Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices is widely followed in the IT world. ITIL focuses on aligning IT services meeting up business needs. ITIL has undergone continuous evolution since it was first introduced. ITIL describes the processes and procedures that organizations should follow in order to deliver value. As the value of ITIL is increasing, the demand for ITIL certifications too is growing. ITIL qualification scheme includes ITIL Foundation, ITIL Intermediate, ITIL MALC and ITIL Expert. ITIL is a popular trend in today’s IT world but there are many misconceptions used with the concept of ITIL. Here are 7 common ITIL misconceptions listed below.

1. ITIL Implementation

We often use terms like implementing ITIL, ITIL implementation and so on. This is a very common misconception. ITIL cannot be implemented, it is not something to imply. The misconception is however very natural to arise. In a world of information technology services, where ideas are implemented on a regular basis, ITIL is pretty obviously used as being implemented. ITIL is a set of best practices and one can follow the same in processes and organizations and not implement it.

2. ITIL is a Standard

Another misconception on ITIL is that ITIL is a standard but it is not so. ITIL is a set of practices forwarded and designed by experienced IT managers. You can either use it or not use it. It depends on you whether to follow ITIL practices and if it suits your organization type. You can make use of ITIL practices that provides the best results of IT services.

3. ITIL is a Project

ITIL is not a project. It is something that is applied in projects. Project managers might follow ITIL practices in projects in order to ensure effective results and organizational benefits. ITIL is a practice and not a project.

4. Organizations getting ITIL Certified

How will you certify your organization with an ITIL certification? This is another common ITIL misconception. You can get ISO 20000 and BS 15000 standards that are based on ITIL in order to attain certification. Also, individuals can become ITIL certified and not organizations.

5. ITIL Compliant Product

Another common ITIL misconception is using the term ITIL compliant product. No organizing body can certify a product as an ITIL compliant product. Professionals can use ITIL practices and guidelines in order to tally the standard of a product. That however, makes a product that is developed following ITIL best practices and not ITIL compliant product. Organizations should ensure if their product meet up the information technology infrastructure library requirements.

6. ITIL is a Formal Organization

ITIL is not a formal or official organization. It is not owned by a single company, governing body or individual. It is a set of best practices designed by group of qualified IT professionals.

7. ITIL is not for Smaller Companies

Another common misconception on ITIL is that, it is not for smaller companies and is meant for only medium size and large companies. Even if a company has just 5 members can follow ITIL processes in order to ensure effective results. It depends how ITIL support your organization needs. These are the most common ITIL misconceptions. The key to success in terms of ITIL is by ensuring if ITIL practices suits an organization and benefits are expected with the adoption of ITIL core books.