Microsoft Excel 2013 Introduction Tutorial

Welcome to the introductory lesson ‘Overview of Microsoft Excel 2013’ introduction tutorial, which is a part of the Microsoft Excel 2013 MOS Foundation Course. This introductory lesson will give a brief overview of the MOS foundation and its objectives.

Microsoft Excel 2013

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application created by Microsoft, which helps you to understand and analyze business functions. This application is mainly used for business heads for taking decisions about their business.

Microsoft introduced a number of new features in Excel 2013, such as saving files in remote locations, new chart types, slicers and timeline feature to work with pivot tables, flash file, etc. All these features allow the user to work with data more efficiently and effectively.

Let us begin by looking into the objectives of this lesson.


By the end of this tutorial on Microsoft Excel 2013, you’ll be able to:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the basics of Excel 2013 application and customize excel options.

  • Create and manage worksheet and workbooks

  • Create cells and ranges in Excel 2013

  • Create tables in Excel 2013

  • Apply formulas and functions in Excel 2013.

  • Create charts and objects in Excel 2013.

Target Audience

The target audience of the tutorial is anyone who is interested in learning Excel 2013.

Prerequisites for Microsoft Excel 2013 MOS Foundation

No prerequisite skills are required for this tutorial.

In the next section, we'll discuss how professionals benefit from using excel.

Benefits of Microsoft Excel 2013 MOS Foundation to Professionals

Professionals can benefit from excel in different ways. In Excel 2013:

  • Professionals can use the new FlashFill feature to easily work with data.

  • They can create interactive charts with filters, using new chart elements and chart types.

  • They can change data to a table with different in-built table styles

  • Use new formulas and functions for easy calculations

  • They can work with dual monitors as each workbook works in its own window.

Benefits of Microsoft Excel 2013 MOS Foundation to Organizations

Organizations have several benefits of working with excel. They are:

  • Excel 2013 has a powerful pre-made template to create workbooks,

  • It has different types of quick analysis tools, which help organizations to make decisions about their businesses.

  • In addition, it has an option to save files in remote locations, which helps in accessing online files from anywhere.

  • Using the Excel application, organizations can store huge data to automate various tasks.

Let us now look into the lessons covered in the course.

There are six lessons covered in this course. Take a look at the lesson names that are listed in the table below.

Lesson No

Chapter Name

What You’ll Learn

Lesson 1

Introduction to Excel 2013

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Navigate the Excel 2013 user application interface

  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

  • Explain Backstage View in Excel 2013

  • List the new features in Excel 2013

Lesson 2

Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks


This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Create a new workbook

  • Use different worksheet operations

  • Add values to workbook properties

  • Save workbooks in alternate file formats and to remote locations

  • Print workbooks by setting the print area

Lesson 3

Create Cells and Ranges in Excel 2013

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Explain a cell and a cell range

  • Create data using a fill series

  • Format cell structure and content

  • Interpret a data range using conditional format methods

  • Create named ranges, data groups, and sparklines

Lesson 4

Create Tables in Excel 2013

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Create tables

  • Format tables

  • Convert tabular data into the normal data range

  • Remove duplicates

  • Filter tables and sort data

Lesson 5

Apply Formulas and Function in Excel 2013

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Compare formulas and functions

  • Describe cell references and ranges in formulas

  • Summarize data by using different functions

  • Use conditional logic in data summary functions

  • Format and modify text by using text functions

Lesson 6

Create Charts and Objects in Excel 2013

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Create and format charts

  • Create quick charts and graphs

  • Insert picture and file objects

  • Add textboxes and SmartArt graphics in worksheets

Let us understand the exam pattern of MOS Excel 2013 in the next section.

Exam Pattern

MOS Excel 2013 certification exam is purely skill based and measures the candidate’s technical ability in Excel. In this exam, you have to complete scenarios in the provided workbooks. Additional information on the exam pattern is explained below.

Possible Question Types



Perform onscreen tasks, for example:

1.Apply conditional format to A2:A10 cells

2.Create a new worksheet with name Sales Report

3.Utilize the SUMIF function and display person-wise sales

Let us look into the certification details of Microsoft Excel 2013 MOS foundation in the next section.

Microsoft Excel 2013 MOS foundation certification proves that the certified professional can work with Excel 2013 application efficiently. This certification also proves the certified professional skills in Excel 2013.

The software component used in this certification exam is the Microsoft Excel 2013 desktop application.

Mentioned below are the details about the exam.

Software component

Microsoft Excel 2013 desktop application

MS Certification ID (booking code)


Duration of exam

50 minutes

Number of scenarios


Focus area

Excel 2013 features

Prerequisite certificates for participating in this Certification Test


Courses for preparing for the Certification Test

MOS 2013 study guide for Microsoft Excel (77-420) book by Joan Lombert

Critical information on Microsoft exam can be found here:

This provides required skills and preparation materials for this exam. You can explore Microsoft office tutorials link to get some practice with free excel tutorials free tutorials


With this, we have come to an end of this introductory lesson on Overview of MOS Foundation.

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