 11 Jul, 2024

11 Months$ 3,800
Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering

Cohort Starts: 16 Jul, 2024

8 Months$ 3,850
Caltech Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Cohort Starts: 22 Aug, 2024

11 Months$ 4,500
Applied AI & Data Science3 Months$ 2,624
Data Scientist11 Months$ 1,449
Data Analyst11 Months$ 1,449